Simone name meaning

Gender: Girl
Origin: Hebrew
Usage: English, English, Hindi, German, French, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: s(i)-mo-ne
Meaning: Listening Intently, She who Hear, God has Heard, She who Hears God has Heard and Which is Exalted
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What does Simone mean?

Popular unisex name Simone came from Hebrew which is chiefly used in English, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Italian, Hindi, Swedish, German and Danish languages, meaning of Simone is "Listening Intently, She who Hear, He (God) has Heard, One who Hears or Which is Exalted".

Simone is variation of biblical, durable and well-liked Simona. Simona is a variant of biblical and well-known Simone. Simona is feminine version of Simon. Trendy Simona is originated from English and Hebrew languages, meaning of Simona is "Snub-nosed, He (God) has Heard and Listen".

Also Simone is equivalent of Simon in Italian language. Simone is celebrated on October 28th.

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How do I pronounce Simone?

Three syllabled Simone is most commonly pronounced as s(i)-mo-ne.

Variants of Simone

Shimon, Cimone, Simona, Sima, Simonetta, Jimena, Simon, Sigmundr, Haimona, Jimeno, Siemen

Names that rhyme with Simone

How popular is the name Simone?

Simone is a popular in United States where over 25915 new-borns have been given the name since 1908. At its zenith in 1988, the moniker grabbed the 311st spot and 797 baby girls were given the name.

Moreover, the name has been to the top 500 baby names 13 times Also, a very popular name in France having over 219924 recievers in 127 years of usage. Currently the moniker is on a rise, in 1929, it ranked 8th when 7375 parents chose the moniker for their baby girls.

In addition to that, the given name has been in the top 10 baby names 14 times Also, Simone was a very popular name in Italy. Over 85768 babies have been given the first name in 20 years.

When at its peak in 2006, the moniker grabbed the 7th spot and 6407 baby boys were given the name. However after 20 years, the name is on free fall on the charts but still dominating the charts.

In addition to that, the moniker has been in the top 10 baby names 7 times

A common name in England and Wales having over 1311 recievers in 36 years of usage.

At present the name is rising, in 1996, the moniker grabbed the 248th spot and 158 baby girls were given the name. Also, In Denmark, Simone was once a common name since emerging in 1990 it has been given to over 4397 babies.

At its zenith in 1992,. After 12 years of usage, the name has fallen out of the charts. In addition to that, the moniker has been in the top 50 baby names 12 times Also, In New South Wales, Simone was once a common name since emerging in 1965 it has been given to over 3762 babies.

When at the peak of its usage in 1975,. After 28 years of usage, the name has fallen out of the charts.

Simone is a familiar baby name in Switzerland, it has been in use since 1998 and was able to reach the top 200 names.

In 1998, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 127 on boy names chart when 62 babies were given the name Simone. Over 699 babies in Switzerland have been named Simone.

Also, in Queensland, the name had been in use for 22 years beginning from 1969 and had secured the place in top 100 names. In 1973, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 69 on girl names chart when 60 babies were given the name Simone.

There are over 969 babies that have been given the name Simone in Queensland.

Simone is an uncommon baby name in Ireland, even after 52 years of presence it could not make beyond the top 200.

There are over 606 babies that have been given the name Simone in Ireland. Also, it appeared first time in 1995 on baby boy names list of Belgium. However things change on global perspective, Simone is extremely popular in Brazil where every 1 in 500 have the name as well as in Germany.

Also the baby name is popular in Netherlands, Mozambique, Central African Republic, Australia, England, Chad, Egypt, Canada, South Africa, Austria, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Haiti and Angola. At least, 1280000 people globally have carried Simone as their given name according to our research.

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Simone in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

Numerological analysis of Simone

Allow your logical mind to take a break and follow your heart for once in your life. You deal with your emotions the wrong way – ignore they exist. You are intuitive but never use your intuition when it comes to making important decisions in life. You are a free-spirited fellow with a wild heart. You could be a poet because of the original way you express yourself. When it comes to friends, you are their rock and shoulder to cry.

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Middle names for Simone

Below are sought-after and familiar middle names we think go particularly well with Simone:

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Famous people named Simone

  • Simone Beck, French cookbook author and cooking teacher who
  • Simone Assemani, grand-nephew of Giuseppe Simone Assemani
  • Simone Duvalier, wife of Haitian leader François "Papa Doc" Duvalier and the First Lady of Haiti
  • Simone Angel, Dutch TV host
  • Simone Mestaguerra, was, for a short time, lord of Forlì, Italy
  • Simone Niggli-Luder, Swiss orienteering athlete
  • Simone del Pollaiolo, well known Florentine architect
  • Simone Porzio, Italian philosopher, born and died in Naples
  • Simone Antonio Saint-Bon, admiral of the Italian 'Regia Marina'
  • Simone Rainford,
  • Simone Iannarelli, composer and classical guitarist
  • Simone Hankin, Australian water polo player
  • Simone Young, Australian conductor
  • Simone Zaggia, Italian astronomer
  • Simone de la Chaume, French amateur golfer
  • Simone Luzzatto, prominent rabbi in the Jewish ghetto of Venice
  • Simone Verovio, Dutch calligrapher, engraver, printer, and editor
  • Simone Del Duca, French businesswoman
  • Simone Greiner-Petter-Memm, German cross country skier and biathlete
  • Simone Clarke, English ballerina and former Prima Ballerina of English National Ballet company
  • Simone Fernando Sacconi, expert Italian violin maker and restorer
  • Simone Pignoni, Italian painter of the Baroque period
  • Simone Prendergast, which reviews cases of malfeasance and/or misconduct against British solicitors
  • Simone Balli, Italian painter of the 17th century
  • Simone Barabino, Italian painter of the late-Mannerist style
  • Simone Hyams, former actress, best
  • Simone Opitz, East German-German cross country skier
  • Simone Papa the Elder, Italian painter of the Renaissance period
  • Simone Brentana, Italian painter of the Baroque period
  • Simone Cercato, freestyle swimmer from Italy,
  • Simone Dinnerstein,
  • Simone Ghini, Italian renaissance sculptor
  • Simone de Beauvoir, French writer, intellectual
  • Simone Weil, French philosopher, mystic, and political activist
  • Simone Signoret, French cinema actress often hailed as one of France's greatest film stars
  • Simone Martini, Italian painter born in Siena
  • Simone Melchior, wife and business partner of undersea explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau
  • Simone Veil, French lawyer and politician
  • Simone Perrotta, retired Italian footballer
  • Simone Simon, French film actress
  • Simone Lahbib, Scottish actress
  • Simone Boccanegra, first Doge of Genoa
  • Simone Simons, Dutch singer-songwriter
  • Simone Cantarini, Italian painter and engraver
  • Simone Edwards, basketball player
  • Simone Inzaghi, former Italian footballer who played as a striker
  • Simone de Oliveira, Portuguese singer and actress
  • Simone Tata, Swiss-born Indian Business woman belonging to the Tata family
  • Simone Buchanan, Australian film and television actress
  • Simone Barone, Italian football manager and former player
  • Simone Singh, Indian actress

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