Dutch girl names

Found 271 dutch girl names.

 AdelheidOf a Noble Kind
 AgnesThe Chaste, Lamb As Well
 AlbertinaOf Noble Lineage, All and Illustrious, Female Version of Albert from the Old German, Bright
 AldegondaAncient Battle
 AleidaOf Noble Figure
 AlexandraFeminine of Alexander, To Defend, Protect and Man, Manly
 AmandaThe Lovely, In Love, Gracious, Deserving to be Loved
 AmberSky, The Unbeatable, Reddish-yellow Precious Jewel, Gold-brown Semiprecious Stone
 AmeliaTrustworthy, Industrious, Work of the Lord, Fertile
 AngelienMessenger of God Angel
 AnjaFavor, He (God) Was Gracious, Grace, Mercy
 AnnaElder Brother, Mercy, Name of a King, Eagle
 AnnabelLovable, Graceful, Variant of the Latin Amabel, Anna
 AnnekeHe (God) Was Gracious
 AnnelienLena, Anna, Magdalena
 AnneliesAnna, Elisabeth, Liese
 AnnelieseAnna, Grace, Elisabeth, Mercy
 AnnemarieMaria, God's Gift, Anna
 AnnemiekGod has Favoured Me, Grace, Food, Mercy
 AnnetGrain, Favour and Grace, God is Gracious, Graceful
 AnnetteMercy, Gracious, Graceful, Favour
 AnoesjGod has Favoured Me, Grace, Angel, He (God) Was Gracious
 AnoukGrace, He (God) Was Gracious, Grain, Apricot from Nara
 AnsEarth and Water, Wife, Eagle, Winsome
 AnteunetteThat Feeds on Flower, Priceless Inestimable
 AntoniaThat Feeds on Flower, Priceless Inestimable
 BasFrom Sebaste
 BeatrixThe Words Viator Meaning Traveller Pilgrim, Happy, Auspicious
 BenteKnowledge, Merciful, Blessed, Happy
 BetjeMy God has Sworn, My God is Abundance
 BoudewijnBold Friend
 BrooklynnA Combination of Brook and Lynn, Stream by the Lake, Water
 CarolineHusband, Vigorous, Diminutive with Royal Connotations, Little and Womanly
 CatharinaPure, Torture, Clear
 CecielDim Sighted, Sixth, Blind One
 ChantalInspired By the Holy, The Word Chant Which Means Song, Patronym of Baron Chantal
 CharlotteMan, Little and Womanly, Vigorous, Army
 ChrisBearer of Christ or Anointed, Christian Woman, Christ-bearer
 ChristinaDisciple of Christ, Beautiful Christian, The Anointed One, Christ-bearer
 ChristineChristian Faith, Follower of Christ, The Anointed One
 CokkieCornu Which Means Horn, Raven
 CorneliaHorn, Raven
 CorrieRavine, From the Round Hill, Dweller Near a Hollow, Seething Pool
 DaniekGod is My Judge
 DaphneLaurel Tree, Laurel
 DeboraA Bee
 DianaLight, Divine, Daylight, Deity
 DianthaCelestial Flowers, Flower of the Gods
 DoorGift of God
 DoraGift and God, Kind
 DorotheaGift, Form of Dorothy
 EdithProsperous in War, Rich Gift, Battle, Joyous
 EliaThe Lord is My God, Succeed, Foreign
 ElianGod is My Salvation
 ElsMy God has Sworn
 ElseGod is Fullness
 ElsjeSnow and Ice, God is Perfection, Variant of Elizabeth, Noble
 EmmyUniversal, God with Us, Huge, Immense
 EverardaStrong Like a Boar
 FebeHe who Shines, Pure, Bright
 FemGood Speech
 FemkeThe Elements Femke Meaning Little Girl, Famous, Peace
 FerdiBold Protector, Peace and Courageous
 FienAn Elegant Man, He (God) Will Add
 FilomenaMeno, To Love and Moon, Beloved, Phileo
 FloorBlossom, Flower
 FlorisFlower, Blossoming
 GeertjeSpear, Force
 GeertruidaSpear, Force
 GeorginaVariant of Georgia, Earthworker, Bauer, Farmer
 GerardaSpear, Hard
 GerdinaHard, Fencing, Spear, Fence
 GerlachSpear Play, Boundary Markers Or Game
 GerryHard, Form of Gerald, Throws and Governs, Brave with the Spear
 GertStrength of a Spear, Hardy, Brave
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