Aharon name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 5th, 2023
Gender: Boy
Origin: Hebrew and Old Norse
Usage: Hebrew, Finnish, Swedish and Danish
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Aharon a-haron
Meaning: Exalted One, High in Hebrew, Garland in Tamil, Mountain Dweller and Strong One
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What does Aharon mean?

Atypical Aharon is originated from Hebrew is used principally in Hebrew, Danish, Finnish and Swedish is a baby boy name. Aharon is variation of biblical and loved Aaron. Aaron means Exalted High, The Enlightened and He Who Comes After has its origin in Hebrew.

Aharon is Hebrew equivalent of Aron.

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How do I pronounce Aharon?

Two syllabled Aharon is pronounced as a-haron. It can also be pronounced as aha-ron.

Variants of Aharon

Aaron, Aahron, Ari, Aaronn, Aaronae, Aron, Aren, Airon, Aeri, Arilynn, Aaren

Middle Names for Aharon

Kyzer, Lock, Ien, Eton, Wyle, view more middle names that goes with Aharon

How popular is the name Aharon?

Aharon is a familiar baby name in United States, it has been in use since 1959 and was able to reach the top 2000 names. In 1990, it ranked 1564th when 85 boy were named Aharon.

Over 1999 people have been named Aharon in United States. Aharon is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales, even after 22 years of presence it could not make beyond the top 2000.

There are over 127 babies that have been given the name Aharon in England and Wales. During its 23 years of usage in France, it had made up to just the top 2000 boy names.

There are over 220 babies that have been given the name Aharon in France.

But Aharon is a popular baby name in Israel where every 1 in 700 have the name.

According to our evaluation, over 10000 babies have been named Aharon globally.

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Aharon in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary Name

Here's what numbers has to say about Aharon

You never stick to one opinion and stand firmly behind it. Letter A as your cornerstone reveals your creativity, dynamic life, and ambition to achieve great things in life. You are an active person who always plans every detail but has plan B in your sleeve, in case something goes wrong. You have a competitive spirit and challenge yourself on a daily basis. You like to help but when you are the one needing help, you rely on yourself first.

Looking for names similar to Aharon? Please go through the following names

  •  Lischen is used substantially in Danish is used as a baby girl name. Lischen is German form of Lieschen
  •  Yôna - Yôna's meaning is Dove has origin in Hebrew
  •  Annaïk - Meaning of Annaïk is Gracious is originated from Hebrew
  •  Bethe - The infrequent girl name Bethe has origin in Hebrew, Hebrew and Hebrew, Bethe means "House of God, God is My Oath and God's Promise". Bethe is a derivative of Beth.
  •  Marie-Magdeleine has its origin in Hebrew, Marie-Magdeleine means "Princess of the Sea"

Sibling Names for Aharon

Aharon is a popular Hebrew name meaning 'mountain of strength'. If you are looking for a sibling name for Aharon, here are some great options to consider:

For a sister

Brother for Aharon

Famous people named Aharon

  • Aharon HaLevi, medieval rabbi, Talmudic scholar and Halakhist
  • Aharon Megged, Israeli author and playwright
  • Aharon Dolgopolsky, Russian-Israeli linguist and one of the modern founders of comparative Nostratic linguistics
  • Aharon Shabtai, Israeli poet and translator
  • Aharon Shulov, Israeli entomologist and the founder of the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
  • Aharon Kotler, Orthodox Jewish rabbi and a prominent leader of Orthodox Judaism
  • Aharon Lichtenstein, noted Orthodox rabbi and rosh yeshiva
  • Aharon Appelfeld, Israeli novelist and Holocaust survivor
  • Aharon Katzir, Israeli pioneer
  • Aharon Barak, Professor of Law at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya and a lecturer
  • Aharon Rokeach, fourth Rebbe of the Belz Hasidic dynasty
  • Aharon Razel, Israeli musician
  • Aharon Davidi, Israeli general and founder of the Sar-El volunteer program of the IDF
  • Aharon Yariv, Israeli politician and general
  • Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman, Haredi rabbi in Bnei Brak, Israel
  • Aharon Remez, Israeli civil servant, politician and diplomat
  • Aharon Roth, Hungarian Hasidic rebbe and Talmudic scholar
  • Aharon Zisling, Israeli politician and minister and a signatory of Israel's declaration of independence
  • Aharon Gershgoren, former Israeli footballer and holder of the most goals in a match record at Maccabi Haifa scoring six goals
  • Aharon Feldman, Orthodox Jewish rabbi and rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Ner Yisroel
  • Aharon Amar, former Israeli footballer
  • Aharon Keshales in Big Bad Wolves as Director
  • Aharon Ipalé in The Mummy as Actor
  • Aharon Almog is well-known for his acting in movie A Woman's Case

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