Names that mean Desire

Updated: June 5th, 2024

Are you charmed by names that embody passion, yearning, and desire? Then names that mean 'desire' might just pique your interest. We've compiled a compelling list of baby names that mean 'desire'. Think of names like Miko, a Japanese name that translates to 'beautiful', 'chronicle', or 'desire', or Kamon, a Thai name meaning 'heart's desire'.

Doesn't a name meaning 'desire' encapsulate a deep yearning, a strong passion for life and all its experiences?

Feel free to explore our list of baby names that mean 'desire'. The perfect name, brimming with passion and longing, could just be waiting for your discovery.

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Will Desire, Valley, Resolute Protector, Protection
Given, Protector, Lord, Give
Feeble, Peaceful, Weak Poor, Tendon
The Enemy of Desire
Will, Protection, Desire, Helmet
Will Helmet, Resolute Guardian, Protect, Protection
Protection, Safety, Much Peace, Peaceful
Helmet, Protection, Composition, Desire
God of the West WInd
Desire, Loving, Air, Longing
Brilliant and Raven, Will, Shining Pledge, Bright Warrior
Purposeful Peace, Protection, Bright, Famous
Divine law and order, Desire, Life
Will and Helmet, Resolute, Brave, Protect
Composition, Helmet, Protection, Desire
Helmet, Offered to the Lord, Composition, Will
Aspiration, Army Man, French Form of Herman, Soldier
Lady with Fair Complexion, Sea of Sorrows, Sorrow, To Desire
Protect, Desire, Will, Helmet
Bright, Lord Hanuman, New Achievement, A Desire for Something
Gift from God, Lord, Controller, Given
One who receives pain
Desire, Brilliant, Will, Dearly Loved Stronghold
Resolute, Determined Fame, Brave, Well-Known
God is Salvation, Prophet, Wish Desire, Another Name for Vishnu
Peace, The Trustworthy, Desire, Safety
Desire, Passionate, Cloud, Island
Bright, Desire, Will and Helmet, Protection
Sea of Sorrow, Lord Krishna's Devotee, The Word Mirus Which Means Wonderful, Glory
Truth of Life, God, With Great Desire and Wish
Nobleman, Noblewoman, Noble, Abbreviation of Patricia
Desirable, Object, Desire, Purpose
Clearing surrounded by box trees
Desire, Hazelnut, Variant of Medieval Given Names Avis and Aveline, Life
Desire, One who is Greatly Desired
Pleasure, Desire
Desire, Helmet, Resolute Protector, Protection
Desire and Protection, Will, Protect, Feminine Variant of William
Wishes, Desire, Wish, Lord is with You
Well-Known, Will-helmet, Honorable, God's Protection
Strong Desire, Brave, Resolute, Will
The Enemy of Desire
Strength, Courage, The One who Strives, Makes Effort, Desire
Protection, Safety, Desires Peace, Will
The Lord is just
Protection, Protect, Will Helmet, Form of William
Another Name for Krishna, Lord, Protector, Husband
Desire, Shiny, Brilliant, Resolute
The Enemy of Desire
Will, Lord Krishnas Devotee, The Word Mirus Which Means Wonderful, Prosperous
Composition, Helmet, Desire, Protection
Helmet, Protection, Desire, Will
The Longed-For, Desire, Aspire To, Desirable
Desire, A Prophets Name, The Biblical Moses is the English Language Equivalent
Desire, Aspiration
Favor, A Term of Endearment, Grace
Will Desire, Will-helmet, Protect, Valley
Desires, Wish, Desire, One who is Desired
Desire, Protection, Will and Helmet, Composition
Forest, Wish, Victory, Wit Which Means Wide
Composition, Will and Helmet, Desire, Protection
Protect, Protection, Resolute Protector, Form of Wilhelmina
Desire, Wish, Magnanimous, Indulgent
Unwavering Protector, Valley, Will-helmet, Will
Will and Helmet, Valley, Resolute Protector, Will-helmet
Protection, Will and Helmet, Unwavering Protector, Valley
The Enemy of Desire
Protection, Desire, Helmet, Composition
Desire, Who is Desirous of God, Wish
Resolute Protection, Composition, Helmet, Will
Kindness, Who Protects from Harm, Grace, Father of a Multitude or Many Nations
Shiny, Bright, Desire, Fame
Another Name for Krishna, God has Given, Protector, Giver
Lovelorn, Guide, Gentle
Protection, Helmet, Will, Desire
A Desire for Something, Bright, Lord Hanuman, Purpose
The Enemy of Desire
Craving, Wish, Love, Desire
With Great Desire and Wish, Truth of Life
Bright, Desire, Will
Kingly, Valley, Protection, King Like
Aspiration, Desire
Glorious, Powerful, Fortunate, Desire
Hope, Wishing, Desire
Wish, Hope, Desire
Desire, Will and Peace, Protection, Resolute
Desire, Well-Known, Composition, Famous
Feeble, Peaceful, Weak Poor, Tendon
Desire, Will, Helmet, Protection
Wonderful, Miroslawa, Lord Krishna's Devotee, Adorable
Form of William, Will and Helmet, Resolute Protector, Protection
Resolute Protector, Will Desire, Protect, Will-helmet
Kind, The Word Alma with the Meaning Soul, Honorable, Brave
Purity, Gift from God, Woman, One who Protects
Little man
Prophet, Desirable, Another Name for Vishnu, Wish Desire
Reward after long trouble, Joy, Happiness and English
Protector, Given by God, Another Name for Krishna, Give
Purpose, Lord Hanuman, A Desire for Something, Bright
Desire and Protection, Will, Protect, Feminine Variant of William
Glory, Will, Wonderful, Lord Krishnas Devotee
Will and Helmet, Feminine Variant of William, Resolute Protector, Protect
Hope, Desire, Wish, A Bird
Soul and King, Blackbird, Wonderful, Aristrocratic Lady
Desire, One who is Greatly Desired
Desire, Wish, Khwaish, Armaan
Giver, God has Given, Controller, Desire
Helmet, Composition, Desire, Protection
Desire, Army, Folk, Ruler
Protection, Will and Helmet, Composition, Desire
Protect, Will, Protection, Valley
Protection, Unwavering Protector, Protect, Will-helmet
Another Name for Krishna, Controller, Given by God, Giver
Like, Hope, Similar To, Life
Will and Helmet, Yahweh May Protect, He who Supplants, Holds the Heel
Crown, Desire
Will and Helmet, Unwavering Protector, Protection, Valley
To Move, Lute Player, Pet Form of Lavina, Vineyard
Giver, Gift, God Gave, Protector
Kingly, Valley, Protection, King Like
Grief, Desire, Distress
Castle, Brilliant, Will, Walled Stronghold
Want, Wish, Desire, Lord Shiva
Warn, Overflowing Spring, Little Noble One, Aristocratic
Desire, Will, Composition, Helmet
Hope, Desire
Peace, Aristrocratic Lady, The Word Mirus Which Means Wonderful, High-born Girl
Desire, Will and Helmet, Feminine Variant of William, Resolute Guardian
Helmet, Resolute Protector, Protect, Desire and Protection
Desire, Wish
Desired, Life-giving, Form of Evelyn, Helmet
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