Adalbert name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 5th, 2023
Gender: Boy
Origin: German, Old High German and Germanic
Usage: English, Dutch, German, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Adalbert a-dalbe-rt
Meaning: Intelligent, Noble, Highborn, Illustrious, The Words Adal Meaning Noble Honorable and Nobly Famous
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What does Adalbert mean?

Rarefied Adalbert principally is used in Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, German, Danish, English, Swedish and Dutch, meaning of Adalbert is "Intelligent, Noble and Brilliant, Highborn, Illustrious, Of Noble Lineage or Nobly Famous" that originated from Germanic, Old High German and German is bestowed upon boys.

Adalbert is equivalent of Adalberaht in German language. Adalbert is celebrated on April 23rd.

How do I pronounce Adalbert?

The three syllabled name Adalbert is pronounced, a-dalbe-rt. ad(al)-bert is another way(s) to say the name.

Variants of Adalbert

Adalberht, Adalberaht

Names that rhyme with Adalbert

How popular is the name Adalbert?

Adalbert is an uncommon baby name in United States, in use since 1914, peaked in 1915 when it ranked 2184th and last appeared in 1935. In France, it had been in use since 1900 and made it to the top 300 but has appeared since 2003.

There are over 409 babies that have been given the name Adalbert in France. But Adalbert is a popular baby name in DR Congo where every 1 in 6000 have the name as well as in Germany.

As per our research, over 30000 people has been named Adalbert globally.

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Adalbert in Nordic countries

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Numerological analysis of Adalbert

You always dress as you feel at the moment. Letter A as your cornerstone reveals your creativity, dynamic life, and ambition to achieve great things in life. You should take a deep breath from time to time, and slow down. You have to stay as you are – determined and self-confident to realize your goals. You find a way to disappoint yourself even if there's no reason for disappointment. You are an active person but lack motivation and persistence to finish goals.

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Sibling Names for Adalbert

If you're looking for a sibling name for baby "Adalbert", the following list provides some ideas. The names range from traditional to modern, and can be used for both boys and girls.

Names for Adalbert's sister

For a brother

Famous people named Adalbert

  • Adalbert of Prague, Bohemian missionary and Christian saint
  • Adalbert of Magdeburg, first Archbishop of Magdeburg and a successful missionary to the Polabian Slavs to the east of what is contemporarily Germany
  • Adalbert Merx, German Protestant theologian and orientalist
  • Adalbert Falk, German politician
  • Adalbert of Hamburg, was Archbishop of Hamburg and Bishop of Bremen
  • Adalbert Poole, politician in Manitoba, Canada
  • Adalbert Gyrowetz, Bohemian composer
  • Adalbert of Egmond, He was one of Saint Willibrord's companions in preaching the gospel
  • Adalbert Rozsnyai, former Romanian football player and coach
  • Adalbert Zuckschwerdt, was captain of the German raider SMS Cormoran
  • Adalbert Seitz, German entomologist who specialised in Lepidoptera
  • Adalbert II, Count of Ballenstedt, an early member of the House of Ascania
  • Adalbert von Bredow, German cavalry officer
  • Adalbert Krueger, German astronomer
  • Adalbert Bezzenberger, German philologist
  • Adalbert of Mainz, Archbishop of Mainz
  • Adalbert Stifter, Austrian writer, poet, painter, and pedagogue
  • Adalbert I, Count of Vermandois,
  • Adalbert I, Margrave of Tuscany, margrave of Tuscany
  • Adalbert Zafirov, former Bulgarian football defender
  • Adalbert Atto of Canossa, first Count of Canossa and founder of that noble house which eventually was to play a determinant role in the political settling of Italy and the Investiture Controversy
  • Adalbert J. Volck, dentist, political cartoonist
  • Adalberto Alvarez in Lola's Love Shack as Actor
  • Adalberto Maria Merli in Il cartaio as Actor
  • Adalberto Martínez in El rey de México as Actor
  • In 1920 movie, Frauenruhm, Adalbert Lenz characterized N.

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