Names that mean Brave

Updated: June 5th, 2024

Are you in search of a name that embodies the courage and bravery you wish for your little one? Why not consider names that mean 'brave'? We've assembled a bold list of baby names that mean 'brave'.

Think of names like Bernard, a German name that signifies 'brave as a bear', or Andrea, an Italian name that means 'brave, manly'.

Doesn't a brave name resonate with courage, resilience, and fearlessness? It's like setting a precedent for your child to face life's challenges with bravery, right from their first breath.

Delve into our list of baby names that mean 'brave'. Maybe the perfect name, echoing courage and bravery, is just a few scrolls away.

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Courageous, Descendant of Roghallach, Valiant, Dweller by the Rye Field
The Elements Wit Meaning Wide, Small Fighter, Fight, War
Bold, Messenger, Whole Hearted, Faith
The Brave, Warrior, Manly and Strong, Masculine
Fight, Variant of Wayland, Modern Singer Waylon Jennings, Brave
Genuine Courage, Brave, Form of Archibald, Very Bold
Industrious Ruler, Brave, House and King, Mighty
Brave One, Composition from Rulers, Dominant Ruler, Powerful Leader
Eagle, Inner Skin, Brings Rain, Brave
The Manly, Man
Manly, A Man's Woman, Feminine Form of Andrew, Man Ones
Descendant of Cathasaigh, Brave
Strength, Noble, Brave, Hill
The Brave
Brave, Industrious Ruler
Masculine, Abbreviation of Andrew, Brave, Wise
Brave, Power, King and Strong, Rich
Educated, The Word Alma with the Meaning Soul, Nourishing, Kind
Lion, Sour Leaves, Brave, Steadfast
Manly, The Brave, Form of Andrea, Warrior
Hardy, Mighty with a Spear, Brave
Efficient, Emulus, Brave, Aspirations
Honest Adviser, Wise Counselor, Bold Ruler, Brave
Brave, Lion-bold, Hardy, Burst of the Sun
Fierce Island, Brave, Ceol Which Means Ship, Shining Upon Man
Spear Hard, Hardy, Brave
The Brave, Man
Thor's Stone, Valiant Fighter, Inspired By a Family Name, the Brave
Home and Sweet, Brave
Fighter, Brave
Constant, High, Brave Counsel, Steadfastness
Variant of the Saint's Name Jerome, Yahwe Uplifts, Mighty Spearman, God Exalted
Healthy, Brave, Strong
Peaceful Ruler, Rich, Lucky, Hardy
Alert, Vigorous, Descendant of Cathasaigh, The Vigilant One
Song, Character of a Person, Good Voice, Handsome
The Brave
Brave, Hero, Warrior
Descendant of Ceallach, Warrior, Church, Bright Headed
Brave, Hospitable, Hospitality, Guest
Fearless, Courageous, Strong hearted
Descendant of Cathasaigh, Brave
Manly, Brave, Of a Man, Masculine
Genuine, Truly Brave, Very Bold, Noteworthy and Valorous
Bear, Hardy, Brave
Hardy, Brave as a Lion, Abbreviation of Leonard, Lion-bold
The Manly, Man, Masculine, Brave
Bronck's land
Farmer or Earth Worker
A Ruler, Bitter, Industrious, Native of Magdala
Efficient, Trustworthy, Work, Emilia
Will and Helmet, Resolute, Brave, Protect
Of a Thousand Saints, Work Strength, English Cognate of Melisande, Industrious
Powerful and Brave, Power, Hard, Dominant Ruler
Brave, Bärenstarke, Hardy, Bear
Adroit, Skilled, Ingenious, Expert
Spear-brave, Hardy, Brave, Strength of the Spear
Crooked nose
Hardy, Lion, Tender, Splash of the Sun
Brave, Descendant of Cathasaigh, Alert, Vigorous
Lion of God, Eagle, From Adria, Inner Skin
Courageous, Rye Field, Brave, Outgoing People
Warlike, Courageous, Valiant, Descendant of Roghallach
Courage and Bravery
Royal Kingly, King Like, Basil the Herb, The Great
Rye Field, Martial, Island Meadow, Courageous
Ship Island, Warrior, Brave
Solitary, Fight, Variant of Alona or Leona, Ready for Battle
The Hunteress, Brave, Summer, Place of Thracius
Brave as a Lion, Folk
Gentle, Dear, Bold, Brave
Resolute, Determined Fame, Brave, Well-Known
Ryge Which Means Rye, Valiant, Descendant of Roghallach, Courageous
Brave Power, Old Leader, Variant of Richard, Dominant Ruler
Flourishing, Sow, Strong, Shoot
Emery's Son, Mighty, Brave, Industrious Ruler
Brave, Valor, Bravery
Home Ruler, Brave, Industrious Leader
Dark, Harmony, Cristina, Affection
King and Strong, Composition from Rulers, Brave One, Hard
Powerful, Dominant Ruler, Hard, A Teutonic Name from the European Middle Ages
Hardy, Spear Brave, Mighty Spearman
Fountain and spring
Churches, Fight, Bright-headed, Farm by the Spring
The Brave, Faith
Brave, Efficient
Brave Man, Lion, King of Jungle
Industrious, Home and Sweet, Brave, Hardworking
Brave as a Lion, Lion-bold, Midwife, Strong
Noble, High-born, Sincere, Brave
Little Fierce One, Quiet, Brave Fighter
Heart, Brave, Handsome, Song
Man, The Brave, Manly, Masculine
Son of will, Brave, Will-helmet, Bold
Hardy, "Hard", Brave
Companion of Prophet Muhammad, Jewel or Ornament, The First, Go-Getter
Skilful, Brave
Strong, Possibly: the Friendly, Spear and Hard, Gentle
Brave, Divine Famous Ruler, Industrious Leader
The Word Cynebeald with the Meaning Kin Bold Brave King, Cyneburga's Field, Regal Hill, Chief War
Continuous or Ongoing, Strong, One who Fights for Peace, Brave
Messenger, Devotion, Faith, Bold
Bold, The Mythological Scandinavian Wayland was a Blacksmith with Supernatural Powers, War-land, War Territory
Brave, One who Fights for Peace, Strong, Continuous or Ongoing
Whole, Industrious, To Strive, All
Gentle, Courageous, Bold, Valiant
Hardy, Brave, Honorable, Noble
Cenel's Island, Warrior, Brave, Ship
Salvation, Yahweh is salvation, fine or fortunate
Lion, Brave, Hardy
Bright As the Dawn, In Flower, Brave
Hardy, Brave, Mighty, Power
Rich, Hardy, All-ruler, Strong Power
Lord Vishnu, Brave, The Element Ariy Which Means Lion, Exalted
Guide to the Light Path, Integrity, Intelligent, Way
Embracing Everything, Imitating, Excel, All
Brave One, Abbreviation of Trevelyan, Fair Town
Hero of the Battle, The Brave Warrior, Winner
Brave, Hurricane, Snow, Excellent
Intrepid, Brave
Bear, Hard, Brave, Hardy
High Above, Brave Women who Fought for Islam
Very brave, The mother of Kabir, Grace, Born to wealthy parents
Companion and Warrior
Strength of a Diamond, Brave, Living in Water
Lion, Eagle, On High, Brave
The Brave, The Manly
Lord of Strength, Monkey King, Brave, Powerful
Strong Desire, Brave, Resolute, Will
Industrious Leader, Home Ruler, King of Work, Brave
Beloved, To be Courageous, Peace, Daring
Thinker, Having the True Faith, Good Sense, Rationale
Brave King, The Hero of the Land, Kingdoms Warrior
Brave Manly Trustworthy, Masculine
Strong as the Lion, Lion-hearted, Lion-bold, Hardy
Right Hand Side, Brave, Old Name of Arabia, Sacred
Brave, Imaginary
Home and Sweet, Brave
Of Moorish Origin, Rich, Power, Inspired By the Ostrogothic Dynasty of Amelungen
Sword, Brave, Big Hearted, Lion
People, Bold, Brave
Fighter, Warrior, Summer, Warlike
Work of the Lord, Trustworthy, Aspirations, Industrious
Famous, Glory, Gifted, Brave Girl
Brave, Righteous
Dominant Ruler, Form of Richard, Old Leader, Powerful
God is gracious
Esteem, Noble, The Element Brígh Meaning Strength Power Force, Hill
Descendant of Roghallach, Rye Meadow, Brave, Valiant
Warrior, Brave
Tender Affection, Sickness, Marrow, Woman
Brave, Descendant of Cathasaigh
Brave as a Lioness, Feminine of Leon, The Word Leo with the Meaning Lion
Man who is Carefree
Hardy, Home, Homeland, Brave
Lord Vishnu, Brave, Lion of God, Eagle
Powerful, Brave, Shadows At High Noon, Comfort
Feminine Form of Andrew, A Man's Woman, Man Ones, The Brave
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