Names that mean Dedicated

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Aakifah Arabic Devoted, Dedicated
Agnarr Lamb As Well, The Good, Hagnos Meaning Pure Chaste, Dedicated to Hermes
Akifa Arabic Dedicated to, Intent, Busy, Feminine of Akif
Álarr Nobel, Messenger, Earthly, Precious
Albheri Magical Counsel, All and Peace, The Element Alfr Which Means Elf Supernatural Being, Hermes
Alfheri Well Born, Natural Spirit, Army, Earthly
Alfihar Universal, The Teuton, Well Born, Man
Aljamarkiz Dedicated to the God Mars, War-like, Protector, Boundary
Anaelisa Mother, Name of a King, God's Promise, Grain
Ánarr Well Born, Dedicated to Hermes, Messenger, Stone
Andar The Manly, Messenger, Stone, Dedicated to Hermes
Apollonius Old Greek Dedicated to the Greek God Απολλων, Apollinaria
Arpana Offering, Surrendered, Dedicated One, Auspicious
Arpil Dedicated, Arpil Name Comes from Arpit
Arpita Dedicated, Offered, Presenting, Dedicate
Arpitesh Hindi Dedicated
Arpitha Tribute, Presenting, Dedicated, Dedicate
Arteen Eagle Power, Powerful as an Eagle, Dedicated
Ásar Fortunate, Well Born, Blessed, Earthly
Aspar Hermes, Universal, Messenger, Stone
Astreia Eagle Power, Powerful as an Eagle, Dedicated
Audar Well Born, Universal, Prosperous, Diminutive of Audrey
Austar Hermes, Messenger, Universal, Well Born
Aðalherr Messenger, Nobel, Universal, Precious
Bergar Universal, Messenger, Shepherd, Earthly
Berinher Universal, Warrior, Brown, Well Born
Berner Complete, Messenger, Universal, Earthly
Bernher Dedicated to Hermes, Earthly, Brown, Complete
Bernheri Dedicated to Hermes, Earthly, Brown, Complete
Betoul Dedicated to the Worship of God
Bhakti Dedicated, Surrender, Prayer, Devotion
Bjargar Stone, Complete, From the Fortified Hill Or Castle, Dedicated to Hermes
Bjarkar Complete, Stone, Dedicated to Hermes, Universal
Bjarma Dedicated to Hermes, Complete, Universal, Well Born
Bjarmar Sea, Dedicated to Hermes, Universal, Bear
Bjarnar Hermes, Messenger, Stone, Bear
Blævar Dedicated to Hermes, Complete, Stone, Messenger
Borgar Stone, Universal, From the Fortified Hill Or Castle, Hermes
Borgarr Stone, Universal, From the Fortified Hill Or Castle, Hermes
Brahamdutt Dedicated to Lord Brahma
Brahmadutt Dedicated to Lord Brahma
Brimar Hermes, Earthly, Stone, Complete
Brynjarr Ancient Scandinavian Vigilant, Dedicated to Hermes, Hill, Well Born
Burgheri Hermes, Well Born, Messenger, Earthly
Børger The Element Biarga Meaning to Help, Stone, Complete, Well Born
Børjer Helpers, From the Fortified Hill Or Castle, Messenger, Stone
Cella Warring, Form of Marcia, Warlike, Little Marcus
Daeon Fort, Follower of Dionysius, Dedicated to Dionysos, Fertile Land
Dainis Old Greek Follower of Dionysius, Named for Saint Denys, Dedicated to Dionysos
Dametrius Follower of Demeter, Dedicated to Demeter