Names that mean Holy

Updated: June 5th, 2024

Desiring a divine touch in your baby's name? You might find a name that means 'holy' apt. Welcome to our selection of baby names that denote 'holy'. These names infuse sanctity and spirituality.

Consider 'Santos', a Spanish name that means 'saints' or 'holy', or 'Ariadne', a Greek name signifying 'most holy'. Don't these names feel sanctified? Intrigued to discover more such holy names? Let's move forward!

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The August, Variant of Augustine, Helpful, Dignity
Exalted, Summer, August, Revered
To Sing, Pure, Man, Very Holy Woman
Peace and King, Elf, Safety, Diminutive of Frederic
Obscure, Flower, Bright, Variant of Xavier
Triad, Three in One, Trinity, Triple
A Holy Man
Holy, Sanctus
Happiness, First Born Daughter, Blessed Peace, Diminutive of Winston
Phrase from the Holy Quran, Aya
Majestic, Great, Worthy of Respect, Grandeur
Happy, Holy, White Ring, Fair
Frewi, Holy, Peace Friend, Fair Reconciliation
Rich, Peaceful Ruler, Powerful, Form of Frederick
The Elements Gwen Meaning White Fair Blessed Holy, Soft
Courageous Hero, Saint, Saint, Holy Person
Most Holy Woman
Holy and Desent, A Pretty Plant, Lotus, Lord Shiva
Most Holy Woman
Elf, Protection, Safety, Rich
Little springs
Ha, Ta, Pious, Name of a Surah in the Quran
Holy, Clean, Chaste, From Muslim
Holy, Unique, Pure
Glorifying, Aware, Praising Allah, Holy
Powerful, Elf Power, Holy Peacemaking, Safety
From the Holy River
In Medina Mohammad Began his Campaign to Establish Islam, City
Holy One, The Peaceful, Peace, From Adria
White and Smooth, Fair One, Soft
Blessed Reconciliation, Holy, Joy and Peace, Fair
Another Name for the Holy Quran, Eloquence
Giver of Life, Holy Woman, Originated from Greek
Land of the Gaels
Sister, From the same blood, Germane, Song
Name of a Holy Man, Prophet of Islam (Joshua)
Holy Massege of Marathi Saint, Holy Message of Marathi Saint
New, Little Bone, Holy, Servant of the Saint's Disciple
Triple, The Holy Three, One God, Trinity
Worthy of Respect, Magnificent, Sublime, Venerated
Ancestor, Holy, Relic
The Elements Gwen Meaning White Fair Blessed Holy, Soft
Sacred Name, Holy Name
Holy, Most Venerable, To Sing
Holy, Saint, Sacred, Sanctus
Magnificent, Helpful, Variant of Augustine, The August
White Circle Moon
Successful, Intact, Aveline, Holy
Blessed Peace, Holy, Frewi, Fair Reconciliation
Most Holy Woman, To Sing, Peace
Most Venerable, Woman from Hadria, From Adria, Holy
Divinely favored or venerated
Soul of Holy Book, Soul Bani
Light Or Holy, Svet
Little Holy One, From the New Town
Name of a Date in Saudia Arabia, Touch Me Not Plant, Modest Woman, Tree Planted by Holy Prohpet (PBUH)
Three in One, Triad, Triple, Trinity
Wind, Goddess Lakshmi, A Holy River
One who Brings Joy, A Holy Cow, The Word Nandi with the Meaning Joyful, Goddess Durga
Clean and Good, Divine Goodness, Pure, Valley
Inspired By the Holy, The Word Chant Which Means Song, Patronym of Baron Chantal
August, Summer, The Dignified, Worthy of Respect
Struggle, Holy War, Effort
Alive, Well
White Ring
Holy Message of Marathi Saint, Holy Massege of Marathi Saint
The Elements Pan Meaning All Every, All Holy
Inspired By the Holy, The Word Chant Which Means Song, Patronym of Baron Chantal
A Man of an Early Islam, Holy Spring, About Him Amusing Anecdotes were Told
Venerable, The August
The Elements Gwen Meaning White Fair Blessed Holy
Sanctus, Saint, Holy, Sacred
Basil, Cluster of Flowers, Holy, Tulsi
Gwen Which Means White Fair Blessed Holy
Prophet Muhammads Daughter, Holy, Pure
Grace and angel
Fair Bow, Friend, Holy Reconciliation, Pure
Holy, Army Power, From the Hall, Flat Stone, Rock Or Sloping, Leaning to One Side
Light, Handsome, White, Fair
Sky or heavenly
Holy, Blessed, Saint, Intact
To Descend, Personal Chanting of the Holy Name
Peace, Man, Elf Power, Safety
Sunlight, morning or morning sun
Loyal or faithful
Pilgrimage Spot, Varanasi, Luminous, Devotional Place
A Stream in Paradise, 108th Surah of the Quran
Nivedyam to God, Holy
Patronym of Baron Chantal, The Word Chant Which Means Song, Inspired By the Holy
A Holy Man
Pure, Holy Bell, Black-haired, Dusky
Holy, The Devotees
Blessed, Fair, Happy, White Ring
Holy, Modest, Pure, Clean
Name of a Blossoming Tree that Symbolized Resurrection, Pilgrimage Spot, Splendid, Devotional Place
Friend, Handsome, Fair One, Soft
Sublime, From the Eastern Town, Ash and Village, Variant of Augustine
Full of Life, Pledge, Pure, Very Holy Woman
The Mountain that is a Mile in Height, Bright, A Night, Variant of Xavier
Holy Book of the Hindus, Song
Sacred, Shining, Heilagr Meaning Prosperous Successful Holy Blessed, Happiness
The birch tree meadow
Pilgrimage Spot, Splendid, Shining, The Holy City
Friday, Holy Day
Friend, Handsome, Fair One, Soft
One who Knows, Holy Man, Full of Joy
Pan Which Means All Every, All Holy
Iron, Eloquent, The 57Th Surah of Holy Quran
Magnificent, Helpful, Variant of Augustine, The August
Happiness, Anointed, Christian Woman, Holy
Luminous, Pilgrimage Spot, Devotional Place, The Holy City
Servant of the Saint's Disciple, Middle, Little Bone, Sacred
God has redeemed, hill of God, the Lord has redeemed
White Circle Moon
Most Holy Woman
To Sing, Land of Arians, Pledge, Noble
War Like, Disciple of Christ, Clay, An Instrument
Woman from Hadria, Land of Arians, Noble, To Sing
Beyond others
Patronym of Baron Chantal, The Word Chant Which Means Song, Inspired By the Holy
Little Saint, From the New Town
Sublime, Magnificent, Dignity, Majestic
Mount Hirah
Hymns, Holy Chants
Holy Name, Spear Rule, To Sing
Name of One of the Honourable Wives of the Holy Prophet
A Holy City of India, Wealth, Wise, Worth Going to
The Lord Exalts, God will Set Free, Sacred, Yahwe Uplifts
Of Holy Name
Holy, Great, Worthy of Respect, The August
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