Egyptian baby names

Egypt is a transcontinental country which has the longest history, tracing its heritage back to the 6th–4th millennia BCE. It is a land of mystery that contains mummies, pharaohs, and pyramids.

Like in many other countries, the Egyptian baby names are also a perfect blend of the past and present. As the large percentage of population of modern Egypt comprise of Christians or Muslims, hence the Egyptian baby names reflect these religions. However, it does not mean that ancient Egyptian names does not exist now. These ancient baby names are still in use in some parts of the country. Some of the popular Egyptian baby names are Abasi, Abayomi and Babu.

Below is the collection of Egyptian baby names.

 AapepBMoon Snake
 AcenathGShe Belongs to Her Father
 AcenatheGShe Belongs to Her Father
 AhmoseBCarried (By God), And Porters, Carried, Or Carrying, Herd
 AmenBGreat, Faithful Worker, Obscure, Sure
 AmenhotepBName of a Count
 AmianoBObscure, Great, Faithful Worker, Son of My People
 AmmonBGreat, Obscure, The Hidden One, Faithful Worker
 AmonBGreat, Faithful Worker, The Hidden One, Son of My People
 AmunBGod of Mystery, Strong, What is Hidden, Bold
 AnoubisBGod of Death
 AnubisBGod of Death
 AsarBFourth Prayer of the Day, One who has Wisdom, Mark, Trace
 AsenathGShe Belongs to Her Father
 AtemBEarth, Father of the Human Race, Molded from Earthman, Man
 AtonBThe Sun God in Egyptian Mythology
 GamilBBeautiful, Tiger Man, Handsome
 GamilaGElegant Graceful, Comely, Beautiful, Variant of Jamila
 HatchepsutGFirst Among Noble Women
 HathorGHouse of Horus
 HathoraGHouse of Horus
 HathoreGHouse of Horus
 HathoreaGHouse of Horus
 HathoriaGHouse of Horus
 HatshepsutGFirst Among Noble Women
 HeruBFar Away
 HorusBFar Away
 IahUViolet Flowers
 IsideGMistress of the Throne
 IsisGThe Supreme God, Sovereign, Inspired By the Eponymous Egyptian Fertility Goddess, Powerful
 KebbBThe Egyptian God Keb
 KepreaGEmerging Sun
 KepreeGEmerging Sun
 KepreyGEmerging Sun
 KepriGEmerging Sun
 KeprieGEmerging Sun
 KepryGEmerging Sun
 KhadigaGWife of the Prophet Mohammed, Born Prematurely
 KhepreaGEmerging Sun
 KhepreeGEmerging Sun
 KhepreyGEmerging Sun
 KheprieGEmerging Sun
 MahaylahGBrave, Tenderness, Tender, Gall
 MalleiaGBitterness, Queen
 MamreGStar of the Sea, Rebelliousness, Biblical Name, Wished-for Child
 ManonaGBitterness, Drop, Sea
 ManoneGDrop, Bitterness, Sea
 Mara-LynGBeautiful Waterfall, Blend of Marie or Mary and Lyn
 MaralynneGModern, Wished for Child, Bitterness, Star of the Sea
 MarillinGBitterness, Modern, Star of the Sea, Wished for Child
 MarralynnGCombination of Mary and Ellen, Wished for Child, Bitterness, Modern
 MarrianeGWished for Child, Mercy, Sea, Bitter
 MarrilinGCombination of Mary and Ellen, Wished for Child, Bitterness, Modern
 MarrilynneGCombination of Mary and Ellen, Wished for Child, Bitterness, Modern
 Mary BethGGod's Promise, House of God, Beloved, Rebellion
 Mary JoGSea of Bitterness, Wished-for Child
 Mary-BethGBeloved, Star of the Sea, My God is Abundance, House
 Mary-JoGSea of Bitterness, Wished-for Child
 Mary-JoeGSea of Bitterness, Wished-for Child
 MarylyneGStar of the Sea, Modern, Wished for Child, Bitterness
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