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Ekaterina name meaning

Gender: Girl
Origin: Old Greek
Usage: Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
Pronunciation: pronunciation of Ekaterina e-kateri-na
Meaning: The Pure
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What does Ekaterina mean?

Unwonted Ekaterina came from Old Greek, meaning of Ekaterina is "The Pure", used notably in Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Finnish and Danish is a baby girl name . Ekaterina is version of virtuous Jekaterina. Jekaterina is variation of celebrated Karine. Jekaterina is Russian cognate of Katharina. Also Jekaterina is Russian and Latin cognate of The Greek Name Αικατερινη. Originated from Old Greek, Odd Jekaterina, Jekaterina means "The Pure". Ekaterina is derivative of Karine. Karine is variation of preeminent Carina. Also Karine is form of well-liked Karin. Karine is also form of well-liked Karina. Karine is German and English cognate of Carine. Also Karine is English form of Cara. Karine is also English and German form of Carine. Karine is also equivalent of Carina in German language. Karine is also form of Karen in French and Russian languages. Karine is also form of Karina in English language. Odd Karine's origin is Old Greek, Italian and Latin, meaning of Karine is "The Pure, Pretty and Beloved".

How do I pronounce Ekaterina?

You can pronounce the three syllabled name Ekaterina as e-kateri-na. ek(a)-te-rina is another way(s) to say the name.

Variants of Ekaterina

Aikaterine, Cateline, Katharina, Jekaterina, Karine, Ekatarina, Catharina, Ecaterina

Names that rhyme with Ekaterina

How popular is the name Ekaterina?

Ekaterina is a unique baby name in United States, it has been in use since 1981 and was able to reach the top 4000 names. In 2000, it ranked 3330th when 43 girls were named Ekaterina. There are over 860 babies that have been given the name Ekaterina in United States. Ekaterina is an uncommon baby name in England and Wales, although it has been in use since 1996 but could not make beyond the top 2000. Over 167 people have been named Ekaterina in England and Wales. It also recently appeared in Ireland baby girl names chart. In France, it has been in use since 1996 and achieved its top ranking of 2912 in 2005.

Ekaterina is a rare baby name in Belgium however it is still in use. However things change on global perspective, Ekaterina is extremely popular in Russia where every 1 in 70 have the name as well as in, Ukraine, Belarus and Uzbekistan. Also the baby name is popular in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Germany and Israel. At least, 3210000 people globally have been given the name as per our evaluation.

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Ekaterina in Nordic countries

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Numerological analysis of Ekaterina

If you want to play with the big players, act like one. The capstone of your name reveals your true personality, your skills, and unique abilities. You are trustworthy and hate liars who obsess over material things. You are a blessed person even if you don't know it yet. In order to achieve something great and unseen so far, you have to rely on your talents, creativity, and intuition. You can hardly resist a temptation, a trait which affects your relationships in a negative way.

Other names similar to Ekaterina

  •  Klaes - Boy name Klaes is originated from Old Greek and is used prevalently in Frisian, Norwegian and Danish languages, meaning of Klaes is "Nikolaus"
  •  Dima - Especially used in Danish and Norwegian atypical, Dima aimed at both sexes which of Arabic, Old Greek and Germanic origin, meaning of Dima is "Down Pour, The Rainy Cloud or Gentle Rain"
  •  Chloe - Used particulary in Swedish and English long standing and widely accepted, Chloe is of Old Greek origin, Chloe means "Young Shoot, Young Girl or Green Shoot" is aimed at both sexes
  •  Althena - Unfading and Acclaimed Althena dominantly is used in English is a girl name is rooted from English and Old Greek. Althena is equivalent of Ana in English language
  •  Theoni - Infrequent and Modernistic Theoni has its origin in Old Greek is majorly used in Greek, Theoni means "Godly" is used as a girl name
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Middle names for Ekaterina

These are the popular and familiar middle names that we love for the name Ekaterina.

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Famous people named Ekaterina

  • Ekaterina Karsten, Belarusian rower, a seven-time Olympian
  • Ekaterina Anikeeva, Russian water polo player
  • Ekaterina Dafovska, Bulgarian biathlete
  • Ekaterina Maximova, Soviet and Russian ballerina of international renown
  • Ekaterina Zaikina, Russian former ice dancer
  • Ekaterina Gordeeva, Russian figure skater
  • Ekaterina Atalik, Russian-Turkish chess player
  • Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Vasilieva, Russian water polo player
  • Ekaterina Bychkova, is retired tennis player from Russia
  • Ekaterina Savova-Nenova, Bulgarian painter, married to Ivan Nenov
  • Ekaterina Bobrova, Russian ice dancer
  • Ekaterina Davydova, Russian former competitive ice dancer
  • Ekaterina Galkina, Russian curler
  • Ekaterina Rubleva, Russian former competitive ice dancer
  • Ekaterina Vinogradova, Russian-born biathlete and cross-country skier
  • Ekaterina Karabasheva, was born on 19 August 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Ekaterina Kozireva, Russian former competitive figure skater
  • Ekaterina Ananina, badminton player from Russia
  • Ekaterina Makarova, Russian professional tennis player
  • Ekaterina Kramarenko, Russian artistic gymnast
  • Ekaterina Gradova in Seriya 3 as Actress
  • Ekaterina Astakhova in Ballada o bombere as Actress
  • Ekaterina Bishop in Life of James Douglas as Actress
  • Ekaterina Pirogovskaya in La Mime as Actress
  • Ekaterina Stoyanova in Eliza Graves as Actress
  • Ekaterina Kuznetsova in Bystree, chem kroliki as Actress
  • Ekaterina Ageeva in Headlong as Actress
  • Ekaterina Volkova in Episode #1.15 as
  • Actor Ekaterina Simonova, known for TV series Line of Defense
  • Ekaterina Cherepukhina, from 2013 drama flick Voyna Printsessy, who played the N.
  • Ekaterina Durova, from 1992 action flick Gradus chyornoy Luny, who played N.
  • In 2009 drama, musical film, Laskovyy may, Ekaterina Fedulova characterized Lilya.
  • In 1977 drama film, Povest o neizvestnom aktyore, Ekaterina Grazhdanskaya played Katya.
  • In 1981, Ekaterina Korabelynik played the role of N in drama film Rishad - vnuk Zify.
  • Ekaterina Medvedeva played leading character of Lili in 1993 drama flick Ya vinovat.
  • In 1956 comedy, musical film, V odin prekrasnyy den, Ekaterina Savinova characterized Yekaterina Voropay.
  • In 1943 musical, war movie, Novgorodtsy, Ekaterina Sipavina characterized Katya.
  • In 1991 romance film, Pobeg na kray sveta, Ekaterina Strizhenova portrayed Mariya.
  • Ekaterina Temnikova played the leading character of N in 1991 flick Alenkiy tsvetochek.
  • In 1983, Ekaterina Valyuzhinich portrayed the role of N in romance, war flick Ya vas dozhdus.
  • Ekaterina Yudina, from 1983 drama, romance flick Voenno-polevoy roman, who portrayed Kat'ka.
  • In 2001 comedy movie, Taynoye svidaniye, Ekaterina Zinchenko portrayed Katya.
  • Ekaterina Klimova, from 2010 action and adventure film My iz budushchego 2, who played Nurse Nina Polyakova.
  • Ekaterina Guseva played the leading role of Olga in 2012 action movie Brigada: Naslednik.
  • In 2007 drama, horror film, Myortvye docheri, Ekaterina Shcheglova characterized Anna.
  • In 1991 comedy flick, Mumiya iz chemodana, Ekaterina Goltyapina characterized N.

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