Names that mean Sweet

Name Origin Gender Meaning
Aadylen  Tamil Boy Kind, Sweet, Nobility, Noble
Aalyssa  Girl Of a Noble Kind, Sweet Angel, German, Joy
Aaruta  Gujarati Girl Sweet
Abazir  Arabic Girl Sweet Herbs, Spices
Abinaya  Boy/Girl Sweet, Abinaya Means Expressions, Lovely, Pretty Girl

Abinaya  Girl Sweet, Abinaya Means Expressions, Lovely, Pretty Girl
Abinayah  Tamil Girl Expressing the Meaning by Using Body Parts, Pretty Girl, God, Sweet
Abish  Girl Bird Name, A Wren is a Small Brown Songbird, Sweet Smelling, Jasmine Flower, Fragrant Flower, Flower, Jasmine, The Royal Guard, God, Pretty Girl, Lovely, Sweet
Adaleen  Girl Small Winged One, Lust, Noble Kind, Nobility
Adaleine  Girl Brightness, Nobility, The Word Adal Which is of the Meaning Noble Honorable, Kind
Adalena  Girl Noble, Sweet, English, Kind
Adalene  Girl Noble, Brightness, Small Winged One, Yahweh is Just
Adaliene  Girl Of Noble Figure, Love, Softer, Honorable
Adaline  Girl Brightness, The Word Adal Which is of the Meaning Noble Honorable, Softer, Love
Adalyne  Girl Small Winged One, Love, Nobility, Noble Kind
Adalynne  Girl Noble and Fight, Love, Honorable, Small Winged One
Adba  Nice and Sweet
Addelin  Girl Noble and Sweet
Addeline  Girl Noble, Honorable, Brightness, Kind
Addelyne  Girl Noble, Honorable, Brightness, Kind
Addelynne  Girl Sweet, Honorable, Noble, Nobility
Addylan  Girl Nobility, Kind, Brightness, Noble
Addylen  Girl Nobility, Kind, Brightness, Noble
Addylin  Girl Nobility, Kind, Brightness, Noble
Addylyn  Girl Nobility, Kind, Brightness, Noble
Adelaina  Girl Sweet, Kind, Honorable, Noble
Adelaine  Girl Nobility, Sweet, Noble, Brightness
Adelane  Girl Nobility, Sweet, Noble, Brightness
Adelayne  Girl Sweet, Kind, Honorable, Nobility
Adele   German English Italian Finnish Girl Sweet, Noble, Nobility, Honorable
Adele  Old High German Girl Sweet, Noble, Nobility, Honorable
Adéle  Girl Sweet, Honorable, Noble Kind, Soft
Adeleine  Girl Brightness, Kind, Honorable, Noble
Adelin  Girl Noble and Sweet
Adeline  Old High German French English Brightness, Sweet, Honorable, Nobility
Adelinn  Girl Noble and Sweet
Adelinne  Girl Brightness, Sweet, Honorable, Nobility
Adelino  Boy Noble and Sweet, Daring Prince
Adella   English Girl Nobility, Brightness, Noble, Honorable
Adellyn  Girl Kind, Sweet, Honorable, Brightness

Adeluin  Boy Honorable, Sweet, Nobility, Kind
Adelyne  Girl Noble, Brightness, Nobility, Kind
Adelynne  Girl Brightness, Honorable, Noble, Kind
Adhba  Nice and Sweet
Adlean  Girl Honorable, Sweet, Nobility, Noble
Adlia  Boy Noble, Nobility, Kind, Brightness, Sweet
Adlina  Girl Brightness, Noble, Nobility, Sweet
Adline  Girl Sweet, Kind, Honorable, Nobility
Adlyn  Girl Noble, Nobility, Honorable, Brightness
Adlynn  Girl Noble, Nobility, Honorable, Brightness
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