Augustyn name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 9th, 2023
Gender: Boy
Origin: Latin
Usage: Polish
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Augustyn a(u)-gust-yn
Meaning: Majestic, Dignity, Grandeur, Great, Magnificent, Worthy of Respect, August Dignified Holy and The August
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What does Augustyn mean?

Used dominantly in Polish recent and offbeat, Augustyn is used as a boy name is rooted from Latin. Augustyn is a variation of venerable, admired and saintly Augustine. Augustine is a variation of loved and ever lasting August.

Also Augustine is form of eternal and prominent Augustina. Augustine is feminine version of Augustin. Augustine means Magnificent, August Dignified Holy and Great is rooted from Latin.

How do I pronounce Augustyn?

The most common way to pronounce three syllabled Augustyn is a(u)-gust-yn. aug(us)-tyn is another way(s) to say the name.

Variants of Augustyn

Augustine, Augustinus, Augustus, August, Augustina, Agosteen, Gustl, Augustin, Øystæinn, Agust, Austin, Augusta

Middle Names for Augustyn

Galy, Emmet, view more middle names that goes with Augustyn

Names that rhyme with Augustyn

How popular is the name Augustyn?

Augustyn is a rare baby name in United States where it is still in use. And also in England and Wales. Augustyn is a common name in Poland. As per our estimate, over 1000 babies have been bestowed Augustyn around the globe.



Numerological aspects of Augustyn

Unrestricted lifestyle is your mark. You know that without self-esteem, persistence, and passion, you are nothing. having the letter A as your cornerstone reveals your strong attitude and leadership. To have 7 as your soul urge number reflects the urge of your spirit to be free. People admire your charm and independent attitude about everything. You are always excited about new beginnings, challenges, unexpected problems and complex situations that require thinking outside the box and finding a creative solution.

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  •  Salomea - Largely used in Polish atypical, Salomea is used as a baby girl name. Its origin is in Hebrew and Greek, meaning of Salomea is "The Peaceful"
  •  Wlodzimierz - Wlodzimierz's meaning is Great, Famous or Rule has its origin in Old Slavic and Slavonic, used majorly in Polish is a baby boy name
  •  Eligia - Used particulary in Polish, Eligia is of Latin origin, Eligia means "The Word Eligere Which is of the Meaning to Choose" is a girl name
  •  Magia - Mostly used in Polish, Magia aimed at girls has its origin in Hebrew, meaning of Magia is "Villager of Galilee and Of Magdala". Magia is resultant of Magdalena.
  •  Czeslaw - The infrequent boy name Czeslaw means "Glory or Honor" is originated from Slavonic is used especially in Polish
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Sibling Names for Augustyn

If you're looking for a name that complements the uniqueness of "Augustyn," why not consider naming your newborn after their siblings? Here are some suggestions to create a cohesive and meaningful family name theme.

Names for Augustyn's sister

Names for Augustyn's brother

Famous people named Augustyn

  • Augustyn Kordecki, prior of the Jasna Góra Monastery, Poland
  • Augustyn Mirys, Polish painter
  • Augustyn Bloch, Polish composer and organist
  • Augustyn Józef Czartoryski, Polish noble
  • Augustyn Halotta, from 1980 comedy, drama film Paciorki jednego rózanca, who characterized Karol Habryka.

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