Floriana name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 17th, 2023
Gender: Girl
Origin: Latin
Usage: German and Italian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Floriana f-loria-na
Meaning: Flower, Blossom, Flourishes and Flowering
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What does Floriana mean?

Uncustomary and Modern girl name Floriana is prevalently used in Italian and German, meaning of Floriana is "Flower, Blossom, Flourishes or Flowering" is rooted from Latin. Floriana is a variant of ever lasting, saintly and prevalent Florian.

Florian is form of Florus. Florian is form of Florianus in German language. Unheard-of and Fresh Florian's origin is Latin, meaning of Florian is "Flowery, Blonde and Flowered".

How do I pronounce Floriana?

The most common pronunciation of three syllabled Floriana is f-loria-na. It can also be pronounced as fl(o)-riana.

Variants of Floriana

Florianus, Florian, Florus, Florean, Flora

Middle Names for Floriana

Xoie, Xena, Enola, view more middle names that goes with Floriana

Names that rhyme with Floriana

How popular is the name Floriana?

Floriana is an uncommon baby name in still in use in United States. It also recently appeared in England and Wales baby girl names chart. During its 40 years of usage in France, it had made up to just the top 2000 girl names.

There are over 309 babies that have been given the name Floriana in France. But Floriana is a popular baby name in Italy where every 1 in 6000 have the name.

At least, 20000 people globally have carried Floriana as their given name according to our evaluation.



Floriana in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary Name

Numerological analysis of Floriana

You solve problems systematically and diplomatically. You can't be offended or insulted by anyone because you know that an insult is an insult if you accept it as your truth. You are all about justice and can't stand people who interfere in other people's lives. You are a guardian angel for life for those loyal to you. You are a wise person. People respect you for always serving the ugly truth instead of lies.

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Sibling Names for Floriana

If you're considering naming your daughter Floriana, you might be on the hunt for some equally beautiful names for her siblings. Look no further than this list of suggestions that includes options that complement Floriana's charming and graceful demeanor.

For a sister

Brother to Floriana

Famous people named Floriana

  • Floriana Lima in Rebound Bro as Actress
  • Floriana Marino played vital character of Maria Sole in 2000 drama movie Maestrale.

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