Names that mean Brilliant

Updated: June 5th, 2024

Are you seeking a name that shines as bright as your little one? How about considering names that mean 'brilliant'? We've dedicatedly crafted a list of baby names that mean 'brilliant'. Names like Aarush, an Indian name that signifies 'first ray of the sun', or Bertha, a German name that translates to 'bright', could strike a chord with you.

Doesn't a brilliant name reflect the radiance and brilliance of your baby?

Have a look through our list of baby names that mean 'brilliant'. The perfect bright name for your sparkling star could be just a click away.

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Shining, Beautiful Fairy Woman, Foreign, Gabriella
Brilliant, Highborn
Honorable, Bright through Nobility, Noble Famous, Highborn
Shining, Bright, Glory and Brilliant, A Bird Name
Glory and Brilliant, Bright Fame, Gloriously Shiny, Short Form of Robert
Brilliant, Happy Day, Bright Disposition, Optimistic
Descendent of Rian, Clever, Fragrant Herb, Fresh
Glorious Shining, Bright Fame, Glory and Brilliant, Famous
A Pandava Prince, Open Minded, Shining, Son of Lord Indra
Wide Fame, Glory and Brilliant
All and Illustrious, Honorable, Nobly Famous, Brilliant
Splash of the Sun, Light, Pure, Moon
Intelligent, Clear, Fire, Illuminated
Crystal, Unblemished, Precious Stone, Brilliant Glass
Similar to the Latin Clara, Brilliant, Clear, Most Illustrious
Brilliant and Raven, Will, Shining Pledge, Bright Warrior
Look, Praise, Splendor, Old
The Torch, Brilliant, Suns Ray, Shining
Hostage, Trusted, Bright, Illustrious Pledge
She was a Narrator of Hadith, Splendid, Resplendence, Brilliance
Sun, Bright Disposition, Cheerful, Shining
Precious Stone, Follower of Christ, Ice, Brilliant Glass
Brilliant Finn, Beloved, Black One, Courageous Hero who Killed Goliath King of Israel
Desire, Brilliant, Will, Dearly Loved Stronghold
Young Animal, Illustrious, Generous and Brilliant, Bright
Full of Sunshine, Bright Disposition, Of the Sun, Cheerful
Variant of Helen, Trojan, Light, Shining
Brilliant, Exalted, Harmony, Moment
Bright, Honorable, Noble, All and Illustrious
Variant of David, Dear One, Brilliant Finn, The Poet
God with Us, Complete, Little Ash-girl, The Name of a Fairy-tale Heroine
English, Dear One, Brilliant Finn, Variant of David
Pure Water, Brilliant, Heaven Gates
-Lina, Brilliant, Shining, Lin
The Name of a Fairy-tale Heroine, Completely, My God is Perfect, Horse
Clearing surrounded by box trees
Sea, Vast, Wave, Endless Ocean
Rays of Light, Brighter, Shiny, Very Bright
Helper, Shining, The Word Zahir with the Meaning Apparent Manifest Bright, Help
Giant, Brilliant, Massive, Good Looking
Dearly Loved, The Poet, Dear One, Bright Finn
Shedding Light, Brilliant, Illuminating, Angry Bird
Very Cute, Settlement, Tamil Show Hostess Divya, Transcendental
Brilliant, True to All, The Name of a Fairy-tale Heroine, My God is Perfect
Etche Which Means House, Brilliant, Splendid, Bright
Bright Shining, Moon's Light, Lamp, Brilliant
Sharp, Brilliant
Shining, Nobility, Noble, Lin
Blossoms, Brilliant, Blazing Splendor, Luminous
Brilliant, Reine, Shining One, Pure
Black One, Bright Finn, Beloved, Dearly Loved
Beautiful, Brilliant
Intelligent, Famous, Shining, Glorious
Desire, Shiny, Brilliant, Resolute
Torch, Intelligent, My God is Yahweh, Pure
First in Whatever She Want, Brilliant Beauty, Brillant, Happy
Abbreviation of Robert Famed, Bright Fame, Shining, Glory and Brilliant
Small Deer, Dear One, Bright Finn, Variant of David
Radiant, Lustrous, Gullet, With Dark Lips
Brilliant, New House, Feminine of Xavier, Splendid
Variant of David, Dear One, Brilliant Finn, The Poet
The Elements Berht Meaning Bright Famous, Brilliant and Raven, Wise Person
Peacock, Bright, Adriatic from the Stem End, Fair
Flourishing, Brilliant
Shining, Gabriella, True to All, God's Favor
The Bright One, Basket, Shoot, Moon
Torch, Complete, the Other, -Ella
From the Same Blood, Brilliant, -Lina, Noble
Shining, Another Name for God, Obvious, Brilliant
Brilliant, God of Wind, Immaculate Being, Puriest
Sharp, Brilliant
Shining, The Element Tabour Which Means Drum, Drummer, Brilliant
Shining, Wished-for Child, Rebellion, The Name of a Fairy-tale Heroine
Shiny, Bright, Desire, Fame
Drummer, Encampment, Brilliant, The Element Tabour Which Means Drum
Black One, Loved By God, Beloved, Courageous Hero who Killed Goliath King of Israel
Brilliant and Lovely, Beautiful, Fair
Beautiful, Old, Gift, Splendid
Gentle, Handsome, Easy, The Name of a Star
Famous Northman, North and Brilliant, Illustrious, Renowned Northerner
First in Whatever She Want, Moment, Brilliant Beauty, Happy
Shining, Illuminates, Moons Light, Lamp
Brilliant, Bright, Sparkling, Shining
Puriest, God of Wind, Brilliant, Immaculate Being
Bright Famous One, Robert Burns the Poet, Shining, A
Shining Brilliant
Bright, Happy, Brilliant, Beautiful
Shining, Another Name for God, Obvious, Brilliant
Glory and Brilliant
Drummer, Brilliant, Encampment, Plays a Small Drum
Brilliant, Lightning, A Flash of Lightening
Brilliant Finn, Dearly Loved, Beloved One, The Poet
Someone You cannot Stop Loving, Red Dye
Radiant, Light Ones, Brilliant, Feminine of Noori
Shiny, Country and Illustrious, Land, Homeland
Enlightened, Intelligent, Fire, Brilliant
White Man, Blond, Bright, Fair One
Immaculate Being, Shining, Puriest, Wind
New, Feminine of Xavier, Etche Which Means House, Brilliant
Brilliant, Radiance, Skilful, Praise
Beloved, Small Deer, Black One, Variant of David
Form of Robert, Bright, Fame, Glorious Shining
Similar to the Latin Clara, Brilliant, Most Illustrious, Clear
Shining, Brilliant, Suns Ray, The Torch
L, Homeland, Bright, Brightness of the Land
Highborn, Shining, Everything and Illustrates, Sword Tip
Lord Vishnu, Sun
Everything and Illustrates, Noble, Shining, Shiny
Dear One, Bright Finn, Small Deer, The Poet
Industrious, Bright, Brilliant, Illustrious
Noble, Palm Tree, Light, Garden
Messenger of God, Grace, Shining, Brilliant
Dazzling, Brilliant
My God is Perfect, Shining, Brilliant, Foreign
Sharp, Pointed, Creator, Brilliant
Another Name for God, Sparkling, Blooming, Helper
Noble, Great, Beautiful, Brilliant
Moon, The Bright One, Shining, Burst of the Sun
Christ-bearer, Crystal Which Derives Ultimately from Greek Κρυσταλλος = Ice, Disciple of the Christ, Anointed Christian
Vibrant, Brilliant, Brilliance, Bright
Introduced to Britain During the Norman Conquest, Brilliant and Raven, Shiny Shield, Wise Person
Brilliant, Bright, Country and Illustrious, Land
Brilliant, Shining, Drummer, Plays a Small Drum
Intelligent, Clever, Strong, Brilliant
Devotee of God, Brilliant, Intelligent
Honorable, Noble, Brilliant, Bright through Nobility
Brilliant beauty, Our precious son, Young lady
Princess, Heavenly, Flower, Brilliant
Blooming, Sparkling, Another Name for God, Associate
Consideration, Descendent of Rian, Fragrant Herb, Flow or Sated with Drink
Brilliant, Noble, Shining, Bright Ruler
Crystal, Ice, A Clear, Unblemished
Sun or Brilliant Boy, The Son of God Sun
Famed, 14th-century King Robert the Bruce, A, Glory and Brilliant
Brilliant, All and Illustrious, Noble, Highborn
Famous, Brilliant
Drummer, Plays a Small Drum, Brilliant, Encampment
Brilliant, Successful, Victorious
Luminous, Brilliant, Prevailing, Dazzling
Intelligent and Brilliant, Bright, Shiny, Shining Intellect
Castle, Brilliant, Will, Walled Stronghold
Pale-skinned, The White, Bright, Old English for Brilliant
Helper, Persian Poet, Help, Another Name for God
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