Rashid name meaning

Updated: March 17th, 2024
Gender: Boy
Origin: Arabic
Usage: Arabic, Hindi, Sindhi, Tamil, Swahili, English, Indian and Iranian
Pronunciation: r(a)-shid
Meaning: Having the True Faith, Guide to the Light Path, Rationale, Intelligent and Rightly-Guided
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What does Rashid mean?

Of Arabic origin, Anomalous Rashid is mostly used in Indian, Sindhi, Iranian, Arabic, Tamil, Hindi, Swahili and English, Rashid means "Having the True Faith, Guide to the Light Path, Rationale, Intelligent or Rightly-Guided" is a baby boy name .

Rashid is variation of frequently used Rashad. Meaning of Rashad is Straight, Young Gazelle and Good Judgement is rooted from Arabic.

How do I pronounce Rashid?

The two syllabled name Rashid is commonly pronounced as r(a)-shid.

Variants of Rashid

Abdul Rasheed, Rashad, Abdal, Abdul Rashid, Raashad, Abdeel, Abdel

Names that rhyme with Rashid

How popular is the name Rashid?

Rashid is a familiar baby name in United States, it has been in use since 1966 and was able to reach the top 2000 names. In 1976, it ranked 1110th when 67 boy were named Rashid.

Over 2332 babies in United States have been named Rashid. The name is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales, even after 23 years of use, it could not make it big.

Over 263 people have been named Rashid in England and Wales.

Rashid is a rare baby name in France where it is still in use. However things change on global perspective, Rashid is extremely popular in Pakistan where every 1 in 700 have the name as well as in, United Arab Emirates and India.

Also the baby name is popular in Tanzania, Oman, Kenya, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Russia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Somalia, Kuwait, Tunisia, Malawi, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Lebanon, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

As per our evaluation, over 1220000 babies have been bestowed Rashid around the globe.

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Rashid in Nordic countries

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Numerological analysis of Rashid

People admire your spirit. You like people too but prefer your solitude. You are like a sponge because you soak up information as you go. You love your freedom and respect other people's freedom too. Focus on what's important to you rather than focusing on making other people content. You are all about adventure and travel. Your wild side can't be tamed. People often mistake you for a fool but you always find an indirect way to prove them wrong.

Other names similar to Rashid, for name hunters

  •  Zarina - Unexpected Zarina predominantly is used in Indian and Iranian aimed at girls, meaning of Zarina is "Tsarina, Empress or The Gold One" is originated from Arabic and Persian
  •  Jabori - Unwonted Jabori came from African-Swahili and Arabic, meaning of Jabori is "The Brave and Fearless" which is used dominantly in Arabic is a boy name. Jabori is resultant of Jabari.
  •  Adhra - Meaning of Adhra is Apology or Virgin used for girls which originated from African-Swahili is chiefly used in Swahili and African
  •  Saffiya - Meaning of Saffiya is Untroubled, Best Friend or Trustworthy Friend is substantially used in Arabic and Swahili which came from African-Swahili is aimed at baby girls
  •  Hadia - Meaning of Hadia is Guide to Righteousness or Who Guides is used as a girl name has its roots in African-Swahili and Arabic is dominantly used in Norwegian, Danish and Finnish
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Famous people named Rashid

  • Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Vice-President and 2nd Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai
  • Rashid Bakr, was born in the Karkoj Blue Nile region of Sudan
  • Rashid Ramzi, Moroccan-Bahraini track and field athlete competing internationally for Bahrain
  • Rashid Jahan, Indian writer
  • Rashid Rauf, alleged Al-Qaeda operative
  • Rashid Maidin, senior leader of the Communist Party of Malaya
  • Rashid Hussain, entrepreneur in Malaysia
  • Rashid Mohamed, Bahraini runner
  • Rashid Lucman, Filipino legislator and founder of the Bangsamoro Liberation Organization
  • Rashid al-Rifai, Iraqi academic, Ba'athist
  • Rashid Masharawi, Palestinian film director
  • Rashid Sunyaev, Soviet and Russian astrophysicist of Tatar descent
  • Rashid Khalidi, Palestinian American historian of the Middle East
  • Rashid Ali al-Gaylani, Iraqi politician
  • Rashid Minhas, Pilot in the Pakistan Air Force
  • Rashid Latif, former Pakistani cricketer and former captain,
  • Rashid Behbudov, Azerbaijani singer and actor
  • Rashid Karami, Lebanese statesman
  • Rashid Nezhmetdinov, eminent Soviet chess player, chess writer
  • Rashid bin Ahmad Al Mualla II, ruler or head of state of Umm Al Quwain
  • Rashid Nurgaliyev, Russian general and politician
  • Rashid Patel, left arm fast bowler
  • Rashid Rida, and was deeply influenced by the early Salafi Movement and the movement for Islamic Modernism
  • Rashid Ahmad Gangohi, Indian Deobandi Islamic scholar
  • Rashid Bakr, American free jazz drummer
  • Rashid Zia, Rashid Zia first played for the United States in representative cricket
  • Rashid Khan, former Pakistani cricketer
  • Rashid Abdullah Al Nuaimi, former foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates
  • Rashid Khan, Indian classical musician
  • Rashid Sidek, former Malaysian professional badminton player and coach
  • Rashid Karim, Bangladeshi novelist
  • Rashid Ali, former Danish cricketer
  • Rashid Tusupbekov, Kazakh politician
  • Rashid Kadyrov, — former Prosecutor General of Uzbekistan
  • Rashid Al-Dosari, Bahraini footballer
  • Rashid Choudhury, second generation artist, sculpture
  • Rashid ad-Din Sinan, missionary and a leader of the Syrian branch of the Nizari Ismaili state
  • Rashid Rakhimov, is Tajikistani football coach and former footballer
  • Rashid bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, son of United Arab Emirates Vice President
  • Rashidah Ali in The Wedding as Actress
  • Rashida Clendening in The Pursuit of Happyness as Actress
  • Rashida Jones in I Love You, Man as Actress
  • Actor Rashid Ahmed, noted for movie Dharti Ke Lal
  • Rashid Debbouze characterized critical role of Dedah in 2014 drama movie Qui vive.
  • In 1959 drama movie, Yeki boud yeki naboud, Rashid Aslani portrayed N.

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