Names that mean Eagle

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Aadne Rule, Eagle
Aal Adler, Eagle Ruler, Prevail, Rose
Aale Rule, Adler, Rose Blossom, Eagle Ruler
Aalu Powerful as an Eagle, Rose Blossom, Adler, Prevail
Aaniyah Resurrection, Favour and Grace, God has Favoured Me, He (God) Was Gracious
Aanka Greenlandic Lofty, Adler, Exalted High, Light Bringer
Aansu Greenlandic Eagle
Aari Lord Vishnu, Brave, Lion of God, Eagle
Aarie Eagle, Rule, A Native of Adria, Nobel
Aarn Eagle Ruler, He Who Comes After, Prevail, Rule
Aarne Finnish Eagle Ruler, Prevail, Adler, Rule
Aarnekki Rule, Eagle
Aarnetti Rule, Eagle
Aarni Tamil Eagle, The Sun, Adler, Rule
Aarnika Tamil Goddess Durga, Eagle, Rule, Adler
Aarno Adler, Rule, Eagle and Elder
Aarnolt Eagle and Elder, Rule, Prevail
Aarnoltti Eagle and Elder, Rule, Prevail
Aaronda Eagle Power, Powerful as an Eagle
Acquilino Latin An Eagle
Ad Dutch Limburgish Just, Good Fortune, Settle, Proper Name
Add Lion, Refuge of God, Just, Adriatic from the Stem End
Addler Old English Eagle
Adelar Old High German Eagle, Honorable, Noble
Adelard Noble Eagle
Adlar Eagle
Adlaug High in Hebrew, Powerful as an Eagle, The Enlightened, Lofty
Adler Eagle
Adlor Old English Eagle
Adlur Old English Eagle
Adlyr Old English Eagle
Ådne Old High German Eagle, Rule
Adolar Old High German Honorable, Eagle
Aemiliana Ancient Roman Strain, God has Shown Favour, Name of a King, Eagle
Aenea Ornament, Elder Brother, Angel, Eagle
Aeri Brings Rain, Lord Vishnu, The Element Ariy Which Means Lion, Inner Skin
Aerie Inner Skin, Lion of God, Eagle, On High
Aerilyn Dwells by the Torrent, Pond, Waterfall, Lion
Aerilynn Friendly, Dwells by the Torrent, Pretty, Waterfall
Aetius Ancient Roman Eagle
Agripino Brave Noble, Noble and Courageous, Noble Eagle
Ahnna Earth and Water, Mercy, He (God) Was Gracious, Name of a King
Aias Greek Mythology The Element Aiastes Which is of the Meaning Mourner, Eagle
Ajax Greek Mythology (Latinized) The Element Aiastes Which is of the Meaning Mourner, Eagle
Ajaxx The Element Aiastes Which is of the Meaning Mourner, Eagle
Akilina Russian An Eagle
Akilino An Eagle
Akilla An Eagle
Akivila Greenlandic An Eagle
Akkui Greenlandic An Eagle