Names that mean Allah

Updated: June 5th, 2024
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Well-Born, Born of Yew, The Lord is Gracious, Youth
Much Praised, Gift of Allah, Praiseworthy, Most Rented
Angel, Attribute of Allah, Light
Servant of Allah, One who Serves the God, God's Servants
Solicitude, Concern, Gift of Allah, Care
The Biblical Elijah is the English Language Equivalent
Faith, Faithful, Belief
Gift from Allah, Gift
Grant, Gift of Allah, Present
Gift of God, Gift of Allah
Dedicated to Allah, My God is Abundance, Joy, Variation of Elizabeth
Who is Like God?, Wish
Name of a God
Al-Sakhtiyani, One who Asks for Forgiveness, For Instance Ibn Tamim was a Reciter of the Quran
One, Another Name for God, Allah, Sunday
Faith In Allah, God is Among us, Belief
Glorifying, Aware, Praising Allah, Holy
Servant of Allah, Excellence, Nobility, Exaltation
Clement, Full of Mansuude, Affectionate, Merciful Origin Islamic
Servant of Allah, God's Servants
One of the Main Angels of Allah
Arabic Form of Gabriel, An Angel
Praised, Praising Allah, One who Praises God a Lot
The Lord is Gracious, Born of Yew, Help from Allah, Rich and Friend
Praiseworthy, Friend, Who Praises God, Allah
Gift of Allah Swt, Pearl
Affectionate, Kind, Merciful Origin Islamic, Another Name of Allah
Rememberer of Allah, Praise God, One who Remembers, Grateful
Gift of Allah, Pearl
Submission to Allah's will, Very Safe, Peaceful, From Kikuyu
Another Name of Prophet Muhammad, Omnipotent, Accounter, Reckoned
Sword of Allah
Al-muzzammil, The Wrapped One, In this Sura Allah Addresses the Prophet Muhammad
Female Servant of Allah, Slave of Allah
Gods Gift, Blessing of God, Fifth Born
Ascetic Virgin, Immaculate, A True Devotee Woman of Allah, Maiden
Sword of Allah
Worshipper of Allah, Who Adores God
Rightly Guided by Allah
The Desired, Name of Allah, Wish
Allah Mercy, Forgiveness
Benefit, Normal Man, Favor, Granted
The One who Believes in Oneness of Allah Almighty, Another Name for Gad
The Lord is Gracious, Help from Allah, Brave Friend, Youth
A Biblical Prophet's Name, Companion of Prophet Muhammad
Young Fighter, The Lord is Gracious, Help from Allah, Born of Yew
Kneeling in Prayer, Worshipper of Allah, One who does Much Prostrations, Obedient
Belief In the Unity of Allah, Believing in One God
Who Praises God, Gracious, Giver, Praiseworthy
Archangel of Allah, An Angel
Well Guided, Derived from the Phophet's Name Mahd
Belief In the Unity of Allah, Believing in One God
Servant of Allah
Praising Allah
Sharp, Pointed, Creator, Brilliant
Gift of Allah, Pearl
Allah, The Element Al-Ilah Which Means Deity
Friend of Allah, Dear to All
Archangel of Allah, Arch Angel, Gabriel
Servant Of Allah, Servant of All-Provider
Attention, Concern, Care, Empathy
Mercy of Allah
I Praise Allah
Praise of Almighty Allah, Appreciation
Believer, One who Submits to Allah, Who Preserves Evil, Follower of Islam
Small Servant of Allah, Lowly Servant of the Allah
Hero of God, Archangel, Arch Angel, Gabriel
Archangel of Allah, Arch Angel, Gabriel
Order of Allah
A Source of Connection with God and Human, Request to All-Mighty Allah, Pray
Beautiful, To Consult with Allah, Repentant to God
Who has Faith, Belief, Faithful
Wish, Who is Like God?, From the Name Michael
Pure / Chosen One of Allah, The Pure One of Allah
Protected by Allah, Beautiful, Self Confidence, Handsome
Faith In Allah, Honest, Faithful, Truthful
Blessing of Allah
Wish, From the Name Michael, Who is Like God
Title of Ali, Lion of Allah
One of the Main Angels of Allah Swt, One of the Main Angels of Allah (SWT)
Servant of Allah
Sbeautiful, Diverted Toward Allah
One who Remembers Allah, One who Remembers Allah Regularly
Returning to Allah
Slave of Allah
Name of One of the Sons of Sayyidina Aadam his Sacrifice was Accepted by Allah but that of Qabeel, his Brother Rejected
Servant of Allah
Disciplined, One who Endeavours in Worshipping Almighty Allah and in Suppressing the Desires of the Self
The Servant of God
Joy, My God is Perfect, God's Promise, Dedicated for Allah
God's Servants, The Servant of God
Servant of Him who is One, Slave of He who is One Allah
The Biblical Elijah is the English Language Equivalent
Servant of Allah
Handsome, Intelligent, Beautiful, Protected by Allah
Help of Allah, Victory of Allah
The Greatness, Blessing of Allah
From Allah, Divine
The Elements Abd Which Means Servant, God's Servants
My God has Sworn, God's Promise, Dedicated for Allah, Variation of Elizabeth
Allah's Slave of the High, Servant of Allah
Praise of Allah, Worshipper of Allah
As Allah Questions, World and Hereafter, Questioner, Two Worlds
One who Praises Allah
A Prophet of Allah Swt
Self Subsistent, An Epithet Applied to Allah, Everlasting, Eternal
The Order of Allah (SWT)
One who Allah Loves
Dear to Allah
The Appreciation of Allah (SWT), Praises Allah
Gift of Allah
The Earth, Believer of Allah, Eternal
Who Preserves Evil, One who Submits to Allah, Follower of Islam, Believer
Distinguished (Servant), Distinguished Servant of Allah
Guidance of Allah
A Great Worshiper of Allah
Sign of Allah
Light of Allah
Gift of Allah
Kindness of Allah
Servant of Allah
Gift of the Merciful / Allah
Esteemed, The Reckoner a Name for Allah, Considered
Help from Allah, Victorious Help of God
Remembrance of Allah
Substitutes, Persons by whom God Continues the World in Existence, Servant Of, God's Servants
Friend of Allah
Abundance from Allah
Follower of Islam, Believer, One who Submits to Allah, Who Preserves Evil
Praiseworthy, Commendable, Praiser of Allah
Victory Granted by Allah
Servant of Allah
Care of Allah
Servant of Allah
Companion, Lover, Friend, Al-wadood
Spirit of Allah
Archangel of Allah, An Angel
Merciful, Kind, Another Name of Allah, Affectionate
Power of Allah
Joy of Allah
My God is Perfect, Variation of Elizabeth, Dedicated to Allah, Joy
One, Another Name for God, Allah, Sunday
Colour of Allah
One who Conversed with Allah, An Epithet of Prophet Moses
Provider, The Nourisher
Young Fighter, Help from Allah, Youth, The Lord is Gracious
Light of the Right Guidance of Allah
Who Converses with Allah
Blessings of Allah Almighty
Believer and Faithful to Allah
Worshipper of Allah
An Epithet, Friend of Allah
Strong Man of God, Gabriel, Arch Angel
Faith In Allah, Name of a Raga, Belief, Powerful
Ornament of the Worshippers of Allah
Blessing of Allah
Light of the Truth I.E. Allah
A Name for Allah, Respect, The Almighty
Able, Powerful, Allah's Epithet, Mighty
An Epithet of Allah, One who Releases Another from Straitened Circumstances, Enriched
Creator Discoverer
Believer, One who Submits to Allah, Who Preserves Evil, Follower of Islam
Fighter in the Way of God, Crusader, A Warrior
Army of Allah
Rich and Friend, The Lord is Gracious, Well Born, Youth
Friend of Allah
An Angel, Archangel of Allah
Servant of Allah
Glory of Allah
Favour from Allah, Delicate, Grace, Courtesy
Ample, Learned, Scholarly, Liberal
One who Serves the God, God's Servants
Slave of Allah
Worshipper of Allah
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