Names that mean Friendly

Updated: June 5th, 2024

Do you hope your baby will grow up to be a friendly, sociable individual, radiating warmth to everyone they meet? How about choosing a name that means 'friendly'? Welcome to our list of baby names that mean 'friendly'. These names are brimming with friendliness and good vibes.

Take for instance, the name Amico, an Italian name that means 'friend'. Or the classic name David, a Hebrew name that signifies 'beloved', often associated with friendliness. Can you sense the friendliness these names radiate? Excited to explore more? Let's dive in!

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Kind, Beneficent, Exalted, Precious and Distinguished
Precious and Distinguished, Friendly, High-born, Exalted
Clearing surrounded by box trees
Companion, Girlfriend, Compassionate Friend, Form of Anna
Favour, Graceful, Form of Anna, He (God) Was Gracious
Friendliness, Happiness, Friendliness, Affection, Indestructible
Lake, Adornment, Waterfall, Kind
Gentle, Fragility, Beautiful Serpent, Pretty
Mother, Rebellion, Wished-for Child, To Increase
Loveable, Supreme, Of Good Company, Affectionate
Friendly, Tree, Young
God has Favoured Me, Form of Anna, Graceful, Gracious
Gentle, Lake, A Cascade, Dwells by the Torrent
Friendly, The Word Eilun with the Meaning Likeness Image Idol, Gentle, Lin
Kindness, Good, Goddess, Mercy
Strong, Possibly: the Friendly, Spear and Hard, Gentle
Pity, Light, Friendly, Kindness
Diminutive of Mary, Waterfall, Pool, T
Well-Known, Will-helmet, Honorable, God's Protection
Friendly, Affectionate, Of Good Company, Close
Favour, Gracious, Graceful, Priceless
A Cascade, Pool, Lake, The Most Beautiful Stone
Pool, Waterfall, Great, A Cascade
Linde, Beauty, Pretty One, Noble
Mercy, Grace, Filled with Goods, Friendly
Waterfall, Pool, Rebellion, Gentle
Beautiful, Encouragement, Friendly
Friendly, The Sun, Friend
Confidant, Friend or Companion, Repentant, Regretful
The Word Llyn Which is of the Meaning Lake, Waterfall, Gentle, A Cascade
Gentle Kind Pleasant, Benevolent, Subtle, With Gentleness
Friendly Elf, Grace, Ladylike, Polite
Friendly, Gentle, Lin, The Word Eilun with the Meaning Likeness Image Idol
A Friendly Man, Bow to God, Bowing, Salutation
Season, Friendly, Refreshment, Favour
Pretty, Pool, Gentle, Dwells by the Torrent
Diminutive of Mary, Waterfall, Pool, T
Noble, Beautiful, Linde, Pretty One
Supreme, Friendly, Lover, Smart One
Pool, Waterfall, Great, A Cascade
Beautiful, Noble, Linde, Friendly
Dwells by the Torrent, Pond, Waterfall, Lion
Friendly, Loved Friend
Unique, Friend, Boundless, Limitless
Beloved, Friendly, Shining Star
Gentle Beloved, Peace, Shining Star, Friendly
English, Friendly, Pond, Beautiful
The Element Nadama with the Meaning to Drink, Entertaining, Repents, Friend
Army, Warrior, Gentle, Friendly
Gentle, Lake, Friendly, Church
Friendly, Forbearing, Gentle, Patient
The Element Ariy Which Means Lion, Brave, Exalted, Pool
Noise, From Kikuyu, Lucky, Echo of Forests
Friendly, Sociable
God's Favor, Good will, Grace, Form of Anna
Season, Friendly, Refreshment, Favour
Kind, The Word Alma with the Meaning Soul, Honorable, Brave
Grace, Homeland, Graceful, Gracious
Heritage, The Word Leifr with the Meaning Heir Descendent, To be Clever, Descendant
Affable, Friendly
Lake, Lin, Dwells by the Torrent, Pool
Fifth Month of the Year, Bitterness, Wished-for Child, Waterfall
Pity, Friendly, Mercy, Goddess
Love, Affection, Wife of Rishi Sandeep, Affectionate
Friendly, God of Love, Gentle Strength
Gracious, Favour, Graceful, Priceless
Kind, Well-Born, Friendly, Blessed
Generous, Humane, Kind, Beneficent
Good, Friendly, Pure, The Clear the Refined
Friendly, Sweet, Friendship
Friendly, Noble, Balcony, Gentle
Pond, Beauty, Lin, Lake
Friendly, Branch, Most Beautiful, Tributary
Continuous, Friendly, Uninterrupted, One who is Supreme
Friendly, Linden Wood Shield, Honorable, Gentle
Name of a Woman Scholar, Friendly
Daughter-in-law, Waterfall, Yahweh May Protect, Supplanter
Friendly, Kind, Benign
Good will, Love, Thank You, Kindness
Favour, Form of Anna, Priceless, Wisdom
Friendly, Desired
Pretty, Lake, Friendly, Dwells by the Torrent
Friendly, Close Friend, Companion, Genial
Friendly, From the Friend's Village
Friendly, Charm, Priceless, Good will
Prophetess, Friendly
Friendly, The Word Eilun with the Meaning Likeness Image Idol, Lin, Gentle
Lake, The Lion, Pond, Pretty
Melissa, Black, Gentle, Very Beautiful
Blessed Poetry, Dark, Priceless, Black
A Cascade, Daughter-in-law, Dwells by the Torrent, Lake
Noble, Generous, The Merciful Being, Beneficent, Kind
Love, Extremely Beautiful, Affection, Handsome
Beneficent, The Merciful Being, Generous, Form of Kareem
Unmatched, Tributary, Helper, Friendly
A Warm, Friendly Woman
Grace, Graceful, Friendly, God has Favoured Me
Pretty, Lake, Lin, One who Supplants
Name of a Place, Deer Hunter or Archer, Priceless, Favour
Kind, Gentle
Goddess Lakshmi, Friendly
Friendly, Sociable
Well and peaceful
Sweet, People, Friendly
Pretty, Soft, Dwells by the Torrent, Tender
Tradition, Form of Anna, He (God) Was Gracious, Friendly
Friendly, Lovely, Caressing, Flattering
Graceful, Disciple of Christ, Food, Anointed
Friendly, Hero
Friend, Friendly
Beautiful, A Beloved Friend, Angels Daughter, Friendly
Friendly, Generosity, Generous, Prophets Grandfather
Shield of Linden Wood, Friendly, Gentle, Spear
Sister, Brotherly, From the Same Blood, He (God) Was Gracious
Love, Warm Hearted, Friendly, Cheerful
One who has a Beautiful Body, Soul Mate, The Friendly, A Good Friend
Form of Anna, Gracious, Congenial, Friendly
Home-loving, Hospitable and Friendly, You are Kind
Distinguished, Noble, Helmet, Desire
Friendly, Gentle, Linde, Beautiful
Friendly, Noble
One of Friendly and Likable Nature, A Fragrant Breeze
Friendly, Gentle, Victory
Boastful, Name of Ganapati, Warrior, Gift
Lake, Lin, Dwells by the Torrent, Pool
Gracious, Friendly, Mercy, Lily
An Enclosed Yard, Mighty with a Spear, Keeper of the Garden, Gentle
Friendly, Gracious, Priceless, Grace
Basically Very Knowledge and Skill This Person....And Then Trust of God, Sun
Graceful, Disciple of Christ, Food, Anointed
God is Beautiful, People, Gentle, Friendly
Friendly, Lovely, Dewdrop, Peace
One who Distinguishes Truth from Falsehood, Correct Decision Maker, Good Person, Power of Discrimination
Friendship, Sweet, Friendly
Desired, Pleasant, Friendly
Good, The Clear the Refined, Friendly, Pure
Learning, Sagacity, One who is Merciful and Foreseeing, Wisdom
God has Favoured Me, Favour, Gracious, Lily
Gentle, Beauty, Pretty One, Friendly
Fight, He (God) Was Gracious, Graceful, Favour
Friendly, The Word Eilun with the Meaning Likeness Image Idol, Gentle, Lin
Friendly, Mercy, Grace, He (God) Was Gracious
Friendly, Victory and Sweet, Gentle
Wisdom, Pure-Minded, Good Minded, Unity
Grace, Form of Anna, Gracious, Priceless
Noble, Beauty, Gentle, Pretty One
Lily, He (God) Was Gracious, Favour, Graceful
Lovely, Friendly, Flattering
Mercy, Graceful, Black, God has Favoured Me
Beautiful Angel of God, Friendly
Giver, Aristocratic, Individual, Monk
Linde, Pretty One, Friendly, Beautiful
The Element Bella Which Means Beautiful, Pretty, Fragility, Friendly
Noble, Beautiful, Beauty, Linde
Friendly, Good
Friendly, Lady, Pool, Pond
Crowned with Laurels, Graceful, The Bay, Kingdom of Loather
Gracious, Mercy, Grace, Friendly
Gentle, Lake, Friendly, Pretty
Praise, Woman from Jehud, He (God) Was Gracious, Form of Anna
Friendly, With God, Lord Buddha, Name of a Previous Chief Army Guard
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