Arngerd meaning and origin

Gender: Girl
Origin: Old Norse, Hebrew, Germanic, Old High German and Persian
Usage: Swedish and Danish
Meaning: Eagle, Rule, Powerful as an Eagle, Prevail, Eagle Ruler, To be Clever, Knowledge, Wisdom and Merciful
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Arngerd is equivalent of Arngærdh in Danish and Swedish languages.

Variants of Arngerd

Anngerd, Annegerd, Arngærdh, Arngerðr, Angerd, Annagerd

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Popularity of Arngerd

Arngerd is an extremely rare name around the world.


Numerological aspects of Arngerd

You need to listen to people occasionally to make them feel better and important. To have 7 as your personality number reveals the sensitive side of your personality. You are dominant when it comes to relationships. You have a strong sense of order. You love to change and can't stand constancy and monotony. People always leave the hard lifting to you because they know you are going to take care of everything.

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