Heinrich meaning and origin

Gender: Boy
Origin: Old High German, Germanic and English
Usage: German, Greenlandic, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: \"pronunciation
Meaning: Home, Homeland, Rich, Powerful, Power, House and King and Ruler
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Unexpected Heinrich principally is used in Greenlandic, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish is originated from Old High German, English and Germanic and a boy name, meaning of Heinrich is "Home, Homeland, Rich, Powerful, Power, House and King or Ruler". Heinrich is variant form of Haginric. Also Haginric is another transcription of HAG;RIK. Heinrich is a variation of frequently used and evergreen Henry. Henry is English cognate of Heinrich. Originated from Old High German, Germanic and English, Uncommon Henry, Henry means "Ruler of the Enclosure and Homeland". Heinrich is version of Heimric. Heimric is form of Haimirich in German language. The name is celebrated on July 13th.

Variants of Heinrich

Heimerich, Heinrick, Henry, Heimric, Haginric, Anraoi, Enzo, Haimirich, Enzeo, Vincent

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Popularity of Heinrich

Heinrich is an uncommon baby name in United States, even after 41 years of use, it could not make it big. There are over 399 babies that have been given the name Heinrich in United States. In France, it has been in use since 1928 and achieved its top ranking of 632 in 1943. However things change on global perspective, Heinrich is extremely popular in Germany where every 1 in 300 have the name. Also the baby name is popular in Austria, South Africa and Switzerland. As per our research, over 460000 babies have been bestowed Heinrich around the globe.

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Heinrich in Nordic countries

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Numerological aspects of Heinrich

You should learn to invest wisely the profit you make. Allow your competitive spirit and intuition to guide you. You research different religions, you are interested in learning more about the Universe and how it works. You are the peacemaker in your society. Not everyone will be there to help you when you need a hand, just like you are there for everyone. You are unique and born to stand out.

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Namesakes of Heinrich

    Heinrich Abeken, German theologian and Prussian Privy Legation Councillor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Heinrich Zschokke, German, later Swiss, author and reformer
  • Heinrich Isaac, Netherlandish Renaissance composer of south Netherlandish origin
  • Heinrich Kiepert, German geographer
  • Heinrich Schütz, German composer and organist
  • Heinrich Ritter, German philosopher and historian of philosophy
  • Heinrich Mann, German novelist
  • Heinrich Kramer, German churchman and inquisitor
  • Heinrich Ewald, German orientalist, Protestant theologian
  • Heinrich Ernst Ferdinand Guericke, German theologian
  • Heinrich Christian Boie, German author
  • Heinrich Christian Schumacher, German-Danish astronomer and mathematician
  • Heinrich Schenker, music theorist, music critic, teacher, pianist
  • Heinrich Julius Holtzmann, German Protestant theologian
  • Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Bohemian-Austrian composer and violinist
  • Heinrich Häberlin, Swiss politician
  • Heinrich Lübke, German politician
  • Heinrich Leberecht Fleischer, German Orientalist
  • Heinrich Göbel, precision mechanic and inventor
  • Heinrich Faber, German music theorist, composer, and Kantor
  • Heinrich von Breymann, German Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel lieutenant colonel
  • Heinrich Hertel, German aeronautical engineer
  • Heinrich Roth, missionary and pioneering Sanskrit scholar
  • Heinrich von Stephan, general post director for the German Empire
  • Heinrich Wilhelm Schott, Austrian botanist well
  • Heinrich Kuhl, German naturalist and zoologist
  • Heinrich Brandt, German mathematician
  • Heinrich Philipp Konrad Henke, German theologian
  • Heinrich von Kittlitz, German artist, naval officer
  • Heinrich Blücher, German poet and philosopher
  • Heinrich Glarean, Swiss music theorist, poet and humanist
  • Heinrich Friedrich Otto Abel, German historian
  • Heinrich Gottfried Ollendorff, German grammarian and language educator
  • Heinrich Ritter von Zeissberg, Austrian historian
  • Heinrich Scheidemann, German organist and composer
  • Heinrich Christoph Wilhelm Sigwart, German philosopher and logician
  • Heinrich Hollreiser, German conductor
  • Heinrich Marschner, most important composer of German opera between Weber and Wagner
  • Heinrich Georg Bronn, German geologist and paleontologist
  • Heinrich Graetz, was amongst the first historians to write a comprehensive history of the Jewish people
  • Heinrich Adam, German painter
  • Heinrich Boie, German zoologist
  • Heinrich Hertz, German physicist
  • Heinrich Schliemann, German businessman and a pioneer
  • Heinrich Wilhelm Matthias Olbers, German physician and astronomer
  • Heinrich Schwabe, a German astronomer remembered for his work on sunspots
  • Heinrich Louis d'Arrest, German astronomer, born in Berlin
  • Heinrich Gustav Magnus, notable German experimental scientist
  • Heinrich Otto Wieland, German chemist
  • Heinrich Geißler, skilled glassblower and physicist
  • Heinrich Himmler, was 'Reichsführer' of the 'Schutzstaffel'
  • Heinrich Anton de Bary, German surgeon, botanist, microbiologist
  • Heinrich Böll, was one of Germany's foremost post-World War II writers
  • Heinrich Heine, German-Jewish poet, journalist, essayist
  • Heinrich Bullinger, Swiss reformer
  • Heinrich Barth, German explorer of Africa and scholar
  • Heinrich von Sybel, German historian, came
  • Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, German polymath, physician, legal scholar, soldier

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