Katelin name meaning

Updated: May 30th, 2024
Gender: Girl
Origin: Old Greek
Usage: English
Pronunciation: k(a)-te-lin
Meaning: The Pure and Torture
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What does Katelin mean?

Katelin's meaning is Pure or Torture is principally used in English and is bestowed upon baby girls is originated from Old Greek. Katelin is variant of frequently used Karine. Karine is variant of frequently used Carina.

Also Karine is form of noteworthy Karin. Karine is also a version of well-known Karina. Karine is equivalent of Carine in German and English languages. Also Karine is English equivalent of Cara.

Karine is also English and German equivalent of Carine. Karine is also form of Carina in German language. Karine is also Russian and French equivalent of Karen. Karine is also equivalent of Karina in English language.

Famous Old Greek, Italian and Latin Karine, meaning of Karine is "The Pure, Dear and Pretty". Katelin is variant of saintly and widely accepted Caitlin. Caitlin is variation of outstanding Karine.

Caitlin is a derivative of Catherine. Caitlin is Irish form of Katharina. Also Caitlin is Gaelic and English form of Catheline, an Old French Form of Katharina. Customary Caitlin has its origin in Old Greek, Caitlin means "Girls and The Pure".

Katelin is a spelling variant of Kaitlin. Kaitlin is form of loved and pious Caitlin. Also Kaitlin is variation of pious and admired Kate. Kaitlin is also version of eminent Karine.

Kaitlin is also variant of famous, virtuous and timeless Katie. Kaitlin is another transcription of Caitlin. Kaitlin is Irish cognate of Katharina. Kaitlin means The Pure and Girls is originated from Old Greek is chiefly used in English and Irish.

How do I pronounce Katelin?

The proper pronunciation of three syllabled Katelin is k(a)-te-lin.

Variants of Katelin

Aikaterine, Cateline, Katharina, Caitlin, Karine, Caelyn, Katleen, Kaitlin, Carina, Karin, Karina, Carine, Cara, Karen, Cate, Catheryn

How popular is the name Katelin?

Katelin used to be a common name in United States, first appeared in 1977 and over 8883 babies have been given the name in 42 years. At the peak of its usage in 1993,.

However the graph is now showing a downward trend after 42 years. Katelin is a unique baby name in England and Wales, it has been in use since 1996 and was able to reach the top 700 names.

In 2006, it achieved its highest ever ranking of 696 on girl names chart when 45 babies were named Katelin. There are over 423 babies that have been given the name Katelin in England and Wales.

Katelin is an uncommon baby name in Ireland and may not be used now. Also, Katelin is a familiar name in Canada. According to our research, at least 9000 people have been bestowed Katelin around the globe.

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Numerological analysis of Katelin

You have a plan on changing the world. However, in order to do it, teach people how to change themselves first. The letter K as a cornerstone stands for energy, strong character and beliefs, and authority. Find a way to release and replace the negative energy inside your soul with a positive one. Even if you help people fight their battles, you prefer to fight yours on your own. You are self-reliant, self-motivated and persistent.

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Famous people named Katelin

We could not find any notable namesake.

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