Names that mean Honorable

Updated: June 5th, 2024

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby, isn't there a certain allure to names that echo honor and dignity? Welcome to our list of baby names that mean 'honorable'. These names resonate with integrity and respect.

Consider 'Alan', a Celtic name that means 'handsome' or 'honorable'. Or how about 'Briana', an Irish name that signifies 'strong, virtuous, and honorable'? Aren't these names inherently dignified? Ready to dive into more honorable names? Let's delve in!

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the Other, Bringer of Light, Foreign, Honorable
Power, The Noble Strong, Honorable, High and Royal
Brightness, Sweet, Honorable, Nobility
Honorable, Lovely, Bright Beautiful, Silk of Heaven
the Other, Torch, Foreign, Bringer of Light
Honorable, Noble
Honorable, Bright through Nobility, Noble Famous, Highborn
Attendant for a Temple, Swiftness of Foot, Honorable Births, Acolyte
Strength, Noble, Brave, Hill
Honorable, Noble
Free-born, Religious, He Who is with the Illustrious, Acolyte
Honorable, Noble
Of the Aryan Race, Honorable, Warrior, That which is Beyond Anyone's Strength
All and Illustrious, Honorable, Nobly Famous, Brilliant
Ei Which Means Ever Always, Sole Ruler, Forever, Honor and Powerful King
Heather, Ever-powerful, Alone-Ruler, Sole Ruler
Noble and Eager, Spanish Form of Alphonse, Embattled, Ready for Battle
Of, Noble, Honorable, Old
Noble, Small Winged One, Honorable, Love
Bronck's land
Attendan, Helper to the Priest, Honorable Births, The Perfect One
Young Girls who Assisted at Pagan Religious Ceremonies, Free-born, Honorable Births, Acolyte
Helmet and Famous, Well-Known, Noble, Honorable
Noble, Honorable
Noble, Honorable
Honorable, Noble
Nobility, Power, Noble Strength, Form of Audrey
Power, Noble, Nobility, High and Royal
Honorable, Noble
Honorable, Wolf
Bright, Honorable, Noble, All and Illustrious
Noble and Fight, Lust, Small Winged One, Nobility
Helper to the Priest, Attendant of Temple, Free-born, From a Roman Family Name
Noble, Protector, Honorable
Hardy, Brave, Honorable, Noble
Sweet, Kind, Honorable, Brightness
Lovely, Honorable, Noble, Variant of Helen
Honor and Powerful King, Ever Kingly, Alone-Ruler, Feminine Form of Eric
Well-Known, Will-helmet, Honorable, God's Protection
Nobility, Sweet, Noble, Brightness
Noble, Sweet, English, Kind
Esteem, Noble, The Element BrĂ­gh Meaning Strength Power Force, Hill
Without Grief, More Honourable, Most Noble, Nobler or Noblest
Bright, Noble, Honorable
Little Noble One, Aveline, Eveline, Of Magdala
Lust, The Word Adal Which is of the Meaning Noble Honorable, Nobility, Guide
Noble and Eager, Spanish Form of Alphonse, Embattled, Ready for Battle
Noble and Fast, Fight, Embattled, Spanish Form of Alphonse
Of a Noble Kind, Secret, Shape
Distinguished, Honourable One, Noble, Illustrious
Foreigner, ish, Stranger, Honorable
Honor, Honored Honorable
Help of God (Alalh), Noble, Honorable, Bright
Shining, Bright Beautiful, Kind, Ailin Meaning Little Rock
Swiftness of Foot, Acolyte, He Who is with the Illustrious, Honorable Births
Noble, Brightness, Small Winged One, Yahweh is Just
Acolyte, Honorable Births
Wood, Clearing, Meadow, Torch, Poet
Noble, Honorable, Power, High and Royal
Brave, Love, Sweet, Small Winged One
All and Illustrious, Noble Famous, Majestic Wolf, Form of Albert
Preferred, Favoured, Favored, Honorable
Noble, High, Consideration, Esteem
Pious, Respectful, Honorable, Virtuous, Pious
Attendant for a Temple, Acolyte, He Who is with the Illustrious, Swiftness of Foot
Noble, Brave, Virtuous, The Blessed One
Shelter, One born in a sacred place
Noble, The Blessed One, Hill Place, Strength
Honorable, Nobility, Kind, Valley Dweller
Acolyte, Chamomile, He Who is with the Illustrious, Attendant of Temple
Well-Known, Noble, Helmet and Famous, Princess
Honorable, Distinguished, Gentleman, Illustrious
Honorable, Exquisite, Outstanding, Superior
Olena, Silk of Heaven, Merry, Torch
Honor and Powerful King, Always Ruler, Heather, Queen-like
Noble Kind, Nobility, Honorable, Lust
Brightness, Kind, Nobility, Honorable
Kind, The Word Alma with the Meaning Soul, Honorable, Brave
Honorable, Noble
Noble Kind, Precious, Softer, Lust
Ready for Battle, Embattled, Fight, Spanish Form of Alphonse
Little Noble One, Of Magdala, Fair, Torch
Noble, Honorable
Noble, Honorable, Bear
Acolyte, A Youth Employed in Religious Services, Perfection, Most Perfect
Honorable, Noble Friend, Defender
Pied, High, Swift, Hill Place
The Other, Honor, Shining, Sun
Noble Wolf, Honorable
Soft, Softer, Noble, From the Alder Grove
Honorable, Noble, Brilliant, Bright through Nobility
Acolyte, A Youth Employed in Religious Services, Perfection, Most Perfect
Noble, Honorable, Well-Known, Famous
Friendly, Noble, Balcony, Gentle
Noble, Embattled, Eager for War, Spanish Form of Alphonse
Wealth and Honor, the Other, Torch, Honorable
High, Noble, Hill, High, Consideration
Brilliant, All and Illustrious, Noble, Highborn
Most Perfect, Religious, Attendant of Temple, Complete
Sublime, Rich, Of Noble Figure, Meadow
Friendly, Linden Wood Shield, Honorable, Gentle
Noble Or Honorable
Hill, Honorable, Consideration, Brave
Young Girls who Assisted at Pagan Religious Ceremonies, Completed, Noble, Honorable Births
Of Noble Figure, Nobility, Honorable, Nobel
Nobility, Noble Kind, Honorable, Love
Kind, Sweet, Noble, Honorable
Brightness, Kind, Nobility, Honorable
Wise, Rich, Adal Meaning Noble Honorable, Old
Old, Honorable, Noble
Ready for Battle, Embattled, Fight, Spanish Form of Alphonse
Acolyte Attendant At a Ritual, Variant of Camilla, Chamomile, Noble
Honorable, Merry, Shining, Beautiful
Sweet, Noble, Soft, Lust
Noble, Honorable
Kind, Light, Merry, Honorable
Consideration, Hill, Virtuous, Esteem
Who has Well-Formed Chest, Elevated, Unstained, Goddess of Love
Silk of Heaven, Nobility, Lovely, Fair
Noble Wolf, Honorable
Strength, Noble, Hill Place, Esteem
Nobly Famous, Majestic Wolf, Form of Albert, Bright
High, Noble, Brave, Virtuous
Adal Which Means Noble Honorable, Secret, Shape
Noble Strength, Power, High and Royal, Honorable
Bringer of Light, the Other, Torch, Foreign
Variant of Camilla, Honorable Births, Young Attendant, Noble
Noble, Honorable
Honor, Honored, Honour
Sweet, Kind, Honorable, Noble
Of Noble Lineage, All and Illustrious, Honorable, Female Version of Albert from the Old German Adelbert
Of Noble Lineage, All and Illustrious, Female Version of Albert from the Old German, Bright
Honorable, Noble
Lust, Noble Kind, Love, Honorable
the Other, Torch, Bringer of Light, Honorable
Just, Good Fortune, Settle, Proper Name
Wealthy, Noble, Old, Honorable
To Give, Man, Creature, The enlightened
Virtuous, Consideration, The Blessed One, Hill
Adal Which Means Noble Honorable
Large, Tall Honorable a Falcon
Awe Inspiring, Famous, Honorable, Well-Known
Variant of Bryce, High, Noble, Brave, Brian
Power, Noble, Honorable, High and Royal
Meritorious, Honorable or Outstanding, Abundant
Lion, Refuge of God, Just, Adriatic from the Stem End
Enlightened, Gift, A Prophet's Name, Father
All and Illustrious, Bright, Noble, Majestic Wolf
Bringer of Light, the Other, Torch, Foreign
Honorable, Well Born
Distinguished, Noble, Helmet, Desire
Noble, Honorable
Noble Or Honorable
Adal Meaning Noble Honorable, Ready
Old English for Brilliant, Bright, The White, Pale-skinned
Honorable, Noble Kind, Sweet, Soft
Noble and Eager, Embattled, Battle, Spanish Form of Alphonse
Someone with Honorable Name
The Foreigner, Outl, Stranger, ish
The Elements Aethel Meaning Noble Honorable, Noble Strength
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