Names that mean Elder

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Aal Adler, Eagle Ruler, Prevail, Rose
Aale Rule, Adler, Rose Blossom, Eagle Ruler
Aalu Powerful as an Eagle, Rose Blossom, Adler, Prevail
Aaniyah Resurrection, Favour and Grace, God has Favoured Me, He (God) Was Gracious
Aanka Greenlandic Lofty, Adler, Exalted High, Light Bringer
Aarn Eagle Ruler, He Who Comes After, Prevail, Rule
Aarne Finnish Eagle Ruler, Prevail, Adler, Rule
Aarno Adler, Rule, Eagle and Elder
Aarnolt Eagle and Elder, Rule, Prevail
Aarnoltti Eagle and Elder, Rule, Prevail
Aartika Tamil Elder Sister
Adlaug High in Hebrew, Powerful as an Eagle, The Enlightened, Lofty
Aeldra Lives at the Elder Tree, Noble
Aemiliana Ancient Roman Strain, God has Shown Favour, Name of a King, Eagle
Aenea Ornament, Elder Brother, Angel, Eagle
Agnima Sanskrit Leader, Torch Bearer, Elder Brother
Agnivesh Kannada Bright as the Fire, Elder
Agraj Kannada A King's Son, Eldest Brother, Senior, First Born
Agraveer Kannada The Elder, Superior
Ahnna Earth and Water, Mercy, He (God) Was Gracious, Name of a King
Akanistha Sanskrit Not Young, Superior, Elder
Alfarinn Gifted Daughter, Excellence, Full of Joy, Garland in Tamil
Allaug Powerful as an Eagle, Blessed One, Rule, Adler
Alvarin Eagle Ruler, Exalted One, High in Hebrew, He Who Comes After
Amaran An Elder Person, The Immortal
Ambiorn The Enlightened, Exalted High, Adler, Eagle
Ambjörn The Enlightened, Exalted High, Adler, Eagle
Ambjørg The Enlightened, He Who Comes After, High Mountain, Adler
Ambjørn Rule, High in Hebrew, The Enlightened, Prevail
Amborg Rule, Eagle Power, The Enlightened, High Mountain
Amfinn Enlightened One, Prevail, Exalted High, Eagle Power
Ána Greenlandic Eagle, Grain, He (God) Was Gracious, Grace
Anacarolina Feminine Variant of Charles, Mercy, Mother, Earth and Water
Anachristina Eagle, Anointed, Grain, Elder Brother
Anaelisa Mother, Name of a King, God's Promise, Grain
Anagabriel Full of Grace, Strong as a Bear, God is My Hero, Mercy
Anagabriela Full of Grace, Angel, Eagle, Mercy
Anagrace Name of a King, God has Shown Favour, Earth and Water, Charm
Anaise Grain, He (God) Was Gracious, Favour and Grace, Graceful
Analine Name of a King, Grace, He (God) Was Gracious, Grain
Anasofia Mother, Grace, Will, Wisdom
Anasophia Form of Sophie, God has Shown Favour, Graceful, Earth and Water
Anathon Name of a King, Angel, Eagle, Mother
Anaton Full of Grace, Priceless, Who Eats Flower, God is Gracious
Anavictoria Food, Mercy, God is Gracious, Conqueror
Anays God has Shown Favour, Graceful, Full of Grace, Mother
Anbiorn Exalted One, Garland in Tamil, Tall, He Who Comes After
Anbjörg Exalted One, Garland in Tamil, Tall, He Who Comes After
Anbjørg Exalted One, Garland in Tamil, Tall, He Who Comes After
Anbjørn Eagle, Enlightened One, Exalted High, Garland in Tamil