Sabina name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 5th, 2023
Gender: Girl
Origin: Latin
Usage: Arabic, English, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Italian, Greenlandic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: sa-BEE-na
Meaning: Catlike, Form of Sabine, Of Ancient Italian Culture, Beautiful, Inhabitants of Sabine, Of the Tribe of the Sabines and Sweet or Sabine
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What does Sabina mean?

Widespread and Conifer Sabina has its origin in Latin, Sabina means "Catlike, Form of Sabine, Of Ancient Italian Culture, Beautiful, Sabine Woman, Of the Tribe of the Sabines or Sweet or Sabine" which is used mostly in Finnish, Gujarati, Danish, Malayalam, Tamil, Greenlandic, Swedish, Arabic, English, Norwegian and Italian is aimed at baby girls..

The name is celebrated on August 29th.

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How does Sabina sound as a baby name?

Sabina is a gorgeous Latin name for a baby girl, meaning Sabine. It's an ancient name that has been used in many countries and cultures throughout history.

The name has a graceful yet strong sound, and is full of beauty and charm. It carries with it the connotations of strength, wisdom, and nobility - all excellent qualities for a baby girl to aspire to.

The name Sabina can also be shortened to Bina or Saba for those who prefer shorter names. All in all, Sabina is an elegant and sophisticated choice for any new baby girl!

How do I pronounce Sabina?

The one syllabled name Sabina is pronounced, sa-BEE-na with emphasis on second BEE syllable. The name can also be pronounced as s(a)-bi-na.

Variants of Sabina

Sabinus, Beanie, Sabine, Savya

Middle Names for Sabina

Vula, Rayna, Jonna, Hye, Camellia, view more middle names that goes with Sabina

Names that rhyme with Sabina

How popular is the name Sabina?

A common name in United States having over 7537 recievers in 139 years of usage. Currently the moniker is on a rise, in 1889, the moniker grabbed the 589th spot and 140 baby girls were given the name.

Sabina is a familiar baby name in Sweden during its short run, it been to the top 100 names. In 1998, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 92 on girl names chart when 89 babies were given the name Sabina.

There are over 172 babies that have been given the name Sabina in Sweden.

Sabina is a unique baby name in England and Wales, it has been in use since 1996 and was able to reach the top 700 names.

In 1997, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 618 on girl names chart when 41 babies were named Sabina. Over 579 babies in England and Wales have been named Sabina.

The name is an uncommon baby name in Ireland, although it has been in use since 1964 but could not make beyond the top 300. There are over 176 babies that have been given the name Sabina in Ireland.

During its 87 years of usage in France, it had made up to just the top 500 girl names. There are over 887 babies that have been given the name Sabina in France.

It also recently appeared in Belgium baby girl names chart.

Sabina is a rare baby name in Sweden, chances of it being still in use are very slim. Over 172 people have been named Sabina in Sweden.

However things change on global perspective, Sabina is extremely popular in Bangladesh where every 1 in 400 have the name as well as in India. Also the baby name is popular in Uzbekistan, Tanzania, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Kazakhstan, Uganda, DR Congo, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Bolivia, Angola, Mozambique, Czech Republic, Romania, Argentina, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Germany, Indonesia, Slovenia, Pakistan, Brazil and Zambia.

As per our evaluation, over 1320000 babies have been bestowed Sabina around the globe.

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Sabina in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

Numerological analysis of Sabina

You are the most active, livingly human being in your surroundings. Stop trying and focus on yourself only. The letter S is your cornerstone reveals you have a strong spirit. You think you have all the answers to your questions until someone surprises you and proves you are wrong. Failure is a part of success and everyone knows it. It's so hard to find someone who fights for true values and doesn't pretend to be something he's not.

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Famous people named Sabina

  • Sabina Murray, award-winning Filipina American screenwriter
  • Sabina Yasmin, Bangladeshi singer
  • Sabina Gadecki, American actress and model
  • Sabina Panzanini, Italian former Alpine skier
  • Sabina Hafner, Swiss bobsledder who competed from 2003 to 2012
  • Saint Sabina, matron and martyr from Rome
  • Sabina Spielrein, Russian physician and one of the first female psychoanalysts
  • Sabina Wojtala, Polish former competitive figure skater
  • Sabina Guzzanti, Italian satirist, actress
  • Sabina Cojocar, Romanian retired international elite artistic gymnast and singer
  • Sabina of Bavaria, was Duchess consort of Württemberg by marriage to Ulrich
  • Sabina Valbusa, Italian cross-country skier
  • Sabina Franklyn, English actress
  • Sabina Vajrača, Bosnian American film director, screenwriter
  • Sabina V. Gomez in Step Up Revolution as Actress
  • Sabina Sattar in The Hunt for Gollum as Producer
  • Sabina Karen in Julie la douce as Actress
  • Sabina Black in I'm Your Slut 2 as Actress
  • Sabina Schneebeli in Bon appétit as Actress
  • Sabina Casarova in Blood Countess as Actress
  • Sabina Bacino in Gibby as Actress
  • Sabina Kelley in Making Over Molly as
  • Sabina Berman Goldberg is a Mexican writer and journalist.
  • Actor Sabina Ajrula, renowned for TV series Salon Harmoni
  • In 1976 drama flick, Oh, mia bella matrigna, Sabina Ciuffini portrayed Lalla.
  • Sabina Olmos, from 1941 comedy, musical film Yo quiero ser bataclana, who characterized Elena.
  • Sabina Remundová portrayed vital character of N In comedy, drama film Dobráci.
  • In 1998, Sabina Riedel portrayed the role of Bele in drama flick Beastie Girl.
  • In 1999 action and drama flick, Maten al chacal, Sabina Montero portrayed N.
  • In 2004 drama flick, Na planincah, Sabina Kogovsek characterized N.
  • Sabina Hromková portrayed small role of Nora Kovacova in 2006 flick Besame mucho.
  • In 2013 horror and mystery film, Das Werwolfspiel, Sabina Schreib characterized Petz.
  • Sabina Kurz, from 2010 drama film Encounters, who portrayed the Charlotte.

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