120 Musical Baby Names That Strike a Chord

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Music has a language of its own; it speaks to the soul, touches hearts, and has the power to move us like nothing else. When considering names for your newborn, musical baby names can strike a beautiful chord, creating a symphony of emotions. These names, inspired by musical terms, instruments, legendary musicians, and timeless compositions, resonate with an artistic vibrancy, weaving a melodic tale of their own.

In this specially curated list, you'll discover names like 'Aria', an operatic solo that could perfectly symbolize your little one's unique voice, and 'Cadence', representing rhythmic flow. Or perhaps you'll find yourself drawn to names like 'Lyric', 'Melody', and 'Harmony', each humming a tune of its own. Names like 'Viola', 'Calliope', and 'Octavia' echo the melodious notes of different musical instruments.

Through these names, you also have the opportunity to honor iconic musical legends, paying tribute to the greats like 'Dylan', 'Lennon', and 'Presley'. Names such as 'Billie', 'Ella', and 'Aretha' commemorate trailblazing women in music. There's also an abundance of names from popular songs or those associated with musicians, such as 'Adele', 'Dallas', and 'Jagger'.

Melodious Girl Names

1. Aria

Borrowed from Italian, it refers to a self-contained piece for one voice, often part of a larger work in opera. An Aria can be considered as the highlight, delivering emotional depth.

2. Harmony

Originating from the Greek word 'Harmonia', it's a musical term for a pleasing arrangement of different musical notes played together, symbolizing balance and tranquility.

3. Melody

From the Greek word 'melodia', it's the succession of musical tones that the listener perceives as a single entity. A Melody evokes a sense of sweetness and rhythm.

4. Sonata

This is an Italian term, referring to a musical composition typically for a solo instrument. It symbolizes sophistication and structure.

5. Cadence

Rooted in Latin 'cadentia', meaning 'falling', Cadence in music is a sequence of notes or chords that signifies the end of a musical phrase. It represents rhythm and conclusion.

6. Lyric

Derived from the Greek word 'lyrikos', Lyric refers to a type of poetry, suitable for singing to the accompaniment of a lyre. It suggests expressiveness and eloquence.

7. Carol

Originating from the Old French word 'carole', a Carol is a song or hymn, typically on a religious theme sung at Christmas. It symbolizes joy and celebration.

8. Minuet

A French term referring to a slow, stately ballroom dance for two in triple time, popular especially in the 18th century. The name Minuet suggests elegance and grace.

9. Viola

Derived from the Italian word for the stringed instrument, it's a larger cousin of the violin and known for its rich, warm tone. Viola suggests a sense of classical sophistication.

10. Serenade

Borrowed from the Italian 'serenata', it means a complimentary performance of vocal or instrumental music in the open air at night. It evokes romance and admiration.

11. Celeste

French in origin, it refers to a musical instrument resembling a small piano, adding a heavenly sound to the music. It suggests charm and finesse.

12. Calliope

Derived from Greek mythology, Calliope was the muse of epic poetry. The name also represents a steam-powered musical instrument typically found in a merry-go-round, evoking a sense of nostalgia and joy.

13. Allegra

Borrowed from Italian, it means 'cheerful' or 'lively', and in the musical context, it sets a fast tempo. It's a name filled with energy and joy.

14. Octavia

Rooted in Latin, Octavia refers to the musical term 'octave', which is a series of eight notes occupying the interval between two notes. It evokes harmony and balance.

15. Madrigal

A Madrigal is a complex, harmonically rich, and often contrapuntal choral work. Originating in Italy, this term suggests complexity and intricacy.

16. Cappella

This Italian term refers to choir music without instrumental accompaniment, highlighting the beauty of pure, unadulterated voices.

17. Symphony

Derived from the Greek 'symphonia' which means 'harmonious', it's a long piece of music typically for an entire orchestra. Symphony implies harmony and grandeur.

18. Chantal

French in origin, Chantal can be linked to 'chant' or 'song'. It's a name that resonates with spirituality and grace.

19. Clara

The name Clara is associated with Clara Schumann, a renowned German pianist and composer, symbolizing talent and endurance.

20. Elise

Recognized from Beethoven's piece 'Für Elise', this name carries with it a sense of timeless elegance and beauty.

21. Georgia

Named after the famous song "Georgia on My Mind" by Ray Charles, this name encapsulates a deep sense of longing and nostalgia.

22. Rhapsody

Originating from the Greek word "rhapsōidia", Rhapsody refers to a free instrumental composition in one extended movement, often improvisatory in nature. It suggests creativity and freedom.

23. Carmen

This Spanish name carries a vibrant personality, due to its association with Bizet's fiery and passionate opera, Carmen.

24. Sonnet

A Sonnet is a 14-line poem, often with a musical, lyrical quality. It hints at the fine art of expressing emotions through words.

25. Billie

Honoring Billie Holiday, a significant figure in jazz history, this name suggests a fighting spirit and extraordinary talent.

26. Nina

Named after Nina Simone, an iconic American singer-songwriter, the name symbolizes strength, resilience, and soulful depth.

27. Ella

Borrowed from Ella Fitzgerald, one of the greatest jazz singers of all time, Ella symbolizes joy and creativity.

28. Etta

This name echoes the soulful tones of Etta James, a famous blues singer, embodying strength, raw emotion, and authenticity.

29. Janis

Named after the rock legend Janis Joplin, this name has a raw, rebellious edge to it, just like the singer herself.

30. Aretha

This name embodies soul, paying tribute to the "Queen of Soul", Aretha Franklin, one of the most influential and important voices in music history.

31. Selena

Named after the influential pop singer Selena Gomez and the legendary Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, the name represents strength, talent, and resilience.

32. Britten

Inspired by Benjamin Britten, a leading 20th-century British composer, this name resonates with creativity, innovation, and sophistication.

33. Marian

Named after Marian Anderson, a celebrated contralto, this name represents courage and groundbreaking achievements in the face of adversity.

34. Patty

Drawing inspiration from the folk singer-songwriter Patty Griffin, this name reflects both resilience and poetic expressiveness.

35. Shania

Named after the country pop singer-songwriter Shania Twain, this name exudes a blend of strength, grace, and lively energy.

36. Dinah

Dinah Washington, a notable singer and pianist in jazz, R&B, and blues, lends her name a cool, classic vibe.

37. Dusty

As a nod to Dusty Springfield, a British pop singer of the Swinging Sixties, this name carries a timeless quality and vintage charm.

38. Celine

Inspired by the pop music icon Celine Dion, this name embodies talent, grace, and an unwavering passion for music.

39. Cher

With a single syllable, Cher conjures up images of a trailblazing, distinctive, and glamorous pop icon.

40. Dolly

The name Dolly, as in Dolly Parton, exudes warmth, charm, and vivacity—much like the beloved country music star herself.

41. Anais

Anais Mitchell, the folk singer-songwriter who spun the myth of Orpheus into a Tony-winning musical, lends this name an artsy, inventive edge.

42. Regina

Named after Regina Spektor, the indie pop pianist and singer-songwriter, this name carries an air of both strength and delicacy.

43. Alanis

Alanis Morissette, the alt-rock singer-songwriter known for her emotive vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, gives this name a unique and assertive flair.

44. Joni

This name echoes the insightful, deeply personal songwriting of Joni Mitchell, one of folk music's most influential figures.

45. Emmy

Inspired by Emmylou Harris, a Grammy-winning country singer, the name Emmy connotes talent, grace, and a touch of Southern charm.

46. Adele

Adele, the multi-award-winning pop singer-songwriter, lends this name a sense of power, emotion, and musical prowess.

47. Norah

This name, inspired by jazz singer-songwriter Norah Jones, embodies soulful sophistication and artistic versatility.

Rhythmic Boy Names

48. Reed

This name, which is part of some musical instruments, signifies flexibility and resilience, qualities often needed in music and life.

49. Harper

Derived from the old English term for a harp player, Harper has a timeless, melodic sound.

50. Dorian

A sophisticated name drawn from the Dorian mode in music, which could symbolize a strong, creative spirit.

51. Major

Major, a term referring to a bright-sounding key in music, could be a fitting name for a boy, representing a leader or someone who plays a significant role.

52. Minor

Derived from the term minor key, often associated with melancholy or introspective music, this name suggests depth and sensitivity.

53. Amadeus

Meaning "love of God," this name carries the legacy of the famed composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

54. Sebastian

Inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach, Sebastian suggests both classic elegance and profound musicality.

55. Ludwig

As in Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the greatest composers in history, this name holds a strong connection to musical excellence.

56. Dylan

This name, inspired by Bob Dylan, resonates with the folk-rock singer's innovative, outspoken spirit.

57. Lennon

Named for John Lennon of The Beatles, this name conveys a spirit of creativity and countercultural rebellion.

58. Presley

As in Elvis Presley, the King of Rock n' Roll, this name is the epitome of cool and musical prowess.

59. Hendrix

Named for Jimi Hendrix, the trailblazing rock guitarist, Hendrix is perfect for a future rocker.

60. Ellington

Originating from the English words 'Ella's town,' it's also the last name of the renowned jazz composer Duke Ellington. It signifies one's connection with jazz culture.

61. Banjo

A stringed instrument, often associated with folk and country music. It gives a unique and quirky edge to a name.

62. Piper

From the Middle English term for a pipe player. It gives a playful yet artistic flair.

63. Drake

A contemporary name inspired by the Canadian rapper and songwriter Drake. The name has roots in Old English, where it means 'dragon.'

64. Sibelius

Paying tribute to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, this name signifies a deep appreciation for classical music and composition.

65. Stradivarius

This name is synonymous with excellence in music, after Antonio Stradivari, whose violins are considered the finest ever made.

66. Vivaldi

A beautiful name that honours the Italian Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi, known for his violin concertos, particularly "The Four Seasons."

67. Brubeck

Paying homage to Dave Brubeck, a famous jazz pianist, this name bears a jazzy, unique vibe.

68. Django

Inspired by Django Reinhardt, a pioneering jazz guitarist, this name is perfect for someone who values innovation and artistic courage.

69. Armstrong

Honouring Louis Armstrong, a jazz trumpeter, this name carries the spirit of jazz and the triumph of talent.

70. Harrison

An English name meaning 'son of Harry,' it also honors George Harrison of The Beatles, bringing an air of classic rock 'n roll to this name.

71. Jagger

After Mick Jagger, the charismatic lead singer of the Rolling Stones, this name brings a certain edginess and energy.

72. Cobain

This name is a tribute to Kurt Cobain, the charismatic frontman of Nirvana, a pioneer of the grunge movement.

73. Clapton

This name honors Eric Clapton, the influential rock and blues guitarist, and implies an appreciation for soulful music.

74. Morrissey

With Irish origins, this name also honors Morrissey, the frontman of The Smiths, implying a poetic, introspective nature.

75. Iggy

A shorter version of the name Ignatius, it pays homage to Iggy Pop, a punk rock musician known for his outrageous and unpredictable stage antics.

76. Bono

The stage name of U2's lead vocalist, Paul David Hewson, is an Irish name that signifies a strong voice and a commitment to social activism.

77. Santana

After Carlos Santana, the legendary rock guitarist, this name implies a love for electrifying, soulful performances.

78. Bowie

Honoring the legendary David Bowie, this name signifies a love for innovation, style, and breaking boundaries.

79. Thelonious

This unique name pays tribute to Thelonious Monk, a jazz pianist and composer known for his idiosyncratic improvisation style.

80. Miles

An homage to Miles Davis, the jazz trumpeter whose innovative work spans five decades. Miles is an English name meaning "soldier," but its musical connection is more widely recognized.

81. Coltrane

Honouring John Coltrane, a revolutionary jazz saxophonist and composer. It's an ideal choice for jazz enthusiasts.

82. Elvis

This name's popularity soared due to the impact of Elvis Presley, the 'King of Rock n' Roll.' Elvis is an Anglicization of the Irish name Ailbhe, meaning "white."

83. Neil

Named after Neil Young, a prolific singer-songwriter known for his guitar work and distinctive voice. Neil means "cloud" in Gaelic, hinting at the dreamy qualities of music.

84. Angus

Recognizing Angus Young, the high-energy lead guitarist of AC/DC. Angus is a Scottish name meaning "one strength" – an apt description of Young's stage presence.

85. Quincy

Honouring Quincy Jones, a record producer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer known for his extraordinary contribution to music. Quincy, a French name meaning "estate of the fifth son," adds a classy touch to any list of names.

86. Otis

Remembering Otis Redding, a soul singer-songwriter known for his passionate delivery. Otis, of Old English origin meaning "wealth," is a strong name with a deep musical connection.

Note-worthy Unisex Names

Baby Girls Playing Musical Instruments

87. Marley

Evokes the image of Bob Marley, a reggae legend. His music continues to inspire and entertain generations of fans. Marley, of Old English origin, means "pleasant seaside meadow."

88. Joplin

Honors Janis Joplin, a rock singer known for her powerful, emotive performances. Joplin, a location-based surname, carries a cool, artistic flair.

89. Jazz

An apt choice for music-loving parents, named after the exciting, improvisational genre of Jazz. It has an eclectic and rhythmically appealing feel.

90. Dallas

Commemorates Dallas Green, a musician and singer-songwriter. Dallas, a Scottish name meaning "meadow dwelling," has a strong, sophisticated ring.

91. Charlie

Echoes the genius of Charlie Parker, a jazz saxophonist. Charlie, diminutive of Charles, meaning "free man," is a classic name with a playful twist.

92. Sidney

Named after Sidney Bechet, a jazz saxophonist. Sidney, of Old English origin meaning "wide meadow," carries a harmonious, classic charm.

93. Alex

A nod to Alex Turner, frontman of the Arctic Monkeys. Alex, a short form of Alexander, means "defender of mankind," showing a strong yet creative character.

94. Jordan

Named after Jordan Knight, a pop singer and member of New Kids on the Block. Jordan, of Hebrew origin meaning "flowing down," is a versatile, rhythmic choice for either gender.

95. Morgan

Reminiscent of Lee Morgan, a jazz trumpeter known for his gripping melodies. Morgan, a Welsh name meaning "sea-born," is as timeless as the tunes it represents.

96. Leslie

A nod to Leslie West, a rock guitarist with a powerful resonance. Leslie, a Scottish name meaning "garden of hollies," has a gentle flow and classic appeal.

97. Taylor

Echoes the fame of Taylor Swift, a pop and country singer-songwriter. Taylor, an Old English occupational name meaning "cutter of cloth," is a chart-topping choice.

98. Ashton

Named after Ashton Irwin, a member of 5 Seconds of Summer. Ashton, an English name meaning "ash tree town," holds an appealing rhythmic quality.

99. Frankie

A tribute to Frankie Valli, frontman of the Four Seasons. Frankie, a diminutive of Francis meaning "free one," strikes the right chord between classic and casual.

100. Rory

Commemorates Rory Gallagher, a blues and rock guitarist. Rory, of Irish origin meaning "red king," brings to mind a fiery and passionate performer.

101. Sky

Evokes Sky Ferreira, a pop singer known for her ethereal voice. Sky, an English name, lends a whimsical, airy feel that resonates with an artist's freedom.

102. Ari

An abbreviation of Ariana, as in Ariana Grande, a pop singer. Ari, a Hebrew name meaning "lion," is short, bold, and powerful.

103. Riley

Riley, an Irish name meaning "valiant," pays tribute to Terry Riley, a renowned minimalist composer. With its easy-going rhythm and soothing syllables, Riley is a captivating choice for any child.

104. Jamie

This moniker honors Jamie Cullum, an acclaimed jazz-pop singer-songwriter. Jamie, a diminutive of James, which means "supplanter," presents a lively and lighthearted aura, making it a popular choice across the music world.

105. Kelly

This name is reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson, a celebrated pop singer. Kelly, of Irish origin, meaning "war," is a melodious name that conjures images of strength and determination.

106. Casey

Casey, an Irish name meaning "vigilant in war," brings to mind Casey Abrams, a talented singer who gained fame on American Idol. Its unisex appeal and pleasant cadence make Casey a harmonious choice.

107. Rowan

Rowan, a Gaelic name meaning "little redhead," pays tribute to Rowan Atkinson, a notable actor and singer. With its earthy tones and a serene rhythm, Rowan is a name that strikes a beautiful chord.

108. Jesse

Inspired by Jesse McCartney, a renowned pop singer, Jesse, a Hebrew name, means "gift." This melodious name effortlessly encapsulates a spirit of joy and appreciation.

109. Sydney

This name honors the jazz genius of Sidney Bechet. Sydney, an Old French name meaning "wide island," offers a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary vibes.

110. Avery

Avery, of English origin and meaning "ruler of the elves," is common among musicians due to its melodic nature. This name sings in the vein of jazz improvisations, ebbing and flowing with a captivating rhythm.

111. Robin

Inspired by Robin Gibb from the Bee Gees, Robin, meaning "bright fame," encapsulates the light and emotion of pop and disco music. The name has an alluring tune that transcends time.

112. Bailey

Named after Mildred Bailey, a jazz singer, Bailey, an English name meaning "bailiff," is reminiscent of the swing era, effortlessly reflecting the tempo and rhythm of jazz.

113. Devon

Devon, inspired by Devon Allman, a name of English origin meaning "defender," carries the rhythmic blues of southern music. It holds a depth that tells a story, similar to a moving melody.

114. Phoenix

Named after the Phoenix Chorale, this Greek moniker meaning "dark red" evokes the power and harmony of choral music. Phoenix, rising from the ashes, resonates with the narrative of rebirth and transformation in music.

115. Skylar

Inspired by Skylar Grey, an acclaimed singer-songwriter, Skylar, of Dutch origin meaning "scholar," encapsulates the thoughtful lyrics and moving compositions of contemporary music.

116. Peyton

Peyton, an English name meaning "fighting-man's estate," is common among musicians. It hums with an eclectic rhythm, encompassing the diversity and creativity present in the world of music.

117. Ash

Ash, named after Ash Mowry, a folk singer, is an English name meaning "ash tree." It encapsulates the earthy, raw, and authentic tones of folk music.

118. Sage

This name is inspired by Sage Francis, a unique voice in the world of rap. Sage, a name of Latin origin, means "wise," embodying the insightful and reflective nature of rap lyrics.

119. Jules

In honor of Julian "Jules" Casablancas from The Strokes, Jules, a name of French origin meaning "youthful," embodies the energetic and adventurous spirit of indie rock.

120. Lane

Named after Robin Lane, a rock singer and songwriter, Lane, an English name meaning "path," holds the essence of rock music's journey from the grassroots to the world stage.

121. Remy

Inspired by Remy Ma, a famed rapper, Remy, a French name meaning "oarsman," carries the rhythm and beat of hip-hop, with a hint of powerful defiance and cultural expression.


Whether you're inspired by the strikingly rhythmic 'Drake', the harmonious 'Chantal', or the distinctive 'Jazz', this curated list provides a melody for everyone.

Remember, in naming, you're creating a personal anthem for your child, a unique tune that they'll carry throughout their life. So, take a moment, let the rhythm guide you, and you might just find the perfect name that sings to you and your baby.

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