Alexandros name meaning

✍  Updated on: March 21st, 2023
Gender: Boy
Origin: Old Greek
Usage: Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Alexandros a-lexa-ndros
Meaning: Defender of Men and He Who Wards Off (Other) Men
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What does Alexandros mean?

Curious boy name Alexandros is used majorly in Greek, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish, meaning of Alexandros is "Defender of Men or He Who Wards Off (Other) Men" is of Old Greek origin.

Alexandros is Greek form of Alexander.

Does Alexandros work as a baby name?

Alexandros is a popular baby boy name of Greek origin that has been widely used for centuries. It has a strong and powerful meaning, referring to a man who is a defender and warrior.

This name is unique in that it embodies both strength and protection, making it an excellent choice for parents looking to give their child an empowering name. Alexandros also has a timeless quality to it, ensuring that it will remain relevant and meaningful for many years to come.

With its rich history and significance, it's no wonder why this name continues to be so popular among parents around the world.

How do I pronounce Alexandros?

Three syllabled Alexandros is pronounced as a-lexa-ndros. Some people pronounce it as alex(an)-dros.

Variants of Alexandros

Alexander, Alastair, Alister, Alek, Davidalexander, Alexanderjames, Alyster, Alec, Alexius, David

Names that rhyme with Alexandros

How popular is the name Alexandros?

Alexandros is a familiar baby name in United States, it has been in use since 1960 and was able to reach the top 2000 names. In 1977, it ranked 1905th when 60 boy were named Alexandros.

Over 1496 babies in United States have been named Alexandros. Also, in England and Wales, it has been in use since 1996 and was able to reach the top 700 names.

In 1997, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 613 on boy names chart when 51 babies were named Alexandros. There are over 583 babies that have been given the name Alexandros in England and Wales.

Alexandros is an uncommon baby name in France, its highest ever rank is 1921 (1989) in its 14 years run on France naming chart. In Belgium, it has been in use since 1996 and peaked in 1996 when it ranked 782nd.

But Alexandros is a popular baby name in Greece where every 1 in 200 have the name. According to our evaluation, at least 60000 people have been bestowed Alexandros around the globe.

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Alexandros in Nordic countries

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Numerological aspects of Alexandros

You can win anyone's attention with your charm. You are prone to being uncomfortable and unable to relax. You are the most active, livingly human being in your surroundings. You need to open up and allow your closest ones to enter your real world. You are hard-working by nature and success drives you. You believe only people who love and respect themselves are able to truly love and respect any other living being on earth.

Other names similar to Alexandros, for soon-to-be-parents

  •  Iti - Used chiefly in Telugu and Malayalam, Iti aimed at both boys and girls, Iti means "Last, A New Beginning or End" is originated from Old Greek
  •  Lean - Originated from English and Old Greek, Trendy Lean bestowed upon both sexes which is used principally in Finnish and German, Lean means "Lion of a Man or Man of the People"
  •  Kalidas - Unisex name Kalidas is substantially used in Sanskrit, Bengali and Telugu which came from Sanskrit, meaning of Kalidas is "Great Poet, The Poet or Servant of the Goddess Kali"
  •  Timoteo - The infrequent boy name Timoteo means "God the Honourable or Honoring God" is originated from Old Greek is primarily used in Italian and Spanish
  •  Hede - Meaning of Hede is Battle or War used for girls and of Old Greek, Germanic and Old High German origin is especially used in German
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Sibling Names for Alexandros

Looking for a sibling name to go with Alexandros? Look no further! Here are some options that complement the strong and classic sound of Alexandros. From traditional to modern, there's sure to be a name on this list that fits your family's style.

Names for Alexandros's sister

Brother to Alexandros

Famous people named Alexandros

  • Alexandros Karageorgiou, archer from Greece
  • Alexandros Papadiamantis, influential Greek novelist
  • Alexandros Nikolopoulos, Greek weightlifter
  • Alexandros Nikolaidis, Greek taekwondo athlete
  • Alexandros Soutsos, Greek poet from a prominent Phanariote family
  • Alexandros Schinas, assassinated King George I of Greece in 1913
  • Alexandros Soutzos, Phanariote Greek who ruled as Prince of Moldavia
  • Alexandros Tzannis, Greek painter
  • Alexandros Koumoundouros, Greek politician
  • Alexandros Zaimis, Greek Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior
  • Alexandros Koryzis, Prime Minister of Greece briefly in 1941
  • Alexandros Chalkokondylis, Greek athlete
  • Alexandros Theofilakis, Greek shooter
  • Alexandros Mavrokordatos, Greek statesman and member of the Mavrocordatos family of Phanariotes
  • Alexandros Rizos Rangavis, Greek man of letters, poet and statesman
  • Alexandros Papagos, Greek Army officer
  • Alexandros Panagoulis, Greek politician and poet
  • Alexandros Panayi, Greek Cypriot singer, composer, lyricist, producer
  • Alexandros Papadimitriou, Greek hammer thrower
  • Alexandros Tatsis, retired Greek football player
  • Alexandros Margaritis, racing driver
  • Alexandros Papanastasiou, Greek politician, lawyer and sociologist
  • Alexandros Pagalis, Greek footballer currently playing for Asteras Petriti F.C.
  • Alexandros Tziolis, Greek professional footballer
  • Alexandros Tzorvas, retired Greek footballer
  • Alexandros Diomidis, governor of the Central Bank of Greece
  • Alexandros Svolos, prominent Greek legal expert,
  • Alexandros Othonaios, distinguished Greek general,
  • Alexandros Christofis, Greek painter
  • Alexandros Garpozis, is retired Cypriot football midfielder
  • Alexandros Tzanetos in Keep Your Distance as Actor
  • Alexandros Khalkokondilis, was a Greek athlete.
  • Actor Alexandros Antonopoulos, noted for TV series Mama kai gios
  • Alexandros Kollatos, from 1993 drama flick Kokkino triantafyllo sou ekopsa, who portrayed the Alkis.
  • Alexandros Parthenis characterized vital character of Paris in 2003 comedy, romance film I Liza kai oloi oi alloi.
  • In 2005 comedy flick, Tsiou..., Alexandros Parisis characterized Tsiou.

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