Hamida name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 20th, 2023
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Arabic
Usage: Arabic, Arabic and African
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Hamida ha-mi-da
Meaning: Gracious, Who Praises God, Giver, Praised One, Praiseworthy and Praiser of Allah
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What does Hamida mean?

Unusual Hamida is used in African and Arabic, Hamida means "Gracious, Who Praises God, Giver, Praised One, Praiseworthy or Praiser of Allah" used as a unisex name came from Arabic.

Is Hamida suitable to use as a baby name?

Hamida is a beautiful name with an inspiring meaning. Its origin is Arabic and it stands for 'giving thanks', which makes it a perfect pick for your baby girl.

The name carries a strong message of gratitude, one that will hopefully stay with your daughter as she grows up. Hamida has also been gaining popularity in recent years, making it a unique choice for your precious little girl.

Its simple but elegant sound make it stand out among other baby names, so it's ideal if you want something special but not too complicated. All in all, Hamida is an excellent choice for your daughter and will be sure to bring joy to her life!

How do I pronounce Hamida?

The three syllabled name Hamida is pronounced, ha-mi-da.

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How popular is the name Hamida?

Hamida is a unique baby name in France, it has been in use since 1956 and was able to reach the top 700 names. In 1975, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 648 on girl names chart when 27 babies were named Hamida.

Over 653 babies in France have been named Hamida. The name is an uncommon baby name in United States where it is still in use. During its 21 years of usage in England and Wales, it had made up to just the top 2000 girl names.

Over 193 babies in England and Wales have been named Hamida.

However things change on global perspective, Hamida is extremely popular in Bangladesh where every 1 in 2000 have the name as well as in India.

Also the baby name is popular in Algeria, Iraq, Pakistan, Tanzania, Indonesia, Tunisia, Nigeria, Sudan, Libya, Oman, Uganda, Morocco and Kenya. As per our evaluation, over 530000 people has been named Hamida globally.

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Hamida in Nordic countries

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Numerological analysis of Hamida

You are not a fan of monotony and you can't stand people who just dwell in their comfort zone, waiting for something to happen. You have big plans for yourself and your future. You take things too seriously and it makes you nervous when something doesn't go as planned. You want to achieve great things in life but without much effort. You don't share the usual opinion of things and the ordinary life perspective.

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Sibling Names for Hamida

If you're considering naming your baby girl Hamida, congratulations! Now comes the fun part of choosing a middle name that complements and brings out the beauty of Hamida. We've compiled a list of sibling names that may inspire you to find the perfect match for your bundle of joy.

Names for Hamida's sister

For a brother

Famous people named Hamida

  • Hamida Omarova, Azerbaijani actress
  • Hamida Pahalwan, Pakistani wrestler in Radhanpur during the 1930s
  • Hamida al-Attas, mother of Osama bin Laden
  • Hamida Bedjaoui in movie Le cri de Tarzan as Actress
  • In 2006 drama film, Zolykha's Secret, Hamida Refah portrayed N.

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