Names that mean High

Updated: June 5th, 2024

If you aspire for your child to reach great heights and are in search of a name that symbolizes this aspiration, consider names that mean 'high'. We've curated a list of baby names that mean 'high' just for you.

Consider names like Altair, an Arabic name that means 'the flying one' or 'bird', often associated with soaring high, or Elia, a Hebrew name that signifies 'the Lord is my God', often associated with high reverence.

Doesn't a name meaning 'high' evoke aspirations of soaring above the mundane, reaching for the stars?

Explore our list of baby names that mean 'high'. Your child's aspirational name might just be waiting to be discovered.

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He Who Comes After, High in Hebrew, Tall, Enlightened One
Mistress, Noble Woman, Queen of the Gods, Lady
Exalted One, To Ascend, Bright, Tall
Glorious, Red, Great, Variant of Roderick Famous Ruler
Hound Lover, King, Wolf, Ulster
Power, The Noble Strong, Honorable, High and Royal
Native of Magdala, From the High Tower, One who is Elevated
Eagle, Inner Skin, Brings Rain, Brave
Strong Counsel, True Image, Advice, Wise Ruler
Strength, Noble, Brave, Hill
Genuine, Pure, Little Star, Of High Quality
Village In Galilee Where Lived Mary Magdalene, Woman from Magdala, Tower
Fearless Leader, High Summit Greatest Champion, Royal Chieftain, Keen Power
High, Little Rock, Defender of Man, Noble and Shining
Flourishing, High born, Long-living
Clearing, From the High Meadow, Wood
Of the Aryan Race, Honorable, Warrior, That which is Beyond Anyone's Strength
Knowing, Center, Knowledge, Keen Power
Exalted Father, Need, Lift Up, Uplift
Saint, The Exalted One, Strength, Power
Highest Social Standing, The Ascent, Ascending, Noble
Villager of Galilee Where Lived Mary Magdalene, Woman from Magdala, High Tower, Young
Constant, High, Brave Counsel, Steadfastness
Flowering, Longevity, Who has Long Live, Variant of Omar
Lofty, Supreme, High, Noble
Noblewoman, Princess, Lady, Woman of High Rank
High Hill, Brian, Virtuous, He Ascends
Noble, High Woman Invented By J
Very High Places, Fen, Lives by a Marsh, From the Marshland
Sagacity, To be Clever, Morning Fragrance or Rising, Merciful
Watchman, Guardian, Warden, High Guard
The Word Ali Which is of the Meaning High Lofty Sublime, Sky, Heaven, Loftiness
Diamond, Bright Guardian, River, Of the Tiber
Bronck's land
High, The Elements Ruadh Meaning Red, Ruaidhri, Glorious
Exalted, Elevated, Obedient, Platinum
Mount, Hilltop, High Place, Steep Hill
Nobility, Feminine of Alexander, Noble, High
Female Version of Brian, Strength, Virtuous, Innocent and Very Intelligent
The Graceful, High Status, He was Ibn Harithah Alaslami, Daughter of Abu Bakr
Lion of God, Eagle, From Adria, Inner Skin
From the High Tower, Lena, Magdalena, Variant of Marlene
Son of Henry, Greatest Champion, Royal Rulers, High Hill
High Settlement, Place-name and Surname, Place Name
The Biblical Mary Magdalene Came from Magdala Area Near the Sea of Galilee, Bitter, Of Italy, High Tower
Power, Noble, Nobility, High and Royal
High, Form of Brie, The Exalted One, Broth
Perfectly Healthy, Safe, Peaceful, High
Boy, Enclosure, Killed Siegfried, Sanctuary
Wise, Learned, High Above, With Excellent Plans
High Mountain, Tall, The Enlightened, Garland in Tamil
Light Bringer, Exalted High, English, Enlightened One
Sami, Incomparable, Praised, Sublime, A celestial dancer
High, Highness, Righteous Woman, Exalted
Hound, Bald, High, Little Fighter
Brilliant, Exalted, Harmony, Moment
A Former Persian Province in Caucasus, Mountain Dweller, Enlightened One, On High
God is My Salvation, Variant of Elijah
Exalted, One who can Hear, Wife of Ancaeus, Noble
Rules with Good Judgement, Rule, Advice, Victory Bring End
Bold Protector, Strong and High
Red, Great, Ruaidhri, High
Exalted One, The High, Of a Noble Kind
Righteous Woman, Exalted, High, Highness
Not Born, Unborn, High Priestess of Mecca, Fire
High Mountain, Lofty, Exalted One, He Who Comes After
Blessed One, Tall, Exalted High, The Enlightened
From the High Tower, Maria, Lena, Magdalena
One with High Purpose
A Thicket of Wild Gorse, Bramble, Raven
Fearless Leader, High Summit Greatest Champion, Royal Chieftain, Keen Power
Sky, The Word Ali Which is of the Meaning High Lofty Sublime, Loftiness, Heaven
Finer, Excellent, Ascending, Exalted One
From the High Meadow
Lord Vishnu, Brave, The Element Ariy Which Means Lion, Exalted
High Above, Brave Women who Fought for Islam
Lion, Eagle, On High, Brave
Chief, High
Noblewoman, Happy, Lady, Pure
Greatest Champion, Knowledge, Family Ruler, Prophetess
A Place of Safety, Exalted Son, Strong Defense, Shelter
Genuine, A, Pure, First-rate
Mud hill
Uplift, Lift Up, Strong Grip, Exalted Father
Tall, Exalted One, He Who Comes After, High in Hebrew
High, Exalted, Sublime, Greatness
Esteem, Noble, The Element BrĂ­gh Meaning Strength Power Force, Hill
High, The Ascent, To Ascend, Morning Fragrance or Rising
The Effusion of Them, A High Heap, Garden in Paradise, Watchful
Defender of Mankind, Diamond, Noble, Nobility
From the High Meadow
Lord Vishnu, Brave, Lion of God, Eagle
Woman from Kynthos, From the High Tower, Native of Magdala, One who is Elevated
Powerful, Brave, Shadows At High Noon, Comfort
Slave of the High, Servant Of, Substitutes
Pure, A Bird, Princess, Lady
Noble, Broth, Place Name in France Famous for the Production of Its Cheese, The Exalted One
Holding High
Woman from Magdala, Honey, Raspberry, Tower
Aaron's Son and High Priest, The Lord will Help, God Helped, King
Exalted, High, Tall, Very Good
Mountain of Strength, Exalted, He Who Comes After, Strong One
Prominent, High, Glorious, Eminent
Leader, The Element Kaan Meaning Khan Ruler, Politics, High Son
Exalted High, Enlightened One, Lofty, Tall
High-born Lady, Noble Woman, Mistress, Goddess of Love
Sublime, High
The Ascent, Noble, Exalted, High
From the High-Wood Clearing, From the High Meadow
That which Controls Mind, Wise, Stable, Famous
Noble, Honorable, Power, High and Royal
Exalted, Highness, Righteous Woman, High
High, Lofty
Pure, Woman of High Rank, Princess, Happy
Safe Harbor, Killed Siegfried, Boy, Youthful One
High Babylonian Character, Scharra, Baal
Of High Value
Angel of High Rank
Bright, Exalted One, High, Sunshine
Noble, High, Consideration, Esteem
Father of the Amount, Need, Uplift, Faultless
From the High Tower, Of Magdala
Dwells by the Torrent, Pond, Waterfall, Lion
Maria, Magdalena, Lena, From the High Tower
Family Ruler, High Hill, Cene Which Means Bold Keen, Greatest Champion
Finer, Excellent, Ascending, Exalted One
Noble, Brave, Virtuous, The Blessed One
Alone-Ruler, Cutting, Long Haired, Ruler
Lives near the bridge
From the High Tower, Woman from Magdala
Fairess and most beautiful
Blessed One, Tall, Exalted High, The Enlightened
Noble, The Blessed One, Hill Place, Strength
High, Exalted
Strength, Strong Man of God, The Exalted One, Saint
Of Noble Figure, Truth, He Who Wins, The Ascent
Ruler Prince, Fire, Eminent, High
Blessed One, Lofty, English, The Enlightened
High Spirits, Happiness, Pleasure, A State of Joy
High, The Elements Ruadh Meaning Red, Ruaidhri, Glorious
Flourishing, Long-Living, High Born, The Highest of Muhammads Followers
Of a Noble Kind, The Ascent, High, Exalted
Noble and Fight, Exalted, The Element Aletheia Meaning Truth, High
The Element Ariy Which Means Lion, From Adria, Brave, Lord Vishnu
Possessing High Intelligence, Very Intelligent, Shining
Enlightened One, Tall, High Mountain, Garland in Tamil
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