Names that mean Wisdom

Updated: June 5th, 2024

Are you drawn to names that symbolize insight, understanding, and wisdom? How about names that mean 'wisdom'? We've thoughtfully compiled a wise list of baby names that mean 'wisdom'. Names like Sophia, a Greek name that translates to 'wisdom', or Ethan, a Hebrew name that signifies 'enduring and wise', might resonate with you.

Doesn't a name that means 'wisdom' convey a sense of insight, depth, and understanding?

Browse through our list of baby names that mean 'wisdom'. Your child's wise and insightful name could be just a few scrolls away.

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Wisdom, Graceful, Skill, Form of Sophie
Skill, Wisdom
Intelligent, Hound, Wise, Strength
Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Unknown
Wise One, Sage, Healthy, Aromatic Herb
Knowing, Center, Knowledge, Keen Power
To give thanks
Understanding, Pious, Knowledge, Writing of the Aryans
One Having Exalted Divine Knowledge, God is Merciful, Wisdom
Sagacity, To be Clever, Morning Fragrance or Rising, Merciful
Rich, Possesses a Lot, Mighty One, Knowing
Give, Son, Oak, Lord
Old River, Ancient, Small and Wise
Pious, Writing of the Aryans, Knowledge, Understanding
King of Wisdom
Skill, Form of Sonia, Wisdom
Hound, Bald, High, Little Fighter
Wisdom, Comfort, God is with us
Hindu Philosophy, King of All, The Scriptures
Guest, Very Hospitable, Welcoming, Wisdom
Kale, Cabbage, Man, One who is Merciful and Foreseeing, Husband
Learning, Knowledge, Sheltered, Brother
Heart, Desired or Longed For, Fame, Inner Beauty
Skill, Form of Sophie, Wisdom, Graceful
One who has Wisdom, Fourth Prayer of the Day
To be Clever, Coal, Wisdom, Knowledge
Maintain Well, Possessor of the Good, Knowing, Learned
Give, Charitable, Pearl of Wisdom, Glory, Aura
Knowledge, Pious, Understanding, Writing of the Aryans
Profound Wisdom, Prophet, Sage, Wise One
Writing of the Aryans, Understanding, Pious, Knowledge
They Can Be Successful As a Press Secretary, Planner, The Scriptures, Hindu Philosophy or Ultimate Wisdom
Understanding, A Name Given Several Roman Emperors and 16 Saints, Man of Wisdom, Meaning
Greatest Champion, Knowledge, Family Ruler, Prophetess
Mother, Grace, Will, Wisdom
Stranger, Welcoming, Hospitable, Hospitality
Oak, Also a Character in Shahnameh, Pearl of Wisdom, Wealthy
Learning, Prodigy, Gratefulness, Knowledge
Dweller Near the Wood or Clearing, Inspired By a Place Name, Head, Fair-haired Courageous One
Wisdom, Myrtle Leaf, Saved the Jews from Annihilation in Persia, Learning
Famous, Battle, Animated, Alive
Wisdom, Graceful, Form of Sophie, Skill
Fair-haired Courageous One, Wood, Clearing, Poet, Lion
He (God) Was Gracious, Favoured, Strong, Full of Pride
Wisdom, Intellect, Goddess Saraswati, Intelligent
Wisdom, Enlightenment
Vedic Method of Self Realization, One who Knows All, The Scriptures, Hindu Philosophy or Ultimate Wisdom
Beautiful, One who is Merciful and Foreseeing, Gracious, Wanted
Daughter of Wisdom
Rich, Possesses a Lot, Mighty One, Knowing
Full of Wisdom, Aged, Wise
Wisdom, To be Clever, Sagacity, Learning
Blond, White, Laplander, Knowledge
Also a Character in Shahnameh, Beloved, Wealthy, Possessing Goodness
One who is Merciful and Foreseeing, Wisdom, To be Clever, Hostage
Learned, Mighty One, Possesses a Lot, Tenderly Loved
Form of Sophie, God has Shown Favour, Graceful, Earth and Water
Dedicated to Mars (The Roman God of War), Wisdom, Yahweh is Gracious, One Having Exalted Divine Knowledge
Fourth Prayer of the Day, One who has Wisdom, Mark, Trace
Very Hospitable, Wisdom, Welcoming, Guest
Goddess Saraswati, Learning, Knowledge, Wisdom
Learning, Knowledge, One who is Merciful and Foreseeing, Of the Sea
God is my Oath
Family Ruler, High Hill, Cene Which Means Bold Keen, Greatest Champion
Merciful, Star of the Sea, Wisdom, Sagacity
Aromatic Herb, Healthy, Profound Wisdom, Wise One
One who is Merciful and Foreseeing, Sagacity, Knowledge, Dearly Loved
Understanding, Knowledge, Writing of the Aryans, Pious
Intelligence, Lord Vishnu, Prowess, Wisdom
Earth and Water, Eagle, He (God) Was Gracious, Full of Grace
Of the stars
Favoured, Beautiful, Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Mercy
Knowledge, Great, Wisdom, Moon
Learning, Merciful, Judge is God, To be Clever
Light, God's Wisdom
Intelligence, Wisdom, Wit, Intelligent
Filled with Wisdom
Greater Knowledge, Wisdom
Fifth, Reason, Surname, Intelligent
Wisdom and learning
One who Returns to God, Sagacity, Returnee, The Little Vanir
Full of Knowledge and Wisdom, To be Clever, Mustache, Cam Meaning Crooked
Wisdom, God Strengthens
God Like, Learning, Wisdom, Elephant
Cene Which Means Bold Keen, Center, Prophetess, Pretty
Alone, Full of Knowledge and Wisdom, Warrior, Army
Wealthy, Mighty, Halo of the Moon, Greek
Fifth Born, The Eighth, Wisdom, Descendant of Cuinn
Learning, One who is Merciful and Foreseeing, Wisdom, Knowledge
God Strengthens, Wisdom
Heritage, The Word Leifr with the Meaning Heir Descendent, To be Clever, Descendant
Guest, Stranger, Very Hospitable, Foreign
God Would Multiply, Form of Sophie, Skill, Graceful
Favour, Thanks, God's Favor, Wisdom
Beautiful, A Musical Tone, Expert in Vedas, Veidik Text
Flower Name, Wisdom, Renown, Form of Sophie
Wisdom, One Having Exalted Divine Knowledge
Cliff, Hillock, Wisdom, Learning, One who is Merciful and Foreseeing
Wise, Prophet, Aromatic Herb, From the Spice
Learning, To be Clever, My God is Bountiful, Sagacity
Form of Mary, Myrrh and Ocean, Wished-for Child, Bitter
Magical, Family Ruler, Prophetess, Knowing
Goddess, Unknown
To Wield a Weapon, Understanding, Wisdom
Powerful Might, Council and Govern, Sagacity, Advice
Intelligence, Beautiful, Affection, Wise
Wisdom, Graceful, God Would Multiply, Skill
Wisdom, One of the Ninety-nine Names of God
Form of Sophie, Skill, Graceful, Wisdom
From the Manor, To be Clever, Knowledge, Sagacity
Wisdom, Skill, Form of Sophie, Graceful
Fifth, Counsel, Reason, He that Informs Himself
Filled with Wisdom
Favour, Form of Anna, Priceless, Wisdom
He (God) Was Gracious, Grace, Grain, Angel
Complete, Huge, Skill, All-containing
Recollection, Memory, Wisdom, Remembrance
Sagacity, Learning, To be Clever, Merciful
Filled with Wisdom
Mighty One, Greek, Possesses a Lot, Wealthy
Feeling, Polite, Well-behaved, Gracious
Oneness, Full of Knowledge and Wisdom, One who is Modest, Love
Sagacity, Knowledge, Wisdom, Merciful
Hospitable, Welcoming, Wisdom, Foreign
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