Christianus name meaning

Updated: March 15th, 2024
Gender: Boy
Origin: Latin
Usage: Old Norse, Swedish, Old SwedishDanish and Finnish
Pronunciation: ch-ristia-nus
Meaning: Follower of Christ
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What does Christianus mean?

Christianus is originated from Latin is used chiefly in Old SwedishDanish, Finnish, Old Norse and Swedish, Christianus means "Follower of Christ" is given to boys.

How do I pronounce Christianus?

The proper pronunciation of three syllabled Christianus is ch-ristia-nus. The other ways to say the name is chr(is)-tianus.

Variants of Christianus

Christian, Chrestian, Christo, Chrisline, Christé, Christiandaniel

How popular is the name Christianus?

Christianus is a familiar baby name in Indonesia and Malaysia. At least, 1000 people globally have been given the name as per our estimate.


Christianus in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

What numerology tells about Christianus?

You believe that what you give is what you will receive. You have to think of your own purpose and reason for waking up in the morning. When it comes to professional progress, you like to keep your focus on one thing at the time. Stop looking at life as something you understand completely because no one does, and no one will ever do. You are not selfish but you are not naive as well. You are intuitive but never use your intuition when it comes to making important decisions in life.

Other names similar to Christianus

  •  Äsborg - Used largely in Swedish and Old Swedish, Äsborg is a girl name. Äsborg is Swedish cognate of Ásbjǫrg
  •  Uolevi - Boy name Uolevi is notably used in Swedish and Finnish came from Old Norse. Uolevi is Finnish form of Olev
  •  Hálfdán - Chiefly used in Swedish and Danish, Hálfdán is a baby boy name. Hálfdán is Icelandic cognate of Hálfdan
  •  Durið - The girl name Durið is chiefly used in Faroese and Danish. Durið is Faroese equivalent of Dorit
  •  Steinvör is used mostly in Swedish, Danish and Icelandic is bestowed upon baby girls. Steinvör is Icelandic form of Steinvǫr

Sibling Names for Christianus

Choosing a name for your baby can be a daunting task, especially if you're looking for something unique and meaningful. If you've decided on the name "Christianus" for your little one, then you might also be wondering what would be the perfect sibling names to complement this beautiful and timeless moniker. Check out our list of 20 sibling names that will go perfectly with Christianus.

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Brother to Christianus

Famous people named Christianus

We could not find any notable namesake.

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