Rosalina meaning and origin

Gender: Girl
Origin: Old High German, Germanic and Latin
Usage: Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Meaning: Fame, Lime, Linden and Lime-Wood Shield
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Rosalina's meaning is Fame, Lime, Linden or Lime-Wood Shield is used as a baby girl name and is prevalently used in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese and Spanish has origin in Latin, Germanic and Old High German. Rosalina is a version of desirable and venerable Rosalia. Rosalia is a variation of loved and perennial Rosalind. Also Rosalia is a variant transcription of ROS;LI. Rosalia is Italian form of Rosa. Meaning of Rosalia is The Word Rosa with the Meaning Rose and Rose Blossom came from Latin and Germanic. Rosalina is a variant of Rosalint. Also Rosalint is a spelling variant of ROS;LIND. Rosalina is variant of widely accepted and enduring Rose. Rose is variant form of acclaimed and conifer Rosa. Unwonted Rose came from Germanic and Latin, meaning of Rose is "Renown, A Variety of Flower and Horse". Rosalina is variant form of celebrated and ceaseless Rosalind. Rosalind is variant form of sacred, ceaseless and celebrated Rose. Also Rosalind is variant form of Rosalint. Unorthodox Rosalind's origin is Latin, Old High German and Germanic, meaning of Rosalind is "Lime-Wood Shield, Fame and Lime". Rosalina is variation of everlasting and loved Rosaline. Rosaline is version of durable and predominant Rosalind. Also Rosaline is version of persistent and dominant Rosalyn. Rosaline is also variant of pleasing Rosalina. Rosaline means Lime and Linden has origin in Old High German and Germanic.

Variants of Rosalina

Rosalin, Rosalind, Rosaline, Rose, Rosalia, Rosalint, Rhozlyn, Rosalynne, Rosalyn, Rosa, Chalina, Rada, Roza, Aaliyahrose, Rohana, Rosalida, Roselie, Babba, Gitta, Bene, Roselina

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Popularity of Rosalina

Rosalina is common in United States where over 3650 new-borns have been given the name since 1914. Currently the name is hotter than ever, 216 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 1123rd position. Rosalina is an uncommon baby name in still in use in England and Wales. In France, it has been in use since 1958 but could not make beyond the top 2000. Over 128 people have been named Rosalina in France.

However things change on global perspective, Rosalina is extremely popular in Philippines where every 1 in 1000 have the name. Also the baby name is popular in Brazil, Angola, Mexico, Indonesia, Mozambique, Peru, Paraguay, Guatemala and Honduras. As per our evaluation, over 390000 babies have been bestowed Rosalina around the globe.

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Rosalina in Nordic countries

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Numerological aspects of Rosalina

Our advice to you "Fake it until you make it." You are a good listener and friend. Learn how to trust people more. You want to achieve great things in life but without much effort. You work hard on your dreams but forget to work hard on your personality too. You always thrive to accomplish the greatest things, be the best at what you do, and impress yourself instead of impression others. The letter A as your capstone represents your high aspirations and unusual character.

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Namesakes of Rosalina

    Rosalina Abejo, Filipino composer and conductor

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