Names that mean Lord

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Aadeesh Tamil Commanded, King, Counselled, Lord
Aadharshana Tamil One who has Principles, The Sun, Ideal, Lord Shiva
Aadhavan Hindi Lord Vishnu, Sun
Aadhish Hindi Counselled, Commanded, Lord, King
Aadhithya Tamil Sun, Son of Aditi
Aadhithyan Tamil The Sun, Lord Shiva
Aadhitya raj Tamil King Surya, Shining like Sun
Aadideva Sanskrit The First God for Prayer
Aadinath Hindi The First Lord, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, God
Aadit Sanskrit Lord of Sun, Bright, Peak, Shade
Aadith Hindi Peak, Lord of Sun
Aadithya Hindi Lord of the Sun
Aadittya Tamil Sun, Son of Aditi
Aaditya Sanskrit Sun God, Son of Aditi
Aadityaa Tamil Sun God, Son of Aditi
Aadityan Tamil Son of Aditi, Sun God
Aadon Hebrew Lord
Aadya Sanskrit Goddess Parvati, One who is Always First and Best, The Earliest
Aagha Tamil Pre-Eminent, Lord, Master, Brother
Aaghesha Tamil Lord Shiva. the Sky 'Aaghayam'
Aahesha Tamil Devotion to Lord Shiva
Aahitya Tamil Sun God, Son of Aditi
Aajesh Tamil Lord Hanuma, Lord Hanuman
Aakesh Sky, Derived from Aagayam
Aamogh Lord Ganesha
Aananthan Tamil Name of Lord Murugan, Always Merry and Full of Smiles
Aanay Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesh
Aandal Tamil Incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, Aandal from Thirupaaai
Aandhal Tamil Aandal from Thirupaaai, Devotee of Lord Vishnu
Aanish Tamil Close Friend, Companion, Punctual, Lord Shiva
Aaniya Lord Hanuman, Beautiful
Aanjaney Lord Hanumaan
Aanjaneya Kannada Son of Anjani, Lord Hanuman
Aapia Greenlandic My Father is the Lord, Great
Aarangan Tamil Lord Vishnu
Aaresh Tamil Name of Lord Indra
Aari Lord Vishnu, Brave, Lion of God, Eagle
Aariket Hindi Against Desire, Lord Ganesh
Aariketh Hindi Against Desire, Lord Ganesh
Aarirai Tamil Lord's Devotee
Aarnish Tamil Lord of the Seas
Aarooran Tamil Lord Shiva
Aarudhra Tamil Lord Shiva, Gentle
Aarura Tamil Lord Shiva
Aaruran Tamil Lord Shiva
Aaruthi Tamil Lord Shiva
Aaruthra Tamil Lord Shiva
Aaruthran Tamil Lord Shiva
Aashrit Telugu Lord Vishnu
Aashu Tamil Lord Shiva, Active, Quick