Names that mean Sister

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Aantika Older Sister
Aaqa Greenlandic Older Sister
Aaqaaraq Greenlandic Older Sister
Aartika Tamil Elder Sister
Abbaasah Arabic Sister of Haroon Rashid, Lioness
Adaleiz From Germany, Brotherly, Germane, The Teuton
Adalfrid Precious, Army, Nobel, Peace
Adalrik Sister, The Element Adal Which is of the Meaning Noble Honorable, From Germany, Hard
Adalwolf Ancient Germanic The Element Úlfr with the Meaning Wolf, Brother, Precious, Nobel
Addeka From Germany, Brother, Warrior, Man
Addick From Germany, The Teuton, Sister, Brotherly
Addike Warrior, Man, Army, Brotherly
Adeke Warrior, Army, Man, Sister
Adeko Warrior, Army, Man, Sister
Adelberte Sister, Brother, Brotherly, From the Same Blood
Adelfia Old Greek Beloved Sister, Brother
Adelhart Noble, The Teuton, Brotherly, Hard
Adelitza Brotherly, From Germany, Sister, Germane
Adelpha Beloved Sister, Brother
Adelphia Beloved Sister, Brother
Adelphie Old Greek Beloved Sister, Brother
Adicke Brotherly, Germane, Army, Warrior
Adieke The Teuton, Sister, Army, From Germany
Adieken Army, From Germany, Sister, Warrior
Adiko Germane, Brotherly, From Germany, Army
Adke The Teuton, Army, From Germany, Man
Agihard The Teuton, Sister, Army, Germane
Agihart Warrior, Sister, From the Same Blood, Hard
Agilhard The Agate Stone, Brother, Man, Army
Agilmar Sword Tip, Army, Sister, The Teuton
Agino Brother, Brotherly, Germane, Warrior
Aginwald Brother, Brotherly, Germane, Warrior
Agraja Senior, First Born, Main, Eldest Brother
Ailina Aveline, Army, Power, Shining
Akeya Sister, First-Born, First Born
Akeyah Sister, First-Born, First Born
Akia Arabic First-Born, First Born, Sister
Akiah First-Born, First Born, Sister
Akiane English-American Sister, First Born, First-Born
Akiya Sister, First-Born, First Born
Akiyah Sister, First-Born, First Born
Akya Sister, First Born, First-Born
Akyah Sister, First Born, First-Born
Alala Mars Sister War Goddess
Alalla Old Greek Mars Sister War Goddess
Alallah Old Greek Mars Sister War Goddess
Alant Brotherly, Laundryman, Property Owner or Laundry-man, The Teuton
Alarik From the Same Blood, Rich, Powerful, Everything and King
Alduin Wise Friend, Army, Warrior, A Common Name in the Middle Ages
Aleqa Greenlandic Older Sister