Mithun rashi names

Mithun or Gemini is the 3rd sign of the Hindu Zodiac. This sign is specified by two children and the symbol of this rashi is indicated by two vertical and horizontal lines. The planet Mercury is the ruling planet of Mithun rashi and the characteristics of this rashi are flexibility, intellectuality, analytic thinking, various interest, communication, duality, and youthfulness of mind. People born under this zodiac sign enjoy work with variety, which make them jump from one thing to another to search for the golden opportunity. This zodiac sign contains three nakshatras and these are half of the Mrigashira Nakshatra, entire Ardra Nakshatra and two third of the Punarvasu Nakshatra. Names beginning with Ka, Ki, Ku, Kam, Ke, Ko, Gha, Chha, Ja, Jha, Ang, Ha can be given to babies born under Mithun / Gemini rashi. Here are 6363 mithun rashi baby names.

 AngaGOrgan, A Limb, Body Part, Sky
 AngaarBSpark of Fire
 AngaarakBThe Planet Mars
 AngaaranBGod Ganesha
 AngabhuBA Son, Born of the Limbs
 AngadBBracelet, An Ornament
 Angad VeerBHeroic Brother of the Original One
 AngadaBBracelet, With Beautiful Limbs, Son of Sugreev, An Ornament
 AngadanBBrother of Bali and Sugriva
 AngaddevGIn Service of the Original One
 AngajaGDaughter of Aja, Another Name for Kama, Produced from the Body, A Son
 AngakBSon, Singer
 AngamaBThat which cannot be Pierced, Strong
 AngamuthuBMade of Pearls
 AnganaGAn Suspicious or Handsome Woman, Fire
 AnganaaGBeautiful Woman
 AnganalanBPerfection at Glance, Lord Shiva Name
 AngananBName of Lord Shiva
 AnganemiBFollower of the Scriptures
 AngangBGod of Love
 AnganiGAttractive Girl
 AngannanBName of Lord Shiva
 AngaraBBurning Charcoal, Lord Vishnu
 AngarajaBBest Among Beings with a Form, Another Name for Karna
 AngarakaBCharcoal, The Planet Mars
 AngarakanBCharcoal, The Planet Mars
 AngaranBGod Ganesha
 AngarasBCharcoal, The Planet Mars
 AngaravatiGHaving Fire
 AngarikaGFlame of the Forest, A Flame-coloured Flower-palash
 AngaritaGA Luminous Plant
 AngatiBOne who Maintains the Sacred Fire
 AngavahaBBearer of Scriptures
 AngayapriyanBA Person who Loves to Hanging Out Withwom
 AngayarkanniGGoddess Meenakshi, Unmarried Girl, Virgin Queen
 AngeeGA Person with Well-Formed Limbs, Fire
 AngeekarBOne whom God Makes his Own
 AngeethaGHindu Holy Book, A Music Lover
 AngelUPari, Messenger of God Angel
 AngelaGMessenger of God Angel
 AngelaiGGift, Offering
 AngeliGOffering, Gift
 AngeliaGAngelic, Angel, Divine Messenger
 AngelicaGScent, Angelic, Daughter of a Great Father, Like An Angel
 AngeliiGGift, Offering
 AngelikaGAngelic, Messenger from God, Like An Angel
 AngelyGGift, Offering
 AngeniGSpirit, Spirit Angel
 AngganBWith Sharp Eye
 AnghaGBeauty, Innocent, Sinless, Without Any Fault
 AngiGDecorating the God, One with Beautiful Body, Fire, Divine
 AngieGPresent, Messenger, Angel
 AngiraGMother of Birhaspati
 AngirasBSage, Name of a Sage
 AngirasaBOf Angiras
 AngiriGMother of Brihaspati
 AnglinaGAngel, Messenger
 AngooriGGrape, Grape Like
 AngshuBRay of Light
 AnguriGFinger Ring
 AngusaBPraising, A Hymn
 ChhaayaaGShadow, Shade
 ChhaayankBThe Moon, Moon
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