Egyptian boy names

Found 65 egyptian boy names.

 AapepMoon Snake
 AhmoseCarried (By God), And Porters, Carried, Or Carrying, Herd
 AmenGreat, Faithful Worker, Obscure, Sure
 AmenhotepName of a Count
 AmianoObscure, Great, Faithful Worker, Son of My People
 AmmonGreat, Obscure, The Hidden One, Faithful Worker
 AmonGreat, Faithful Worker, The Hidden One, Son of My People
 AmunGod of Mystery, Strong, What is Hidden, Bold
 AnoubisGod of Death
 AnubisGod of Death
 AsarFourth Prayer of the Day, One who has Wisdom, Mark, Trace
 AtemEarth, Father of the Human Race, Molded from Earthman, Man
 AtonThe Sun God in Egyptian Mythology
 GamilBeautiful, Tiger Man, Handsome
 HeruFar Away
 HorusFar Away
 KebbThe Egyptian God Keb
 MemphisEnduring And Beautiful, From Memphis Ancient Egypt
 MenefarOf the Beautiful City, Beautiful
 MenefirOf the Beautiful City, Beautiful
 MeneforOf the Beautiful City, Beautiful
 MenefurBeautiful, Of the Beautiful City
 MenefyrBeautiful, Of the Beautiful City
 MenesName of the King
 MoesheSon, Drew Out, Foundling, Drawn out of the Water
 MoishiChild, Son, Deliver, Saved
 MokeSon of the Nile, Saviour, Foundling, Drew Out
 MoseSon, Saved from the Waters
 MoszekSon of the Nile, Child, Drawn out, Saviour
 MoussaSon, Saved from the Waters
 MusaMoses in English, Son, A Prophets Name
 PotifarDedicated to the Sun God Ra
 PotipharHe Whom Ra Gave, Dedicated to the Sun God Ra
 RaDoe, Sun
 RadamaeseA Hero
 RadamaisA Hero
 RamesesSon of Ra
 RamessesSon of Ra
 ReHalf Day
 SetThe Appointed, Placed, (Replacement
 Sutekh(Replacement, Placed, Appointed One
 ThutmoseBorn of Thoth
 UfaFlower, Flour