Names that mean Salvation

Name Origin Gender Meaning
Aalias  Boy Name of One Prophet, My God is Yahweh
Aallyah  Hebrew Arabic Girl Kind Type, God is Salvation, Joy, Merry
Aaronjosh  Boy Satisfaction, High in Hebrew, Lofty, Form of Joshua
Aaronjoshua  Boy God is Salvation, High in Hebrew, Jehovah Saves, Lofty
Aelisa  Girl God is Salvation, Great Happiness, Joy, Merry

Aileth  Girl God is My Salvation
Ailleth  Girl God is My Salvation
Akshayamathi  Girl Divyagyana, Eternal Salvation, Super Intelligence
Alayette  God is My Salvation
Aleisa  Girl Sun, God is Salvation, Great Happiness, Joy
Alete  God is My Salvation
Aleth  God is My Salvation
Alias  Boy The God is My Lord, Variant of Hebrew Elijah
Aliette  Girl God is My Salvation
Aliisa   Finnish Girl Of a Noble Kind, Sun, Joy, Merry
Aliisi  Girl Of a Noble Kind, Sun, Joy, Merry
Aliissá  Girl God is Salvation, Noble, Sublime, Lofty
Alisa  Old High German Girl Of a Noble Kind, Sun, Joy, Great Happiness
Alisa   Russian Finnish Girl Of a Noble Kind, Sun, Joy, Great Happiness
Alísa  Girl Of the Nobility, God is Salvation, Kind Type, Great Happiness
Alisea  Girl Protected by God, Nobility, Merry, Of Noble Figure
Alissah  Girl Sun, Kind Type, Great Happiness, Of the Nobility
Alitza  Girl Honest, Joyous, Faithful, Delight
Aliyssa  Girl Nobility, Kind Type, Noble and Fighting, Joy
Allias  Boy Jehovah is God, Name of One Prophet
Alliisa  Girl God is Salvation, Joy, Sun, Great Happiness
Allisa  Girl Of the Nobility, Noble, Merry, Great Happiness
Allissa   English (Rare) Girl Of the Nobility, Sun, God is Salvation, Sweet Angel
Allyah  Girl Great Happiness, Joy, God is Salvation, Of the Nobility
Allysa  Girl Kind Type, Joy, Noble and Fighting, Sun
Allyssah  Girl Sun, Noble and Fighting, Kind Type, Great Happiness
Alyette  God is My Salvation
Alyisa  Girl Kind Type, God is Salvation, Great Happiness, Sun
Alysea  Girl Noble and Fighting, God is Salvation, Silk of Heaven, Joy
Alyssah  Girl Noble and Fighting, German, Sweet Angel, Joy
Ayleth  Girl God is My Salvation
Biergá  Girl Another Name for God, Sublime, Exalted, High
Biǫrg  Girl Help, Salvation
Björg  Girl Help, Salvation
Bjǫrg  Girl Help, Salvation

Celissa  Girl Heavenly, Sun, Blind, God is Salvation
Christianjay  Boy The Element Jaya Which Means Victory, Anointed Christian, Belonging to Christ, J
Christianjoshua  Boy Jehovah Saves, Follower of Christ, The Anointed One, Love
Chucho   Spanish Boy God Helps, Yahweh is Salvation
Eje  Boy Army, God's Helper, One, Honor and Powerful King
Ejje  Boy One, The Lord Helps Me, Honor and Powerful King, Yahweh is Salvation
Elean  Boy God is My Salvation
Eleasha  Girl Jehovah is God, Elysion, Abbreviation of Elisabeth, Elysium
Elecia  Girl Jehovah is God, Abbreviation of Elisabeth
Eleesha  Girl God is Help, Abbreviation of Elisabeth
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