Embracing Both Worlds - Unisex Baby Names Climbing Up the Popularity Charts

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In recent years, the number of unisex names has been on the rise. With more parents opting for gender-neutral combinations, these particular monikers are becoming increasingly popular among newborns and toddlers alike. From modern twist on traditional to newly formed pairings, this article looks at 30 of the currently trending unisex names you should consider when naming your little bundle of joy.

1.  Bellamy

Origin :  French
Meaning :  Handsome Friend
Births (in 2021) :  Boys: 443, Girls: 369

Bellamy has French/English roots stemming back centuries ago when people sought out virtue names that were not only pleasing sounding but also held religious ties- Bellamy carries these same characteristics today thanks largely by its implications signifying 'good friend'. A great way to honor close family ties while allowing your little ones individualism within their public persona!.

2.  Azariah

Origin :  Hebrew
Meaning :  Helped by God
Births :  Boys: 419, Girls: 375

Azariah comes from Hebrew origins signifying 'the Lord helps', offering modern families looking for something truly special, providing children with exciting roots they can proudly carry forward into adulthood!.

3.  Murphy

Origin :  Gaelic
Meaning :  Sea Warrior
Births :  Boys: 212, Girls: 398

Murphy is Gaelic in origin meaning 'sea warrior'. This strong yet universal pick holds great appeal due to its positive associations with strength and courage - truly perfect for any parent seeking out an inspiring moniker full of heartwarming significance!

4.  Sevyn

Origin :  English
Meaning :  Number 7
Births :  Boys: 215, Girls: 441

Sevyn offers modern parents something truly unique in terms of naming options - this trendy moniker has impressive staying power due to its cutting edge aesthetic combined with short yet catchy syllables! Versatile enough for any ethnicity group but still totally distinct - what's not to love?

5.  Ellis

Origin :  Welsh
Meaning :  Kind, Benevolent
Births :  Boys: 1027, Girls: 500

Ellis comes from Celtic origins and means "kind" or "compassionate." A widely accepted unisex pick with an uplifting message attached to its roots, Ellis provides parents with creative ways to honor family members or friends without having to choose just one gender specific title!

6.  Legacy

Origin :  English
Meaning :  Heritage, Inherited from ancestors
Births :  Boys: 366, Girls: 720

Legacy is not only one directionally trending choice but also holds potential future implications - making it hugely attractive without ever having those intentions explicitly stated! Another bonus point? That it works equally well on either side if you are keeping things gender neutral.

7.  Shiloh

Origin :  Hebrew
Meaning :  Tranquil, abundance
Births :  Boys: 477, Girls: 768

Shiloh largely remains an unusual choice but nonetheless still packs plenty of charm when used - perhaps made even more noteworthy thanks to Angelina Jolie giving this Biblical title-name (meaning "peaceful") to her daughter back in 2006.

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8.  Rory

Origin :  Gaelic
Meaning :  Red king
Births :  Boys: 1130, Girls: 789

Rory may be best known as short form for Roderick but now it stands successfully on its own merits too having been chosen more frequently by parents over recent years; so much so that it is among the top 1000 list of both Boys and Girls since 2013!

9.  Remington

Origin :  English
Meaning :  From the ridge town, Raven's town
Births :  Boys: 1585, Girls: 890

Remington offers parents looking for something modern yet classic a great choice if they don't want their child's gender getting revealed at first glance when they hear their child's name!

10.  Amari

Origin :  Sanskrit, Yoruban, Hebrew
Meaning :  Eternal, Strength, Promised by God
Births :  Boys: 82, Girls: 68

Amari is one relatively new unisex having multiple origins, firstly in Indian name Amar, which means "immortal" in Sanskrit language. In Latin, Amari stands for "to be loved" and in African-Yorban, it means "strength".

11.  Sage

Origin :  Latin
Meaning :  Wise
Births :  Boys: 722, Girls: 1656

Sage has become quite popular recently due to its spiritual connotations. It comes from the Latin word meaning “wise” or “sage” and works well both as a stand-alone moniker or part of a longer compound baby name such as Sagely or Sagelynn.

12.  Charlie

Origin :  English
Meaning :  Free man
Births :  Boys: 1988, Girls: 2202

Although Charlie is traditionally thought of as a male name, it has also become popular among females recently. It is taken from the diminutive form of any man's name beginning with the letter “C” and derives from the Middle English word for "man."

13.  Parker

Origin :  Old English
Meaning :  Park keeper
Births :  Boys: 3823, Girls: 2406

Parker has been gaining traction as a unisex name in recent years. Its origins can be traced back to an English surname which derived from a French occupational name for a park-keeper.

14.  River

Origin :  English
Meaning :  Flowing body of water
Births :  Boys: 3455, Girls: 1862

River is increasingly being chosen by parents as an attractive unisex name. This water-related name conjures up images of flowing streams, evoking tranquility and peacefulness.

15.  Oakley

Origin :  English
Meaning :  From the Oak field
Births :  Boys: 768, Girls: 1524

Oakley is another unisex choice that has grown in popularity in recent years, likely because of its strength and natural associations with nature symbolism like power and wisdom coupled with ruggedness and resilience.

16.  Sutton

Origin :  English
Meaning :  Southern homestead
Births :  Boys:541, Girls: 1243

Sutton is another trendy unisex option that brings to mind images of grand ancestral homes. It can be used both for boys and girls but might have more appeal among female audiences due to its softer sound overall.

17.  Tatum

Origin :  English
Meaning :  Tata's homestead
Births :  Boys: 834, Girls: 1125

Tatum is quickly rising in popularity on both sides of the gender spectrum due to its unique sound, positive connotations associated with success, vitality and independence, intelligence and determination all packed into two simple syllables!

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18.  Reign

Origin :  English
Meaning :  Rule, Sovereign
Births :  Boys: 454, Girls: 884

Reign rose into popularity at the end of 2015 when actress Kourtney Kardashian gave her son this regal sounding title-name. Meaningful yet modern sounding all at once this strong title could work wonderfully on either gender!

19.  Emory

Origin :  English
Meaning :  Brave, Powerful
Births :  Boys: 291, Girls: 650

Emory is a unique gender-neutral name that’s rising in popularity. It likely derives from the ancient Germanic word erm, meaning “whole” or “universal.” Emory has been used for both male and female characters in literature and television, giving it an egalitarian appeal.

20.  Salem

Origin :  Arabic, Hebrew
Meaning :  Peace
Births :  Boys: 359, Girls: 611

Salem is a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin meaning “peaceful.” Its popularity surged after the cult classic TV show Little Witches featured a character by this name.

21.  Briar

Origin :  English
Meaning :  Thorny Bush
Births :  Boys: 361, Girls: 594

Briar is an English unisex name derived from Old English English word which mean “thorny plant.” Briar has seen steady growth in recent years as an alternative to more traditional names such as Brooke or Brianne.

22.  Dior

Origin :  French
Meaning :  Golden
Births :  Boys: 262, Girls: 562

Dior is currently one of the most popular gender-neutral names, although it can be used for either boys or girls all over the world. It comes from French origins meaning "golden".

23.  Remy

Origin :  French
Meaning :  Oarsmen
Births :  Boys: 901, Girls: 550

Remy is derived from the Latin remigius meaning "rowing," making this appealing unisex option perfect for parents looking to give their child a meaningful and artistic image that still stands out among traditional naming styles today!

24.  Milan

Origin :  Slavic, Sanskrit
Meaning :  Favor, Grace, Union
Births :  Boys: 826, Girls: 452

Milan is an attractive unisex option that originates from Sanskrit language. It is also the name of one of the popular Italian city. THe moniker rose to fame when pop singer Shakira named her son Milan in 2013.

25.  Denver

Origin :  French, English
Meaning :  Green Valley
Births :  Boys: 577, Girls: 364

Denver has Native American origins signifying 'green valley' , easily making this vibrant choice stand out amongst other more common titles today. With Denver, children receive a cherished opportunity at further exploring nature's beauty while also having access too much more than just one language's traditions at once!

26.  True

Origin :  English
Meaning :  Real, Genuine
Births :  Boys: 190, Girls: 215

True/Tru is a unisex name which has seen an increase in popularity due to its sound and simplicity, making it an easy choice for parents seeking something unique without straying too far from the traditional.

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27.  Quincy

Origin :  Old French
Meaning :  Fifth born
Births :  Boys: 435, Girls: 218

Quincy is an American unisex name which originated as a surname with French origins. With its regal and heroic connotations, it’s no surprise that Quincy has become a popular choice for both sides of the gender spectrum.

28.  Kacey

Origin :  Irish
Meaning :  Vigilant
Births :  Boys: 217, Girls: 208

Kacey is a modern unisex name which has risen in popularity over recent years. It is thought to have originated from the Irish surname O'Ceasaigh, and is an alternate spelling of the name Casey. This name is perfect for parents who are looking for a unique and distinctive unisex option that won't go out of style anytime soon.

29.  Ripley

Origin :  Old English
Meaning :  Strip of clearing in the woods
Births :  Boys: 76, Girls: 171

Derived from the Old English word "ripleah", this uncommon yet stylish choice is perfect for parents looking to add a touch of originality to their baby's name. Additionally, Ripley boasts strong historical connections with Yorkshire, England as it was used as a surname there in pre-Victorian times.

30.  Ocean

Origin :  Greek
Meaning :  Sea
Births :  Boys: 365, Girls: 308

Ocean holds immense potential when it comes too gender neutral titles due mostly because it derives itself so perfectly across multiple languages allowing widescale access ability regardless if you're living abroad! Plus how could you not love such calming connotations surrounding your growing bundle?

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