Names that mean Blessed

Updated: June 5th, 2024

Hoping your child is showered with blessings and goodwill throughout their life? How about choosing a name that signifies 'blessed'? Welcome to our curated list of baby names that mean 'blessed'. These names radiate with grace and divine favor.

How about the name Benedict, a Latin name that stands for 'blessed'. Or the lovely name Asher, a Hebrew name that means 'happy, blessed'. Don't these names just glow with divine grace? Excited to explore more such blessed names? Let's get started!

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Knowledgeable, Blessed, Happy, Felicitous
He Who Comes After, High in Hebrew, Tall, Enlightened One
The Blessed, Blessed
Gaelic, My Father is Joyful, Blessed, White
Wealthy Guardian, Guard of His Wealth
Strength, Noble, Brave, Hill
Prosperous in War, Rich Gift, Battle, Joyous
Bringer of Joy, Voyager through Life, Traveller, Blessed
Blessed Friend, Valued, Possession
Beautiful, White Ring, Fair Bow, Goddess of the Moon
Blessed, Owner of Spear, Wealth, Possession
Happiness, First Born Daughter, Blessed Peace, Diminutive of Winston
Having a Blessed Aura
Blessed, Life
Son of the Right Hand, Meadow with Coarse Grass, Benjamin, Bärenstarke
Happy, Holy, White Ring, Fair
Eternal, Never-ending, Blessed, Glorious
Frewi, Holy, Peace Friend, Fair Reconciliation
The Blessed, Kind One
Blessed, Happy
The Elements Gwen Meaning White Fair Blessed Holy, Soft
He who is on the Right, Blessed, Lucky, Righteous
Son of the Right Hand, Blessed
Southern Us, American South, Tenth, Dick's Son
The Element Makaros with the Meaning Blessed, Sea Monster
The Blessed
A Ruler, Bitter, Industrious, Native of Magdala
Protected, Violet, God is Merciful, Amethyst
Voyager through Life, Blessed, The One that Makes the Others Happy, Brings Happiness
Blessed and Victorious, Goddess Saraswati, Little Mare
Little springs
One who is blessed with power, Wealth
High Mountain, Tall, The Enlightened, Garland in Tamil
Light Bringer, Exalted High, English, Enlightened One
A Former Persian Province in Caucasus, Mountain Dweller, Enlightened One, On High
Blessed Child, Beautiful
The Enlightened, Protector, A Prophets Name, Blessed
Blessed by the Supreme, Banner
Blessed, Happy, Similar to Benedict, Right-hand Son
White and Smooth, Fair One, Soft
Blessed Reconciliation, Holy, Joy and Peace, Fair
High Mountain, Lofty, Exalted One, He Who Comes After
Blessed One, Tall, Exalted High, The Enlightened
Different, Blessed by God
Adornment, Paradise, Delightful, Luxuriant
Blessed, Lucky, Doomed to Happiness
Mare, Santhoshi Mata, Blessed and Victorious
Fortunate, Congratulations, Happy, Auspicious
The Elements Gwen Meaning White Fair Blessed Holy, Soft
Blessed, The Hindu God of Death, Proper Name
The Pure, God is Fullness, Torture, Virginal
White Circle Moon
Tall, Exalted One, He Who Comes After, High in Hebrew
The Blessed
Esteem, Noble, The Element Brígh Meaning Strength Power Force, Hill
Son of the right hand
Successful, Intact, Aveline, Holy
Doomed to Happiness, Fortunate, Blessed, Lucky
Blessed Peace, Holy, Frewi, Fair Reconciliation
One who is Blessed with Power, Wealth
Favoured By Destiny, One who is Trustworthy, Blessed, Safe
Right Wing, Oath, Prosperous, Lucky
Happy Child, Joy, Girl
Having a Blessed Aura
Exalted one, fire goddess, power, vigor and virtue
Right Side, Oath, Lucky, Auspicious
Blessed, Trustworthy, Safe, Favoured By Destiny
Island, Dove, Blessed, Flower Name
Lord of the Blessed, Achieved All Wishes, One who has Accomplished Goal, Successful
Plait of Hair, Blessed
The Elements Ead Meaning Wealth Blessed, Castle, Sword Tip, Alive
The Blessed
Alive, Well
White Ring
Blessed, Inspiration, Makaros
The Blessed
Blessed, Good Person
Fortunate, Happy, Blessed
Mountain of Strength, Exalted, He Who Comes After, Strong One
English, Happy, Traveler, Blessed
Happy, Fortunate, Blessed
Fortunate, Happy, Blessed
The Elements Gwen Meaning White Fair Blessed Holy
Wealthy Defender, Guardian of Prosperity, Wealth and Keep
Exalted High, Enlightened One, Lofty, Tall
Gwen Which Means White Fair Blessed Holy
Blessed, Fortunate, Beautiful, Blissful
Ciar's People, Blessed Poetry, Black, Dark
Grace and angel
God is Fullness, Blessed, Torture, Karen and Kathleen
Foreigner, My Father Rejoices, Fair, About 500 Bc Before Our Era
Light, Handsome, White, Fair
Pole Star, Star Being Blessed by God
Noble, High, Consideration, Esteem
Holy, Blessed, Saint, Intact
Knowledgeable, Wise, Son of Jacob, Fortunate
Happy, Blessed, Lucky One, Fortunate
God is Fullness, Beauty, The Pure, Karen and Kathleen
The Pure, God is Fullness, Torture, Virginal
Having a Blessed Aura
Noble, Brave, Virtuous, The Blessed One
Alone-Ruler, Cutting, Long Haired, Ruler
Benefit, Normal Man, Favor, Granted
Sunlight, morning or morning sun
Blessed One, Tall, Exalted High, The Enlightened
Noble, The Blessed One, Hill Place, Strength
Loyal or faithful
Industrious, Welsh Form of Molly, Wealth, Flower
Wealthy Friend, Female Version of Edwin, Possession
Blessed One, Lofty, English, The Enlightened
Knowledgeable, Lucky, Felicitous, Blessed
Blessed Child, Beautiful
Right Wing (of the Army), Oath, Auspicious, Blessed
God is Fullness, God's Promise, Pure, Torture
Fortunate, Doomed to Happiness, Blessed, Lucky
The Blessed
Blessed, Happy
Beautiful, Smiling Child
Rubin, Red, See, Ruby
Enlightened One, Tall, High Mountain, Garland in Tamil
Meeting place by the bridge
Pilgrim, Blessed, Summer, Traveller
Blessed, Fair, Happy, White Ring
Appearance, Look, Blessed with Beauty, Beautiful
First Born, Ruler, Fair, Bitter
Guard of His Wealth
The Pure, Dear, Karen and Kathleen, Virginal
Friend, Handsome, Fair One, Soft
Happy, Blessed
Blessed, Bärenstarke
The Blessed
Of Helena and sun
Happy, Blessed, Fortunate
Sacred, Shining, Heilagr Meaning Prosperous Successful Holy Blessed, Happiness
Blessed, Brunette
The Blessed, Blessed One
Brave, Efficient, Welsh Form of Molly, Work
Son of Jacob, Fortunate, Lucky, Knowledgeable
Friend, Handsome, Fair One, Soft
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