Berte name meaning

Updated: March 16th, 2024
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Old High German and Germanic
Usage: English, German, Greenlandic, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish
Pronunciation: b(e)-rte
Meaning: Noble, Shining and Bright
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What does Berte mean?

Mainly used in German, Greenlandic, Danish, Norwegian, English and Swedish old-school and far-out, Berte means "Noble, Shining or Bright" has its origin in Germanic and Old High German is a gender insensitive name .

Berte is a version of desirable and ever lasting Berta. Berta is form of celebrated Berit. Also Berta is form of celebrated Birgitta. Berta is a short of Names Ending with -Berta -Berte -Bertina -Bertine Or Beginning with Bert-.

Unexpected choice and Quaint Dutch, Old High German and Slavic Berta, meaning of Berta is "Bright or Glorious, Famous and Shining". Berte is a variation of famed and venerable Bert. Bert is a variation of BertrandHalbert.

Also Bert is variation of Hulbert. Bert is also variation of Old High German Names Containing the Name Element Björt. Bert is a short of names with "Bert" and ending with "Bert".

Also Bert is short version of Bertram. Meaning of Bert is Desire, Brilliant and The Element Berht Meaning Bright Famous has origin in English, Germanic and Old High German.

How do I pronounce Berte?

You can pronounce the two syllabled name Berte as b(e)-rte. The other ways to say the name is ber-te.

Variants of Berte

Bertea, Bert, Berta, Hulbert, Berit, Birgitta, Bereta, Bertina, Bette, Betty, Bet

How popular is the name Berte?

Berte is an uncommon baby name in France, in use since 1908, peaked in 1918 when it ranked 426th and last appeared in 1970. Berte is a rare baby name in United States there is very thin chances of it still being given.

Berte is a common name in DR Congo and Ivory Coast while somewhat familiar name in Cameroon. At least, 6000 people globally have carried Berte as their given name according to our research.



Berte in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

Numerological aspects of Berte

Focus on what's important to you rather than focusing on making other people content. Being a boss suits you because of your high self-esteem, determination, and knowledge. You can't stand being in one place for too long because you want to enjoy your freedom and time on this planet. You are lagging behind on motivational front. Introvert people like you should learn how to have more fun. But once they get to know you better, they see that you are nothing like presented.

Other names liked by soon-to-be-parents that are similar to Berte

  •  Aldora - The uncommon and quaint girl name Aldora is primarily used in Greek, Portuguese and Norwegian, Aldora means "Noble or Winged Gift" is originated from Old Greek
  •  Mannfred - Mannfreds origin is Germanic, meaning of Mannfred is "Man of Peace", used in Swedish and Danish is a boy name
  •  Baldwin - Widespread and Enduring Baldwin has its origin in Old High German and Germanic is used mainly in German and Swedish aimed at boys, Baldwin means "Brave or Bold Friend"
  •  Thore - Used specifically in Norwegian and Scandinavian, Thore is used as a gender-neutral name, Thore means "Thunder God, Thunder or The Element Thor with the Meaning Thunder Thunder God" is rooted from Scandinavian
  •  Piera - Used particulary in Norwegian and Sami atypical, Piera is used as a gender-neutral name. Its origin is in Old Greek, Piera means "The Rock or The Stone"

Sibling Names for Berte

Introducing the unique and charming name "Berte" for your little one! Looking for some inspiration for sibling names that go perfectly with Berte? Check out our list of top picks below, guaranteed to help you choose a perfect match for your growing family.

Sister for Berte

Brother for Berte

Famous people named Berte

  • Berte Rognerud, Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party
  • Berte Fischer-Hansen acted in movie Danes Without a Clue
  • Berte Rommetveit, from 2013 drama, thriller movie Blåtur, who played the Eva Nordigarden.

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