Etta name meaning

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Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Germanic
Usage: English, Scottish, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Etta e(t)-ta
Meaning: House Owner, Pearl, Diminutive of Henrietta, Keeper of the Hearth, From Henriette, The French Feminine Form of Henry, Little One and Fight
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What does Etta mean?

Unfading and Renowned Etta is used dominantly in Danish, Scottish, Finnish, Norwegian, English and Swedish, Etta means "House Owner, Pearl, Diminutive of Henrietta, Keeper of the Hearth, From Henriette, The French Feminine Form of Henry, Little One or Fight" aimed at both genders is rooted from Germanic.

Etta is variant form of Estrid. Estrid is variant form of durable and celebrated Astrid. Also Estrid is a variant of Æstridh. Estrid is Scandinavian form of Astrid. Prevailing and Ever lasting Estrid has its origin in Old Norse language, Estrid means "Fair Beautiful Goddess, Beautiful and Divine Beauty".

Etta is a variant of prevalent and perennial Edda. Edda is variation of Hedda. Edda is short of names with "Ed". Edda is equivalent of Hedda or Hedwig in Italian language.

Also Edda is German form of Eda. Meaning of Edda is Edith, Rich Battle and D came from Germanic, Old Norse and Old English.. Etta is English form of Henrietta. Also Etta is Scottish form of Mairead.

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Is Etta good as a baby name Keep it short, keep it sweet, and most importantly keep it unique. Well, Etta is all we found, as this name is just adorable, simple and easy to pronounce.

It literally means "the little one", and if that isn't the reason solid enough for you to consider it for your baby girl, we don't know what is, as Etta is probably the only short name you'll find isn't as frequent, yet it still maintains that status of a name choice that is only for gallant parent.

Etta as a name choice is modern, edgy and at the same time practical.

How do I pronounce Etta?

The two syllabled name Etta is pronounced, e(t)-ta.

Variants of Etta

Etka, Edda, Estrid, Hedda, Eda, Astrid, Æstridh, Henrietta, Mairead, Heimerich, Harriet, Henriette, Enrica, Hendrikje, Margaret, Mairéad

Names that rhyme with Etta

How popular is the name Etta?

a popular name in United States with over 41374 new-borns have been given the name since 1880. Presently the name is rising, in 1880, the moniker grabbed the 72nd spot and 803 baby girls were given the name.

In addition to that, the moniker has been in the top 100 baby names 15 times A common name in England and Wales having over 817 recievers in 17 years of usage.

Presently at its peak, it ranked 298th when 158 parents chose the moniker for their baby girls.

Etta is a common name in Liberia, Nigeria, Niger, Malawi, Jamaica and Germany while somewhat familiar name in Israel, Indonesia, Canada, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, England, India, Netherlands, South Africa and Scotland.

As per our estimate, over 40000 people has been named Etta globally.

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Etta in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

Here's what numbers has to say about Etta

If letter A is your capstone, then you are probably a man of your word. You love people back but not with the same intensity they love and care about you. You have this perfect life everyone admires. However, your life is far from perfect, and so are you. You are your own person who likes to live on the edge. You are bold and gutsy, and this affects your personality. You are hard to read but once someone gets close to you, you allow the person to manipulate you on purpose in order to see how he or she will treat you thinking they have power over you.

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Sibling Names for Etta

Looking for sibling names that pair well with the charming and vintage name "Etta"? Look no further than this list of handpicked names that complement Etta's style and sound. From classic choices to unusual picks, discover the perfect names for your little ones.

For a sister

Brother for Etta

Famous people named Etta

  • Etta Place, companion of the American outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  • Etta Hawkins, American comedic stage actress during the early 1900s
  • Etta James, American singer
  • Etta Jones, American jazz singer
  • Etta Moten Barnett, American actress and contralto vocalist
  • Etta Baker, American Piedmont blues guitarist and singer
  • Etta Hulme, American editorial cartoonist
  • Etta Zuber Falconer, educator and mathematician the bulk of whose career was spent at Spelman College
  • Etta Palm d'Aelders, Dutch feminist outspoken during the French Revolution
  • Etta Bortolazzi in movie How the War Started on My Island as Actress
  • Etta Cameron, from 1987 drama movie Peter von Scholten, who played the Anna Hegaard.
  • In 1923 drama movie, The Untameable, Etta Lee played Ah Moy.
  • Etta Mansfield, from 1916 movie Man and His Soul, who characterized Undetermined Role.
  • In 1944 comedy movie, What a Man!, Etta McDaniel portrayed BlueBell.
  • In 2016, Etta Devine played the role of Etta in adventure, comedy film Diani & Devine Meet the Apocalypse.

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