Aden name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 16th, 2023
Gender: Unisex, both Boy and Girl
Origin: Old Irish and Celtic
Usage: Arabic and English
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Aden a-den
Meaning: Fire
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What does Aden mean?

Aden means Fire is used in English and Arabic has its roots in Celtic and Old Irish is used as a gender insensitive name . Aden is variant form of Aodh. Aodh is Scottish equivalent of Old Irish Áed = Fire. Of Celtic and Old Irish origin, Famed and Perennial Aodh is used majorly in Scottish and Irish, Aodh means "Fire and The Element Aed Meaning Fire". Aden is version of trendy Aidan. Aidan is version of Aodh. Aidan is English equivalent of Aodán. Aidan means Help and Fiery is originated from Old Irish and Celtic.

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How about the name Aden for a baby?

Aden is a unique and charming name for a baby boy or girl. It has its roots in Gaelic culture and means "little fire." This name is often associated with strong, fiery personalities who are passionate about their beliefs and stand up for what they believe in. Aden has a catchy sound with its two syllables and can be easily pronounced by people from different cultures. It's not too common, yet not too unfamiliar, making it a perfect choice for parents who want to give their child an uncommon but easy-to-remember name. If you're looking for a name that will make your little one stand out but not be too unconventional, Aden might be the perfect choice!

How do I pronounce Aden?

Two syllabled Aden is most commonly pronounced as a-den.

Variants of Aden

Adden, Aidan, Aodh, Aodán, Aaidan, Aidanjames, Egon, Áedán, Eegon, Egino

Names that rhyme with Aden

How popular is the name Aden?

Aden was among the popular names in United States. Since emerging in 1880 around 20047 babies have been given the name. When at its peak in 2006, it ranked 245th when 1404 parents chose the moniker for their baby boys. However after 138 years, the name is on free fall on the charts but still performing better than most of the names. Moreover, the moniker has been to the top 500 baby names 16 times

Aden is a familiar baby name in England and Wales, it has been in use since 1996 and was able to reach the top 400 names. In 2009, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 396 on boy names chart when 100 babies were given the name Aden. Over 980 people have been named Aden in England and Wales. Also, in France, it has been in use since 1991 and was able to reach the top 600 names. Recently in 2018, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 532 on boy names chart when 95 babies were named Aden. There are over 590 babies that have been given the name Aden in France.

However things change on global perspective, Aden is extremely popular in Somalia where every 1 in 200 have the name. Also the baby name is popular in Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia and Sudan. According to our research, over 190000 babies have been named Aden globally.

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Aden in Nordic countries

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Here's what numbers has to say about Aden

You are always excited about new beginnings, challenges, unexpected problems and complex situations that require thinking outside the box and finding a creative solution. There isn't a person you can't charm. You are dominant in your circle of friends. If letter A is your cornerstone, you are not into flirting much but like to get straight to the point. You love your freedom and respect other people's freedom too.

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Middle names for Aden

These are the familiar and recent middle names that we love for the name Aden.

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Sibling Names for Aden

Aden is a boy's name of Hebrew origin which means "handsome, adorned". This name has been popular in the recent years and is perfect for your baby boy. The following is a list of names ideal for siblings to Aden.

Sister to Aden

Names for Aden's brother

Famous people named Aden

  • Aden Abdullah Osman Daar, Somali politician
  • Aden Meinel, American astronomer
  • Aden Robleh Awaleh, Djiboutian politician and President of the National Democratic Party
  • Aden Ridgeway, member of the Australian Senate for New South Wales
  • Aden Gillett, British actor best
  • Aden, band which was heavily influenced by 1970s soft rock such as Steely Dan
  • Aden Hashi Farah, (died 1 May 2008{{cite news
  • Aden Ibrahim Aw Hirsi, Somali politician and author
  • Adena Panella in A Kiss Is More Than a Kiss as Actress
  • Aden Jaric in video Rough Play as Actor

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