Carolus name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 12th, 2023
Gender: Boy
Origin: German and Germanic
Usage: English, Latin, Finnish, Swedish and Old SwedishDanish
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Carolus c(a)-ro-lus
Meaning: Strong, Man, Free Man, Manly, Masculine, Vigorous and Army
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What does Carolus mean?

Anomalous Carolus's origin is German and Germanic is substantially used in Old SwedishDanish, Finnish, English, Latin and Swedish, meaning of Carolus is "Strong, Man, Free Man, Manly, Masculine, Vigorous or Army" is used as a baby boy name .

Carolus is variation of immutable and cherished Charles. Charles is English form of Karl. Also Charles is equivalent of Karl in English and French languages. Charles's meaning is A Man and Army is of Old High German and Germanic origin.

Carolus is resultant of Carl. Carl is version of persistent and lofty Karl. Also Carl is variation of Carlin. Carl is also version of unfading and desirable Carlisle. Carl is resulted from Charles.

Rare Carl's origin is Old High German, Gaelic and Breton, meaning of Carl is "Place Name ". Also Carolus is Latin equivalent of Háriolus. Carolus is celebrated on March 2nd.

Is the name Carolus suitable for a newborn?

Carolus is a unique and distinctive baby boy name that has its roots in German origin. The name means "man" and is often associated with strength, resilience, and leadership qualities.

What makes Carolus even more special is its rare usage, making it a standout name that sets the bearer apart from others. It's a highly versatile name which can be shortened to the nickname 'Caro' or 'Charlie' for a more informal tone.

Overall, if you're looking for an uncommon yet meaningful name that exudes masculinity and sophistication, then Carolus could be the perfect choice for your little one!

How do I pronounce Carolus?

Three syllabled Carolus is pronounced as c(a)-ro-lus.

Variants of Carolus

Karles, Charles, Karl, Arlo, Carel, Kalle, Cheriline, Carrol, Johncharles, Charlesanthony, Háriolus, Carl

Names that rhyme with Carolus

How popular is the name Carolus?

Carolus is an uncommon baby name in France there is very thin chances of it still being given since it isn't seen since 1925. Carolus is a rare baby name in United States, chances of it being still in use are very slim.

Also, Carolus is a familiar name in South Africa and Indonesia. At least, 2000 people around the globe have been given the name as per our findings.



Carolus in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

Numerological aspects of Carolus

Your happiness and well-being, as well as the happiness and health of the ones you love, are the things you care about. You would do anything for the people you love. You are stubborn and self-motivated. What fulfills your soul is your professional success. You are dominant and leadership comes out naturally for you. You are extremely smart. You don't depend on anyone's understanding and support.

Other names similar to Carolus

  •  Marti - Marti's meaning is Dedicated to Mars or Lady is of Aramaic and Latin origin primarily used in Finnish and Greenlandic is bestowed upon both sexes
  •  Mandie - Of Latin origin, Well-Liked and Ceaseless Mandie is used in Danish, English and Swedish, Mandie means "In Love, Abbreviation of Amanda or Lovable" is bestowed upon girls
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Sibling Names for Carolus

Looking for the perfect sibling names to go with your new baby boy named Carolus? Look no further than this list of unique and adorable names that will complement Carolus perfectly. From classic to modern, there is a name on this list for every family's style!

Names for Carolus's sister

Brother to Carolus

Famous people named Carolus

  • Carolus Sigonius, Italian humanist, born in Modena
  • Carolus Souliaert, Dutch composer active
  • Carolus Clusius, Artois doctor and pioneering botanist

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