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Nata name meaning

What does Nata mean?

Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Hebrew
Usage: Hindi, Sanskrit, Sanskrit, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish and Danish
Meaning: Bowed, Snake, Birthday, Christmas Babies and Reborn
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Unfamiliar Nata is originated from Hebrew language is used as a gender-neutral name and is commonly used in Danish, Sanskrit, Hindi, Finnish, Swedish and Spanish, Nata means "Bowed, Snake, Birthday, Christmas Babies or Reborn". Nata is variant of lofty and biblical Natasja. Natasja is variation of venerable, loved and soaring Natalie. Natasja is Russian cognate of Natalia. Also Natasja is equivalent of Anastasia in Russian language. Unfamiliar Natasja came from Latin language, meaning of Natasja is "Born on Christmas and Born on Christmas". Nata is a form of venerable, widely accepted and biblical Nathan. Nathan is a form of ever lasting and biblical Jonathan. Also Nathan is form of biblical and famed Nathanael. Nathan is short version of Nathaniel and Jonathan. Nathan is Latin and Greek equivalent of The Hebrew Name נָתָן = He has Given. Of Hebrew origin, Anomalous Nathan, Nathan means "Giver and Desire". Nata is form of biblical and prominent Natan. Natan is variant of well-known and biblical Nathan. Natan is diminutive of Nathaniel and Jonathan. Natan is form of Nathan in Nordic language. Rare Natan came from Hebrew, meaning of Natan is "God has Given and Give". Nata is version of biblical, conifer and desirable Natalia. Natalia is variation of famous and leading soaring Natalie. Origin of Unwonted Natalia is in Latin, meaning of Natalia is "Born on Christmas and Birthday".

Variants of Nata

Natia, Nathan, Natalia, Natasja, Natan, Nadia, Jonathan, Nathanael, Naethan, Lathan, Nathanjames, Natalis, Natalie, Atta, Anastasia

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How popular is the name Nata?

Nata is a rare baby name in United States there is very thin chances of it still being given. But Nata is a popular baby name in India where every 1 in 40000 have the name as well as in, Russia and Indonesia. As per our research, over 80000 people has been named Nata globally.



What numbers say about Nata?

Some would say that you are cold-hearted and insensitive but the truth is that you are the most sensitive person. You hate copying others. In order to achieve great things and become the influencer you always dreamed to be, you have to pay attention to people because believe it or not, they play their part in a person's career success. You are the mover and shaker of the world. You are the most active, livingly human being in your surroundings.

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Famous people named Nata

    Natalie Roers in Still Life as Actress
  • Natasha Haydt in A Investigação as Actress
  • Natasa Savija in Episode #2.4 as Actress
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