Milly name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Girl
Origin: Latin, Old Greek, Old English and Germanic
Usage: English, Hindi, Italian, Scandinavian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: m(il)-ly
Meaning: Gentle Strength, Industrious, Variant of Melissa, Bee, Helper to the Priest, Rival, Laborious, Eager, Acolyte, Emulus, People and Loving
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What does Milly mean?

Pleasing and Evergreen girl name Milly is majorly used in English, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Italian, Scandinavian, Norwegian and Hindi. It is rooted from Latin, Germanic, Old English and Old Greek, meaning of Milly is "Gentle Strength, Industrious, Variant of Melissa, Bee, Helper to the Priest, Rival, Laborious, Eager, Acolyte, Emulus, People or Loving".

Milly is variant form of long standing and acclaimed Emilie. Emilie is variant form of illustrous and ceaseless Emilia. Emilie is form of Émilie in Nordic language. Emilie's meaning is The Element Aemulus Meaning Imitating Rivaling, Emulus and Imitating came from Latin.

Milly is version of timeless and lofty Milla. Milla is a variant of popular and venerable Mila. Also Milla is version of eternal and predominant Camilla. Milla is also variant form of preeminent and orthodox Milda.

Milla is also form of trendy and ceaseless Emilia. Milla is also variation of Amilia. Trendy and Enduring Milla is originated from Slavonic and Latin, Milla means "Love and Acolyte". Milly is version of unfading and desirable Melissa.

Melissa is Italian form of Melitta. Also Melissa is Latin cognate of Μελισσα. Prevailing and Evergreen Melissa has its origin in Irish and Old Greek, Melissa means "A Bee, Honey Bee and The Bee".

Milly is diminutive of Emily. Emily is variant form of EmilieAmelia. Emily is English cognate of Emilie. Also Emily is English form of Émilie. Meaning of Emily is Excel and Rivaling is of Latin origin.

Milly is short version of Mildred. Mildred is English cognate of Mildþryð. Widely Accepted and Evergreen Mildred has its origin in German and Old English, Mildred means "Gentle Adviser, Gentle Strength and Milde".

Milly is short version of Mildred. Mildred is English cognate of Mildþryð. Milly is short of Millicent. Millicent is variant form of imperishable and illustrous Melissa. Millicent is English equivalent of Melisande.

Millicent means Highborn Power, Of a Thousand Saints and Strong Worker is mainly used in English has its origin in Old Greek and Germanic. Milly is short form of Camilla. Camilla is feminine of Camillus.

Camilla's meaning is Religious, Noble and Attendant for a Temple is originated from Latin and Greek. Milly is celebrated on September 19th.

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How do I pronounce Milly?

The most common pronunciation of two syllabled Milly is m(il)-ly.

Variants of Milly

Camillus, Emilie, Melissa, Milla, Emilia, Émilie, Emmelie, Melitta, Lissi, Melina, Milicent, Melissamarie, Mila, Camilla, Milda, Amilia

Middle Names for Milly

Keyla, Janessa, Nelya, view more middle names that goes with Milly

How popular is the name Milly?

Milly is common in United States where over 2565 new-borns have been given the name since 1884. Presently the name is rising, in 1884, 129 girls were bestowed the name and it was ranked at 686th position.

Also, Milly used to be a common name in England and Wales, first appeared in 1996 and over 4802 babies have been given the name in 23 years. When at its peak in 2004,.

However after 23 years, the name is on free fall on the charts.

Milly is a unique baby name in France, it has been in use since 1974 and was able to reach the top 2000 names.

In 2010, it ranked 1354th when 31 girls were named Milly. Over 348 babies in France have been named Milly. Also, in Netherlands, in just 1 years, it has made it to the top 500 names.

Recently in 2019, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 460 on girl names chart when 28 babies were named Milly.

Milly is an uncommon baby name in Ireland, in use since 2000, peaked in 2004 when it ranked 304th.

Over 138 people have been named Milly in Ireland. It also recently appeared in Belgium baby girl names chart. Milly is a rare baby name in Netherlands where it is still in use.

But Milly is a popular baby name in Uganda where every 1 in 900 have the name. As per our research, over 60000 people has been named Milly globally.

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Milly in Nordic countries

First NameSecondary NameFirst NameSecondary Name

What numerology tells about Milly?

You are highly resourceful and respectful around people who value honesty, justice, and dreams. To have dreams you want to accomplish means having a reason to wake up in the morning. You have to understand that not everyone is so thrilled by the thought of changing the world for good. You are an exceptional person, a good listener for your friends and family, but shy as a lover. You lack adventure.

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Famous people named Milly

  • Milly Del Rubio,
  • Milly Quezada, multiple Latin Grammy-winning Dominican Merengue music singer
  • Milly Vitale, Italian actress
  • Milly Witkop, Ukrainian-born Jewish anarcho-syndicalist
  • Milly Moris in Fresh Jugs 6 as Actress
  • Milly Amorim in Females on Shemales 7 as Actress
  • Milly Zero in Chips as Actress
  • Milly Thomas in Woman in Gold as Actress
  • Milly Sanders in Meet Me in the Graveyard as Actress
  • Milly Carlucci is notable for her acting in movie Il pap'occhio
  • Milly Terriss, from 1915 crime film The Pursuing Shadow, who portrayed Millie Dexter.
  • In 1918 movie, La menzogna, Milly Della Silva characterized N.
  • In 1918 flick, Il velo della felicità, Milly Gioia characterized N.

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