Susan name meaning

Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Hebrew and English
Usage: Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Arabic, English, Icelandic, Greenlandic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: s(u)-san
Meaning: Lord Shiva, Holy and Desent, A Pretty Plant, Flower, Lily and Lotus
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What does Susan mean?

Trendy and Perennial unisex name Susan is mainly used in Icelandic, Telugu, Norwegian, Marathi, Gujarati, Greenlandic, English, Kannada, Arabic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Hindi and Malayalam, Susan means "Lord Shiva, Holy and Desent, A Pretty Plant, Flower, Lily or Lotus" has its origin in Hebrew and English.

Susan is variation of admired and ceaseless Suzanne. Suzanne is variation of well-liked and enduring Susanna. Of Hebrew origin, Well-Liked and Enduring Suzanne, Suzanne means "Form of Susan and Lily". Susan is a short form of Susanna.

Susanna is variant of popular, ceaseless and biblical Suzanne. Originated from Hebrew, Popular and Ceaseless Susanna, Susanna means "Rose, Anemone and Lily".. Susan is celebrated on August 11th.

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How do I pronounce Susan?

The two syllabled name Susan is pronounced, s(u)-san. soo-zin is another way(s) to say the name.

Variants of Susan

Shoshana, Sousanna, Suzanne, Susanna, Sanne, Susann, Suesan

Nicknames for Susan

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Names that rhyme with Susan

How popular is the name Susan?

Susan is an extremely popular in United States where over 1124198 new-borns have been given the name since 1880. At its zenith in 1957, 47393 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 2nd position.

Moreover, the moniker has been to the top 5 baby names 18 times Also, Susan was among the popular names in New South Wales. Since emerging in 1952 around 19178 babies have been given the moniker.

When at its peak in 1954, 1303 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 1st position. After 33 years of usage, the name has fallen out of the charts.

In addition to that, the moniker has been in the top 5 baby names 12 times

A common name in Ireland having over 8589 recievers in 55 years of usage.

Presently the moniker is on a rise, in 1968, 393 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 14th position. Also, Susan used to be a common name in Queensland, first appeared in 1960 and over 5749 babies have been given the name in 26 years.

At the peak of its usage in 1960,. After 26 years of usage, the name has fallen out of the charts. Also, Susan was a common name in Western Australia. Over 4671 babies have been named Susan since 1947.

At its zenith in 1952,. After 23 years of usage, the name has fallen out of the charts. In addition to that, the name has been in the top 5 baby names 19 times

Susan is a familiar baby name in England and Wales, it has been in use since 1996 and was able to reach the top 400 names.

In 1996, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 397 on girl names chart when 82 babies were given the name Susan. Over 789 babies in England and Wales have been named Susan.

The moniker is a unique baby name in France, it has been in use since 1947 and was able to reach the top 400 names. In 1956, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 360 on girl names chart when 49 babies were named Susan.

There are over 730 babies that have been given the name Susan in France.

Susan is a rare baby name in Belgium still in use today. However things change on global perspective, Susan is extremely popular in England where every 1 in 200 have the name as well as in, Kenya, Philippines, Uganda and Canada.

Also the baby name is popular in Iran, Nigeria, Sudan, Australia, Zimbabwe, South Sudan, South Africa, Zambia, Scotland, Malawi, Wales, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Egypt, India, Germany, Ghana, Jordan, New Zealand, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mozambique, Peru, Cameroon, Palestine, Brazil, Northern Ireland, Syria, Rwanda, Chile and Tanzania.

As per our research, over 3840000 people has been named Susan globally.

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Susan in Nordic countries

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Numerological aspects of Susan

You like to observe things and people. Sometimes you feel this emptiness inside that can't be fulfilled with anything you can think of. People enjoy your presence and go out with you just to hear you talk about inspirational stuff. The number 4 as your soul urge no symbolizes your need to put everything in order. The letter U as your vowel represents your cleverness and fascinating character.

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Famous people named Susan

  • Susan Whelan, former Canadian Member of Parliament with the Liberal Party of Canada
  • Susan McMaster, Canadian poet, literary editor, performance poet
  • Susan Howatch, British author
  • Susan Miller, Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer, Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords
  • Susan Nattrass, Dr
  • Susan Gardiner, former student at the University of British Columbia
  • Susan Brownmiller, American feminist journalist, author
  • Susan Milan, English professor of flute of the Royal College of Music, classical performer
  • Susan Cummings, American heiress
  • Susan McKeown, Irish folk singer and songwriter
  • Susan Stafford, American former model, actress and television host
  • Susan Hughes, Canadian author of children's books
  • Susan Auch, speed skater
  • Susan Bies, was born in Buffalo, New York
  • Susan Tom, hbo
  • Susan Starr Sered, is Professor of Sociology at Suffolk University and Senior Researcher at Suffolk University's Center for Women's Health and Human Rights, having previously been the director of the "Religion
  • Susan Polis Schutz, American poet and co-founder
  • Susan Dumais, leader in the field of information retrieval
  • Susan Rae, Scottish newsreader and continuity announcer on BBC Radio 4
  • Susan Torres, American woman
  • Susan Tolman Mills, co-founder of Mills College
  • Susan Yeagley, American actress
  • Susan King Borchardt, American professional women's basketball player
  • Susan Nigro, American contrabassoonist
  • Susan Sheehan, {{Cite book
  • Susan of Mar, Mistress of Mar, only child and heir presumptive of Margaret of Mar
  • Susan Mallery, one-time number-one 'New York Times' best-selling author
  • Susan Belbin, Scottish television director and producer whose work includes 'One Foot
  • Susan J. Ferguson, Associate Professor of sociology at Grinnell College
  • Susan Furmage, former field hockey player from New Zealand,
  • Susan Ralston, President of SBR Enterprises, LLC, a government affairs
  • Susan Wise Bauer, American author
  • Susan Bass Levin, current President and CEO of Cooper University Health System's Cooper Foundation
  • Susan Minot, American novelist, short story writer, poet
  • Susan Polk, American woman convicted
  • Susan Carter Holmes, botanist and taxonomist at the Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Susan Baird, Labour Party Councillor for the Braidfauld ward of the City of Glasgow
  • Susan Williams-Ellis, English pottery designer
  • Susan Lindquist, American professor of biology at MIT specializing
  • Susan R. Wolf, American moral philosopher and philosopher of action
  • Susan Haack, British philosopher
  • Susan Watts, She was science editor of the BBC's Newsnight programme
  • Susan Helms, retired lieutenant general
  • Susan Kilrain, engineer, a former United States Navy officer
  • Susan Greenfield, Baroness Greenfield, British scientist, writer, broadcaster
  • Susan Brown, Scottish Presbyterian minister
  • Susan Saegert, Guadalupe
  • Susan Moller Okin, liberal feminist political philosopher and author
  • Susan Clancy, cognitive psychologist and Associate professor
  • Susan Stebbing, British philosopher
  • Susan B. Anthony, American social reformer and women's rights activist
  • Susan Faludi, American feminist, journalist, and author
  • Susan Cooper, English author of children's books
  • Susan May Williams, American heiress and the wife of Jérôme Napoléon Bonaparte
  • Susan Sarandon, American actress and activist
  • Susan Barrantes, mother of Sarah, Duchess of York
  • Susan Blackmore, British writer, lecturer, sceptic, broadcaster
  • Susan Smith, American convict
  • Susan Dey, retired American actress,
  • Susan Hayward, American actress and model
  • Susan Travers, Englishwoman
  • Susan Aglukark, Inuk musician whose blend of Inuit folk music traditions with country and pop songwriting has made her a major recording star

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