Matthias name meaning

Updated: March 20th, 2024
Gender: Boy
Origin: Hebrew
Usage: English, German, Greek, French, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: Mah-THY-usorMuh-TEE-us
Meaning: Gift of Yahweh and Gift of God
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What does Matthias mean?

Meaning of Matthias is Gift of the Lord or Gift of God used for baby boys used majorly in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Greek, French, German, English and Danish is originated from Hebrew.

Matthias is form of Matw in English and German languages. Also Matthias is form of Greek Ματθαιος Deriving from a Hebrew Name in Greek and Latin languages. It is celebrated on May 14th.

How do I pronounce Matthias?

The one syllabled name Matthias is pronounced, Mah-THY-usorMuh-TEE-us. There should be emphasis on second THY syllable while speaking. m(a)-tthias is the different way(s) to pronounce the name.

Variants of Matthias

Matthaeus, Matthaios, Diesel, Mats, Matthæus, Matheas, Maciej, Matthia, Matthieu

Middle Names for Matthias

Phineas, Afon, Reon, Abner, Fin, Tobias, view more middle names that goes with Matthias

Names that rhyme with Matthias

How popular is the name Matthias?

a popular name in United States having over 8682 recievers in 112 years of usage. At present at its peak, the moniker grabbed the 407th spot and 780 baby boys were given the name.

In addition to that, the name has been in the top 500 baby names 3 times Also, Matthias was a popular name in France. Over 15130 babies have been given the moniker in 52 years.

At its zenith in 2001, the moniker grabbed the 109th spot and 687 baby boys were given the name. However after 52 years, the name is currently sliding down on the charts.

Moreover, the moniker has been to the top 500 baby names 46 times

Matthias was a common name in Switzerland. Over 1347 babies have been named Matthias since 1998. At the peak of its usage in 1999,.

But after 21 years, the name has lost its appeal a bit and is now ranking low. Also, In Belgium, Matthias was once a common name since emerging in 1995 it has been given to over 3638 babies.

When at the peak of its usage in 1995,. However after 24 years, the name is on free fall on the charts.

Matthias is a familiar baby name in England and Wales, it has been in use since 1996 and was able to reach the top 600 names.

Recently in 2018, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 544 on boy names chart when 70 babies were named Matthias. Over 577 babies in England and Wales have been named Matthias.

Also, in Netherlands, in just 5 years, it has made it to the top 200 names. Recently in 2016, 91 babies were given Matthias and it reached its peak ranking, 182 on boy names chart.

Over 333 people have been named Matthias in Netherlands.

Matthias is an uncommon baby name in Ireland still in use today. However things change on global perspective, Matthias is extremely popular in Germany where every 1 in 400 have the name.

Also the baby name is popular in Austria. According to our findings, over 380000 babies have been named Matthias globally.

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Matthias in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

Numerological analysis of Matthias

Asking others to help you out is out of the question. You respond to occurrences in an unusual, impulsive but also creative way. Your main characteristics are determination, courage, and enterprise. Remember that you are not the only person who's struggling with something. And you are not alone as you think. Push yourself but not others who clearly don't like to be pushed but enjoy their comfort zone.

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Famous people named Matthias

  • Matthias Grünewald, German Renaissance painter of religious works
  • Matthias Gallas, Austrian soldier,
  • Matthias Maute, virtuoso recorder player and composer
  • Matthias Weckmann, German musician and composer of the Baroque period
  • Matthias Braun, sculptor and carver active in the Czech lands
  • Matthias II, Duke of Lorraine, was Duke of Lorraine from 1220 to his death
  • Matthias Abele, mine official and jurist in Steyer, Austria
  • Matthias Müller, German experimental filmmaker and curator
  • Matthias Castrén, Finnish ethnologist and philologist
  • Matthias Goerne, German baritone
  • Matthias Siejkowski, Polish/German rower
  • Matthias Rath, controversial doctor
  • Matthias Ringmann, Alsatian German cartographer and humanist poet
  • Matthias Ziegler, specializes
  • Matthias Tanner, was born at Pilsen in Bohemia on February 28
  • Matthias van den Gheyn, Flemish composer
  • Matthias Pintscher, German composer and conductor
  • Matthias Biedermann, German male skeleton racer
  • Matthias Faber, German Jesuit priest
  • Matthias Weischer, painter living in Leipzig
  • Matthias Zurbriggen, Swiss mountaineer
  • Matthias Ungemach, German rower, double World Champion and Olympian
  • Matthias Lupri, jazz musician who plays the vibraphone
  • Matthias Küntzel, German author and a political scientist
  • Matthias Buse, East German former ski jumper
  • Matthias Berninger, former German politician and member of The Greens
  • Matthias Geréb, ban of Croatia from 1483 to 1489
  • Matthias Evans Manly, jurist
  • Matthias Loy, American Lutheran theologian
  • Matthias Worch, German video game designer and computer graphics artist
  • Matthias Höfs, German trumpeter
  • Matthias Lexer, German lexicographer
  • Matthias Warnig, former member of the Stasi and currently the Managing Director of the Nord Stream AG
  • Matthias Mann, scientist
  • Matthias Richards, member of the United States House of Representatives
  • Matthias Kadar, composer
  • Matthias Leupold, German photographer and professor
  • Matthias Bamert, Swiss composer and conductor
  • Matthias Looß, German nordic combined skier
  • Matthias Noichl, Austrian cross country skier
  • Matthias Calonius, was Finland's most renowned jurist
  • Matthias Dahms, German virtuoso vibraphone and marimba soloist
  • Matthias Klemm, German painter and graphic artist
  • Matthias Joseph Scheeben, German Catholic theological writer and mystic
  • Matthias Johann Eisen, Estonian folklorist and
  • Matthias Withoos, Dutch painter of still lifes and city scenes, best
  • Matthias Lanzinger, Austrian retired alpine skier from Abtenau
  • Matthias Höpfner, German bobsledder who has competed since 1995
  • Matthias Jakob Schleiden, German botanist and co-founder of cell theory
  • Matthias de l'Obel, Flemish physician and botanist
  • Matthias Claudius, German poet and journalist
  • Matthias Ettrich, German computer scientist and founder of the KDE and LyX projects

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