Mrigashirsha nakshatra names

As the name of nakshatra suggests, Mrigashirsha is denoted by deer’s head bestowing charming personality and wisdom to person born under the nakshatra. Mrigshira is ruled by Soma used to refer Moon and means “nectar of God” in Sanskrit while the Lord of the nakshatra is Mangal or Mars. Names with Ve, Vo, Ka, Ki, Be, Bo beginning falls under Mrigashirsha nakshatra. Here are 2379 mrigashirsha nakshatra baby names.

 BeantBWithout End - Infinity, Boundless
 BeantaBEndless, Eternal
 BeantpalBFoster of Immeasurable
 BeauBBeautiful Gaze, Handsome, Pretty
 BeaufortBFrom the Beautiful Fort
 BeautyGBeautyful, Peaceful
 BebeGBringer of Joy, Lady
 BeboBLoved One
 BebuGBaby, Little Cute Girl
 BechintBFree from Worries
 BehulaGThe Perfect Wife, Kritika Nakshatra, Cow
 BejulBPeaceful, Flashes of Lightning
 BekuraBVoice, Melodious, Sound
 BekuriGOne with Musical Leanings
 BelGSacred Wood Apple Tree, Creeper, Time
 BelaGDestruction, Intelligent, Sacred Wood Apple Tree, White
 BelavardhanaBOne of the Kauravas
 BeliBTo Bellow, to Roar, Stomach, From Bell, A Flower-jasmine
 BelliGSilver, A Companion
 BelurmiGParvathi Name Bela+Urmi
 BemanBWithout Interest
 BenBSon of the Right Hand, Meadow with Coarse Grass, Benjamin, Bärenstarke
 BenakBGod Name of Ganesh
 BenakaGLord Ganesh, Name of Lord Ganesh
 BenazirGPeerless, Incomparable Unique, Matchless
 BeneshBThe Blessed, Happy
 BeniBPlait of Hair, Blessed
 BenitaGBlessed, Good Person
 BenittaGBlessed, Good Person
 BennaGMusical Instrument of Goddess Saraswati
 BenshikGKing of the Forest
 BenuGCreated with Immense Power, Venus, Flute
 BethinaGGods Promise, From the House of God's Grace
 BobbyBGlory and Brilliant, Bright Fame, Gloriously Shiny, Short Form of Robert
 BoddhidharmaBFollower of Buddhist Doctrine
 BodhBUnderstanding, Awakening, Perception, Knowledge
 BodhaBUnderstanding, Knowledge, Intelligent
 BodhamayaBConsisting of Pure Knowledge, Wise
 BodhanaUThe Inspiring, Enlightening, Wise, Clever
 BodhavanBThe Name of a Sage
 BodhendraBLord of Intelligence
 BodhiBWise, Awakens, Enlightenment, Awakened
 BodhidharmaBEnlightenment Teaching, All-pervading Enlightened Mind
 BodhinBKnowledge, Wise, Enlightening
 BodhiniGKnowledge, Wise, Enlightening
 BodhithaGEnlightened, Having Been Taught
 BodhpreetBLove for the Learned One
 BodishBBuddhas Tree
 BogliBThe Pond-heron
 BolanBGod's Spoken Word
 BolinBRain, Speaker, Elder Brother
 BomikBLand Owner
 BommaBOne of the Doll
 BommiGThe One Like a Doll
 BonasriGInstrument Played by Lord Krishna, Flute
 BoraUBrave, Hurricane, Snow, Excellent
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