Jama name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: English and Hebrew
Usage: Arabic, Sanskrit, English and Polish
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Jama j(a)-ma
Meaning: Daughter
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What does Jama mean?

The unconventional unisex name Jama means "Daughter" and is used mostly in Arabic, Sanskrit, Polish and English is originated from English and Hebrew. Jama is variation of biblical, darling and imperishable Jamie.

Jamie is a form of venerable and biblical Jacqueline. Also Jamie is version of all time favorite, biblical and pleasing James. Jamie is also variant of Jamina. Jamie is an effeminate version of James or.

Jamie is equivalent of James in Scottish language. Jamie's meaning is Derived from the Latin Jacomus and Supplant is of Hebrew origin. Jama is form of biblical, customary and timeless Jane.

Jane is variant of JeanneJean. Also Jane is version of biblical and ceaseless Joan. Jane is short version of names ending in "Jane". Jane is effeminate version of John or. Jane is English form of Johanna.

Curious Jane came from Hebrew is substantially used in English, Tamil and Kannada, meaning of Jane is "Jehovah has been Gracious, Yahweh is Gracious and The Lord is Gracious". Jama is short of Jamaica.

Offbeat English Jamaica, Jamaica means "From Jamaica".

How do I pronounce Jama?

Two syllabled Jama is most commonly pronounced as j(a)-ma.

Variants of Jama

Jamaa, Jamie, Jane, Iacobus, Iacomus, Iakobos, Yaakov, Jacqueline, James, Jamina, Jaima, Jamilyn, Jamiemarie, Jehanne, Ieuan, Johanan, Joan, Johanna, Asia, Jennie, Hanna, Janel, Maryjane, Janelee

How popular is the name Jama?

Jama is a familiar baby name in United States, it has been in use since 1918 and was able to reach the top 2000 names. In 1961, it ranked 1533rd when 54 girl were named Jama.

There are over 1637 babies that have been given the name Jama in United States. Jama is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales and may not be used now as it was last seen in 2010.

But Jama is a popular baby name in Somalia where every 1 in 500 have the name as well as in, India, Ethiopia and Pakistan. As per our research, over 90000 people has been named Jama globally.

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Jama in Nordic countries

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What numbers say about Jama?

Express your anger in order to clean your soul from the negative energy. You lack self-confidence and self-reliance. In order to achieve great things and become the influencer you always dreamed to be, you have to pay attention to people because believe it or not, they play their part in a person's career success. You can't stand being imprisoned by your feelings for someone. You would rather pretend that you don't have them.

Looking for names similar to Jama? Please go through the following names

  •  Farhina - Farhina's meaning is Happiness used for baby girls is used especially in Hindi and Kannada
  •  Gulam - Notably used in Sindhi, Arabic and Hindi, Gulam means "Slave or Servant" is used for baby boys
  •  Jasara - Used primarily in Arabic and Tamil far-out, Jasara means "Bold or Boldness" is aimed at baby girls
  •  Moishe - Everlasting and Pleasing Moishe notably is used in Hebrew and Yiddish came from Egyptian is bestowed upon boys. Moishe is Hebrew and Yiddish cognate of Moses
  •  Aishi - The infrequent and fresh girl name Aishi is chiefly used in Hindi and Arabic, Aishi means "Gods Gift or God's Gift"

Famous people named Jama

  • Jama Ali Jama, Somali politician
  • Jama kaNdaba, High Chief of the Zulu clan from 1763 to 1781
  • Jama Omar Issa, Somali scholar
  • Jamara Griffin in Night Catches Us as Actress
  • Jamai Fisher in Truth or Scare as Actress
  • Jama Williamson in Mergers & Acquisitions as Actress
  • Jamar Shipman in Lethal v. ACH v. Sydal as Actor


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