Names that mean Forever

Updated: June 5th, 2024
Names that mean Forever

Baby names meaning forever are special because they represent a timeless sentiment that parents want to pass on to their children. These names often have a spiritual or religious connotation, such as "Eternal" or "Forever," and can be used to express the hope that a child will have a long and happy life. They also provide an opportunity for parents to honor their own heritage or culture by choosing a name with special meaning in their language or culture.

Immortal, Strength

Amari is a unisex name of African origin, derived from the Kenyan word for "strength" or "power". It is also associated with the Arabic word for "eternal",

Grass, Immortal One, Happiness, Unfading flower
Sole Ruler, Ever-powerful, Honor and Powerful King, Alone-Ruler
Forever, Always
Peaceful Ruler, Rich, Lucky, Hardy
Ei Which Means Ever Always, Sole Ruler, Forever, Honor and Powerful King
Heather, Ever-powerful, Alone-Ruler, Sole Ruler
Steadfastness, To Withstand, Constancy, Constant

The name Constence is a unique name derived from Latin and Greek roots. It is a combination of the words "constant" and "strength," which together signify steadfastness and power. The name Constence has been used for both boys and girls over the years, although it is more commonly given to girls in modern times.

Long Life, Luck, One who Prays 5 Times and Fasts, Faithful

Amar is a name of Indian origin, and it is derived from the Sanskrit word for ?immortal?. In Hindu culture, Amar is associated with immortality and longevity, making it an ideal choice for parents looking to give their child a meaningful name.

Immortal One, Imperishable, Unfading Flower, Lovely Forever

Amaira is a beautiful baby name of Arabic origin, meaning ?forever beautiful.? It?s a popular choice among parents looking for a unique, charming name for their little girl.


Amarion is a modern boy name of Greek origin derived from the name Amarantos, which means ?unfading?. It was first used in the early twentieth century.

To Give Credit to Someone, Beautiful, Pratham, Excellent

Eternity is a beautiful and meaningful name for a baby girl. It evokes feelings of everlasting love and joy, which is something that all parents want their baby to experience throughout their life.

Lucky, Luster, Goddess Lakshmi, Beautiful
Immortal One, Imperishable, Unfading Flower, Lovely Forever
Lightning, The Only One, Forever, Purity

Aina is a feminine name of multiple origins. In Swedish, it is a short form of names beginning with "Ain-", while in Hawaiian, it means "brightness" or "light". In Japanese, it is thought to have derived from ?aina?, meaning ?love? or ?affection?.

Permanent, New, God Siva, Constant
Always, Forever
Everlasting, Indestructible, Unlimited, Forever

Akshay is a beautiful name of Sanskrit origin that means "eternal" or "everlasting". It is often used as a given name for boys in India, but has become increasingly popular around the world.

Power, Strength, Forever Immortal, Eternal
Wealthy, Wealth, Lives Forever
Immortal, Living, Forever, Alive

Javed is a popular Arabic name, derived from the Arabic word for “eternal” or “everlasting”. It is often used as a boy’s name and is considered to be a strong, masculine name.

Honor and Powerful King, Always Ruler, Heather, Queen-like
Immortal, Forever, Long Life, Persevering
Alive, Lives Forever, Life, Ease
Peaceful Ruler, Ever-powerful, Alone-Ruler, Honor and Powerful King
Ancient, Eternal, One That Will Last Forever
Aid, Happiness, Grace, Unfading Flower
Ease, Wealth, Lives Forever
Home Ruler, Powerful, House, Power
One who is God Gifted, Victorious, Forever Victorious

Amarjeet is a unisex name of Indian origin, derived from the Sanskrit words 'Amar' and 'Jeet', meaning "immortal victory". This beautiful name can be used to honor both male and female babies, making it a great choice for parents looking for a gender-neutral name.

Living Forever, Immortal
Honor and Powerful King, Forever, Ruler, Regal
Honor and Powerful King, Sole Ruler, Ever-powerful, Alone-Ruler
Child of Forever, Child of 1000 Generations

Chiyoko is a Japanese name meaning “a thousand generations of children”. It is derived from the combination of two kanji characters, 千 (chi) meaning “thousand” and 子 (ko) meaning “child”.

Name of Lord Shiva, Glows Forever
Forever, Till Eternity
Constancy, Constare Meaning to Withstand, Constant, Perseverance
Beauty Forever Good, Obscure
Ei Which Means Ever Always, Honorable Ruler, The Heather Plant, Alone-Ruler
Immortal, Abiding, Everlasting, Never-ending, Forever
Goddess of Justice, Ardhanareeshwar, Glows Forever
Beauty Forever Good, Obscure
Treasure, Forever, Autumn
Steadfast, Grace, Prosperity, Unfading Flower
Permanent, God, Who is Made Forever
Who is Made Forever, Permanent, God
Forever Ruler, Honor and Powerful King, Alone-Ruler, Ever-powerful
Completely, Forever
Being Young Forever Like Markandayan
Happiness Forever
Hardy, Fair-haired Courageous One, Meadow with Coarse Grass, Powerful
Forever, Always
Wealth, Wealthy, Lives Forever
To Give Credit to Someone, The Best Forever, Pratham, Goddess Lakshmi
Forever, Always
Ease, Lives Forever, Alive, Life
Lasting, One who is Forever Eloquent
Forever, Unscathed, Perfect
Eternal, Ancient, One That Will Last Forever
Ruler Forever, Ever-powerful, Honor and Powerful King, Alone
The Meaning of Kiranila Means the Love Stands Forever In the World, The Love Stands Forever in the World
Wealth, Wealthy, Lives Forever
Glows Forever
Everyday, Daily, Forever, Goddess Parvathy
Who is Made Forever, Permanent
Life, Lives for Ever, Wealth, Ease
Glows Forever, Name of Lord Shiva
Who is Made Forever, Permanent, God

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