Tobbi name meaning

Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Hebrew, Greek, Old Norse, Old High German and Persian
Usage: Finnish, Swedish, Old Norse, Icelandic and Danish
Meaning: Yahweh is Good, From the Hebrew Tobiah Jah is Good, Goodness of God, God is Gracious, Born with a Star, Brown, Bear, To be Clever, Knowledge, Wisdom and Merciful
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What does Tobbi mean?

Unisex name Tobbi is used in Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic and Old Norse. Tobbi is variation of frequently used and biblical Tobi. Tobi is variant of widespread, biblical and immutable Toby. Also Tobi is variant of biblical Tobia.

Tobi is also a variant form of evergreen, biblical and celebrated Tobias. Tobi came from Hebrew, meaning of Tobi is "Yahweh is Good". Also. Tobbi is variant of prevailing and biblical Tobias.

Tobias is equivalent of Τωβιας, a Greek Form of Tobia in Latin language. Also Tobias is equivalent of Tobbe;Tubbe in Latin language. Tobbi is Danish and Old Norse equivalent of Þórbiǫrn.

Variants of Tobbi

Tobby, Tobi, Tobias, Toby, Tobia, Tevye, Tobbe, Tubbe, Tevje, Tobey, Þórbiǫrn

How popular is the name Tobbi?

Tobbi is an uncommon name around the world. As per our findings, over 200 babies have been bestowed Tobbi around the globe.


Numerological analysis of Tobbi

Your motto is "Why fight when you can solve issues the better way?" Your kindness is your only flaw. You can turn from angel to devil in no time. Be proud of everything you've been through. You are trustworthy, a good listener and an awesome friend. We all know that this world is an ugly place to live in, but we have to do everything in our power to improve it. You have 3 as your expression number it reveals your positive attitude toward life.

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Famous people named Tobbi

We could not find any notable namesake.

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